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Comment Re:photo too blurry (Score 2) 78

Tidal dissipation occurs when the tidal forces vary with time, generally due to the orbit of the secondary being eccentric. That brings it alternately closer to and farther from the primary, stretching and squeezing the interior.

However, the orbit of Charon about Pluto is circular (Buie et al., 2012), so the tidal bulge is constant. There's no time-varying deformation and no dissipation.

Comment Re:Sniff the wind (Score 2) 33

The solar wind never gets anywhere near Jupiter's atmosphere. Jupiter has an absurdly strong magnetic field. The magnetopause is between 50 about 100 Jupiter radii from the planet, and the solar wind is deflected around it (Khurana et al., 2004). The jovian aurorae are powered by currents entirely within the magnetosphere (Jupiter's rotation and Io's plasma).

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