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APK, that is embarrassing for you, you really shouldn't link to it acting like you WON the argument. You were made to look the fool that you are. You never once actually answered the question being asked, instead you went on attack claiming he needs to show his software. He never said anything about your hosts files, never said anything about your software, he tried to help you learn why people down mod your spam. It is truly sad that you won't accept help offered willingly and instead attack the messenger, but keep up the crusade, I am sure the grail will be at the end.

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I think that is a first, no one tried to argue that Hillary isn't a felon :)

I know Sanders won't get everything he wants, but socialism isn't something positive in this country.

I can stand behind a national minimum income, as long as welfare and food stamps go away. It seems that it would about balance out. I just can't see it is positive that he wants to seriously raise taxes, as many are already taxed to the limit. If he raises taxes on corporations, it will just feed the trend of companies leaving the US for cheaper taxed shores.

When asked what his first 100 days as president would look like, Mr Sanders said he would push to enact universal healthcare, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and increase investment in infrastructure.

Whenever someone brings up $15/hr minimum wage, all I see is McDonald's replacing workers with robots as they become cheaper. I see many people losing their job as their work isn't worth $15/hr. I see high school kids unable to find work for their first jobs. I don't see a high minimum wage helping people, I see it closing many opportunities down.

"What my first days are about is bringing America together to end the decline of the middle class, to tell the wealthiest people in this country that, yes, they are going to start paying taxes and that we are going to have a government that works for all of us and not just big campaign contributors."

The wealthy pay taxes, it is near impossible to not pay taxes. Any change to the tax code that would change that would also hit the middle class, so I want to see his proposed changes.

I really do hope that someone better comes along, or that someone becomes more moderate and shows themselves to be worthy. The GOP side which usually follows my points of view more just looks like raving lunatics. I was sad to see Paul drop out though, as he tends to be pretty good (or at least I voted for his father...). As a native of Maryland though, I was happy to see O'Malley drop out, that guy had some odd policies while in Maryland, and I would be terrified of what he would do as president.

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