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Comment: Re:One quote from the article that is nice... (Score 4, Informative) 85

by Coren22 (#49784863) Attached to: Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory

More energetic collisions happen in the upper atmosphere all the time when cosmic rays enter. If there was concern of black holes eating the earth, it would already have happened.

Here's some great camera footage at the LHC for you if you are really concerned:

Comment: Re:Defective (Score 1) 338

The self parking feature is for parallel parking; it controls the wheel as you control the gas and brake pedals. It however, is not going to help one bit when you shift into drive and floor it to test the city driving feature that only detects cars unless you have the more expensive pedestrian detection system. Even then, when you floor it, that system would have only warned you, it doesn't stop despite your foot flooring the gas pedal.

Comment: Re:Someone Please Provide a Better Explanation (Score 1) 338

Yes. I specifically bought the dishwasher with a built in garbage disposal, and it has a filter just before the disposal...

Pre-washing also helps prevent the gunk from just getting redistributed all over all of the dishes as the dishwasher runs...

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