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Comment: Secret Agencies (Score 2) 54

It occurs to me (aas it should have LONG ago) that when something secret becomes more and more "known" that it is being used as a distraction to help hide the newer "really secret" secret.

What I am saying is that the NSA is a decoy. Who and what is the new intelligence organization?

Comment: Re:How is this a win? (Score 4, Insightful) 340

The majority of input energy would be solar, growing the plants. the machinery used to harvest and transport it wouild run on electriciy and fuel cells just like everything else. It is just a matter of A) generating enough plant matter, and B) getting the infrastructure to critical mass to become sel sustaining.

Sure, it sounds far fetched. But hey, you have to start some where some time. Right?

Comment: Re:The Answer To This Nonsense... (Score 2) 1111

by Coreigh (#43336589) Attached to: Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail

No it isn't, but you have conveniently missed part of the equation. How many human lives has uncontrolled drug use claimed?

I completely agree that there are a number of recreational drugs that should have no more control and oversight than cigarettes and alcohol (which are also deadly), but some should. I could care less if someone I know and care about smokes marijuana, but I feel much differently about methamphetamines. I may be wrong but doesn't it seem likely that if the less harmful drugs were more available then the more harmful ones would be less prevalent?

Comment: Personally Identifiable Information (Score 5, Interesting) 175

by Coreigh (#32252040) Attached to: EFF Says Forget Cookies, Your Browser Has Fingerprints

I don't care if anyone tracks my preferences or shopping history. What I care about is; 'Is that information "Personally Identifiable"?' In other words its not that they know what I do, its do they know, specifically, who I am.

I am all for research and marketing to tune products and advertising, but they don't need to know my name or various identifiers to do it.

Comment: Insurance (Score 1) 411

by Coreigh (#25679623) Attached to: How Do You Justify the Existence of IT?

Its not an easy sell but IT and more so security is an insurance policy. If you can demonstrate the cost of a failure or loss due to lack of IT and or security it is a lot easier for bean counter to swallow. I have always wanted to ask the guy who is trying to cut my budget if he carries health insurance. Because if he really follows his logic he could not possibly justify the cost.

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