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Comment Re:Which part of Edit feature do they not GET? (Score 1) 141

So, APK, how does it feel to Troll on an article about trolling? If Slashdot worked the way that Twitter is trying to setup, you wouldn't be able to post anymore. How would that make you feel?

You are essentially giving an example of exactly what Twitter doesn't want any more of. People who post all about how awesome they are, and how terrible the other person is, just because they can't win an argument. It is like exactly what the definition of a troll is. You must live under a bridge.

Comment Re:Which part of Edit feature do they not GET? (Score 4, Insightful) 141

Why all the sexism? Are you saying that women can't possibly be the trolls? Or is it agism, that trolling people is somehow a 12 year old thing? Perhaps you should expand your horizons and realize that ANYONE can troll, including the ones making up these rules!

Comment Re:can't the state do something about this? (Score 1) 211

My understanding is that the state department wasn't the original classification authority, so they did not have the authority to declassify something that did not originate in the state department, so whoever did it is in big trouble.

It is kind of off topic as the topic is some power company using H1B's illegally, but if it wasn't for offtopic conversations, would Slashdot even have a comment section?

Comment Re:God you are STUPID menial... apk (Score 1) 336

You added remote DNS to the statement. I never said the DNS was remote, why would I use someone else's DNS I don't trust?

How is it faster to query a Hosts file (which has to be stepped through in its entirety for records not found in it) than a DNS server running in memory (which uses branching tree algorithms to do resolution)?


Oh, so you are still attacking a strawman, I see. Stop talking about favorite sites in the hosts file, as that isn't what was said, it doesn't solve the problem of slow resolution of things not in the hosts file.

* YOU FAIL, limited menial... lol, you fail.

It must make you feel great to keep defeating those strawmen. You sure are the mental midget you claim everyone else to be.

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