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Comment I Bet This Article Will Do As Much Damage... (Score 3, Insightful) 108

I bet articles like these are going to do more damage to people than any actual malware infections. How many people do you think are going to actually be walking around with an infected pacemaker? It's not like you can open up your chest and run Malwarebytes on the damn thing. So when some hospitals patient files gets hacked, and Joe Shmoe gets a phone call or an Email implying that if he doesn't pay up his heart will explode, he's going to be breaking out his checkbook just to be safe.

On the other hand, this is really just another reason to go with an external pacemaker.

Comment Re:Youth who fail their social responsibilities. (Score 1) 167

I am a white male with one of the worst cowlicks you've ever seen. Imagine if an anime character stuck a fork in a light socket; that would be me if I ever grew my hair out more than this sad excuse for a crewcut I've worn since I was like 15. If it were up to me I would simply shave it all off and be done with the whole mess but I don't for the same logic that the GP is extolling here. I don't shave my head and instead I spend an inane amount of time in the morning screwing around with gels and hair products that I can't stand the feel of on my skin. I don't wear my steel toe DeWalts everywhere I go, despite them being possibly the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned, and I don't blast the music that I love even though that is exactly how it was designed to be listened to. I don't do these things for the simple reason that I do not want to be associated with a certain group and the activities they promote. Because I know for a fact that the same hypocritical white knight assholes who are promoting their screwed up version of "tolerance" and "social justice" here would judge me based on that look in a heartbeat. So let's all stop pretending that what GP is talking about is any different from how the world really works.

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 1) 439

The idea that people "need" to spend 10k, 15k, 20k+ for a "reliable" car is the biggest bunch of bullshit in the world, and it's why none of you whiny fucks will ever retire. Because you love to spend $500+ a month or more on a car in perpetuity.

Yeah, THAT'S the reason that I'm not going to retire. It's not that ObamaCare jacked the cost of my family health insurance rates AND cut down on my coverage, it's not the fucking absurd amount of money that I had to pay for my mediocre college degree or that almost 20% of my income goes to propping up you worthless baby boomers and early bird Gen X rejects. It's the $500 every month that I spend on a car that I actually use on a daily bases to lead a productive life ( It's actually ~$470 a month for two cars BTW ). It's really no wonder you posted as AC; if anyone in the real world knew you were this stupid and or willingly blind they would euthanize you.

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 3, Interesting) 439

I think you're overstating the impact. It would still be in the best interest of the manufacturers to maintain the service contracts that they have with dealerships so that they wouldn't have to micromanage repair centers in every city but they could still maintain their QoS. The dealerships themselves would still maintain their hold on the second hand car market for similar logistic reasons, why micromanage a hundred tiny shops for this one thing AND compete with a hundred established entities to provide a service that you're really not that interested in? You also have the leasing market, which could in theory be picked up by the manufacturers, but I suspect that the dealerships will maintain this one as well. Even if you don't have to chase down a delinquent client, which manufacturers may have to start doing anyway, you're still left with a used car at the end of the lease transaction. Then there is the discount that will naturally be provided to the few car dealerships large enough to buy in bulk. So in the end the car dealerships may lose most of the volume from one revenue stream, but the ones that are diverse enough to begin with won't fold because of this shift.

Comment Re:This isn't news (Score 1) 310

That in turn would go a long way towards freeing up law enforcement who wouldn't have to devote nearly as much activity towards dealing with the gangs that run the illegal drug trades.

... And they would instead have to devote twice as much time and manpower to controlling public intoxication and domestic incidents resulting from such a move. Not to mention the stress and damage that this type of drug puts on families and then eventually the extra burden it puts on an already dysfunctional foster care system. What is now a relatively quiet issue with pockets of violence more or less isolated geographically would turn into an overt epidemic on a country wide scale. Meth isn't the same as pot or mushrooms, this one really messes with your head. Keep in mind that even with all of the negative health effects we know about smoking in addition to a ban on advertising we still can't keep people from starting on tobacco. Now look up what Methamphetamine does to a person and then tell me that is something you want to legitimize.

Comment No we don't you idiot (Score 2) 152

The fact that there are still differences between genders and ethnicity means that we need to target those groups more...

