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Comment Re:LMAO @ Arstechnica + Thor SCHMUCK (Score 1) 139

Shaw his ISP in Canada put him on a tracking ticket for email harassment too

I find that claim kind of funny considering that was the primary reason given for you getting booted from Ars, you were caught spamming people from someone's email address, and were reported to your ISP RoadRunner. Perhaps someone should let Shaw know that very likely it was you doing the harassment and not them.

* I can't help it that I am SUPERIOR to all of you "arseholes" @ arstechnica (home of the troll + underachiever online, lol)...

I haven't yet seen evidence you are superior to slime mold.

Cybordeath? That's not I, sorry... I had no need to use other identities other than myself...

Yeah right, you were outted saying me in that thread, that they were insulting you while you posted as Cybordeath.

Ask THOR SCHMUCK how Computer Associates PC suite is doing? LOL, sold off for the garbage it is AFTER CA was caught in ACCOUNTING SCANDALS -> []

So, he made more money off of his work than you do...amazing...

Comment Re:LMAO - bullshit... apk (Score 1) 370

Of course you can figure it out, you built it. As you say it isn't a proxy, I say BULLSHIT! The only response to that is that you don't know what proxy means. This isn't my failure here bub, it is yours.

It does not make me stupid to not be able to read your mind over what you are using. It does make you stupid to not understand that you are using a proxy. It doesn't matter what the device is literally called, it is proxying your connection, so it is a proxy.

Comment Re:LMAO - bullshit... apk (Score 1) 370

I linked to a different post where you come out and talk about bridging and how it is one way to do it.

What you fail to realize is that what you are talking about the bridge doing is proxying the connection, that is what it is called. Just because you aren't using a SOCKs proxy does not mean you are not proxying.

So, when did you see me squirm? Do you have a camera in my work!?

I'm not squirming, I'm not the one making shit up, you are. A bridge is a device like a router that connects two networks. In and of itself, it cannot get past Slashdot's AC posting limitations. The 3-4 other ways to do it are all different types of proxying, which you have yourself proven because you are afraid to talk about what they actually are that isn't proxying. You refuse to talk about it because you know I will tear you a new one since you don't know anything about networking.

Keep trying to claim I am misquoting you, while not actually proving me wrong, it is funny seeing you twist and squirm trying to get around your failure of networking knowledge.

Comment Re:Coren22's impersonation "APKolypse" (Score 1) 139

Aww, thank you APK, it makes me feel all warm inside when you call me a troll. It is so nice when one of the biggest trolls in the community welcomes me with open arms to his elite community. It makes me feel awesome that you have finally allowed me to join the hallowed halls of trolldom where you rule as king of all the trolls.

So, when do I get my Moo pin, or my Apping App App? Or maybe you hand out APK pins, with this as the picture:

Comment Re:Show us where I said "bridge" specifically, lol (Score 1) 370

Except that I did post exactly what you asked for. Just because you have forgotten your reading glasses today doesn't make my point invalid. You claimed to use bridges, not I. You defended bridges being used as "not proxies" to get around Slashdot's posting limits. You are the one who posted about it, I didn't make it up. You think you are so clever, but I have proved my point.

Comment Re:Coren22's impersonation "APKolypse" (Score 1) 139

Thank you for posting exactly what I was talking about.


Unfortunately, this post is a little lacking on the usual insults, so it isn't a very good example. But perhaps if your mom was forced to endure you being quoted insulting people with Autism, and calling them retarded, perhaps she might put a stop to your internet privileges.

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