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Comment Re:If you haven't you don't belong here. (Score 1) 207

I opened a live box and proceeded to connect a new hard drive to it. I have no idea why. I do not even know what I was thinking. I just opened it up and plugged it in and then plugged in the power. Yes, yes I did blow the power supply.

I am surprised, I do that often with no ill effects, mostly with the more modern SATA power cables though, that could be the difference as they seem to be more designed for powered insertion.

I have done it with four pin power cables though, and never lost a component. I had a friend when I was younger that pulled ram on a live system as it was shutting down, that almost caused my eyes to fall out they went so wide, but didn't cause ill effects amazingly.

Comment Re:So to get this straight... (Score 1) 42

Running outside the chip water cooling previously, I never ran into a problem with clogging, but I can see that with this. The answer is to have filtering of the working fluid before the chip in a replaceable part. You also need a working fluid that discourages biological growth, but that shouldn't be too hard either. I am wondering how they cool the liquid without radiators or fans though.

Comment Re:Nerdgasm (Score 1) 218

So, since you think Corps don't need any money, where do you work?

That 91% tax rate was at a time when people got pensions rather than 401k. 401k money is who some of te shareholders are. Would you give up all your 401k profit?

Since you think we should tax corp's more, I suggest you be the first person downsized after that tax increase goes through since you think you can make money without working at a corporation.

Comment Re:The movie was good because the book was short. (Score 1) 218

The hydrozine part was considerably changed, and they never explained why he modified the roof of the rover. They also got rid of his "tent" and just had him laying on the rover, which was odd. All the trailer and RTG modifications also got lost, and his tumble into the crater near the end.

Comment Re:Saw it last night in 3D (Score 2) 218

The parachute was explained quite a bit in the book, and Weir actually pointed it out as an inconsistency (air pressure enough to fling an antenna, but not enough to matter on take off). In the movie, they utterly failed that part of the book, the parachute instead of nosecone was the whole reason for the altitude/speed differential, but all it got in the movie was "its fighting me" from the pilot.

Comment Re:Martian atmosphere - another quibble (Score 1) 218

He was supposed to be using hab material (and later they showed the same stuff as hab material) not just polyethylene. Also, he used some aviation tape (my guess from visual, it wasn't duct tape) which would be stronger tape than the duct tape he uses on his facemask.

However, when a scene later the dust storm is blowing the patch in and out...yeah...not possible. The atmosphere isn't that much to be able to invert the patch, or make it flap in the wind.

The hab is supposed to be made out of a laminated fabric with rigid metal ribs, it isn't 3" thick at all, and was actually the reason for the airlock failure in the book (the pressure cycling was WAY more than design, and caused a slowly spreading rip to form which then failed catastrophically).

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