Name one good reason we need to "target" anybody. If people don't want to work in a field then that's their decision. Whether the reason is cultural or whatever, you're only going to make everyone miserable my lying to them and making them think that they want to work someplace that they don't. This is as dumb as saying that we need more white rappers so let's target white people somehow. Diversity for its own sake doesn't help anybody, so stop pretending that it's a goal worth chasing.

Comment Re:Small town life (Score 1) 358

Small town life supports his argument. With fewer choices, you know them all well, don't worry you're missing options, and are reasonably certain no new options will appear after you make a decision. Result contentment.

This is an understandable viewpoint, there is a certain undeniable charm or quaintness to living in a small town away from all of the stress. However let's compare that to life in the city; hundreds of choices, in fact far too many for any single person to explore in just their own time on this planet. Don't dwell about the best course of action or panic about potential regrets before you've even done anything, just pick a direction and start running. Learn from your mistakes but don't ever get stuck in the past. Failure is not an option it's an inevitability, entropy is the only constant in this universe so learn to mitigate the damage and adjust your path accordingly. And if you ever fall so hard that you truly cannot get back up and keep playing that game of games, then make sure that quiet little rural life is still there waiting for you. Result: true_happiness > mere_contentment.

Comment Re:Hopefully it can actually kill someone (Score 2) 469

back in the day everyone used to joke that the baretta's didn't have any stopping power and if you shot someone with it you would only make them angry

This is a commentary about the caliber of the bullet, the joke is often directed toward Beretta because they are known for their 9mm platforms. It's actually a very serious problem which is exacerbated in a war-zone by the Hague convention which bans JHP rounds. The 9mm is a market failure IMHO, it's too small for it's muzzle velocity making over penetration a problem; even with a hollow point there might not be enough time for the bullet to expand. It's good enough for personal defense because it's lightweight\easy to carry, getting shot hurts like hell and any penetrating wound has the potential to hit something important. But a pistol is never meant to be a primary weapon on a battlefield, it's meant to be used in a scenario where your primary weapon is inoperative and you do not have the time to correct the problem. In such a scenario you cannot assume you will have time to aim properly so you should want something that will work the first time with less regard to shot placement than is required for the 9mm. I may be just another civilian talking out of my ass, but I've done enough research for my own PDW to dismiss this caliber as an option. Furthermore, as a taxpayer, I want my money going toward something that works.

Comment Re:Wood frame homes are expensive. (Score 1) 127

Internet has a role to play in rural development. But it is not going to be as simple as mailing a few files around the world.

But meh slacktivism! Can't I just click "Share" on Facebook and make the world a better place?

Lumber is actually a very expensive material. Wood is plentiful around the world. But most of them grow in stunted, twisted, gnarled forms without much of structural strength.

That caught my attention to, but this is the reason that HDF was invented. The idea of "Emailing a house" is stupid, just like we all knew it would be. But the idea of flat-packing and shipping a prefabricated structure is what should be investigated further. The biggest hurdle in producing cheap housing in underdeveloped areas is their lack or absence of infrastructure such as heavy machinery to process raw resources into usable materials. But what if you could eliminate the need for that machine? Why can't we build the parts for ten houses in an industrialized region and ship them across the country for assembly on a single truck? Now I get the impression that logistics in India presents it's own set of problems. But if we address one problem at a time, we'll eventually get there.

Comment Re:Longevity? (Score 2) 73

At least your fingerprints remain the same throughout your life.

Yeah, tell that to anyone on my company's maintenance crew who each have at least five fingerprints scanned into their portable devices but still end up using the typed code at least twice a week. In the long run your finger prints remain similar enough, but if everyday injuries like a paper cut or a second degree burn are enough to void my transaction until they heal then this is a stupid idea.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 330

Prof Trewavas said the GM plants would be removed before the main crop was harvested so there was no danger of them being eaten.

He said: 'These "watchers" are planted at the same time as the crop in the same field but in a different area and regularly monitored for signs of dehydration. He added that because potatoes are tubers they do not cross fertilise using flower pollination and therefore would not infect other plants.

So you're problem is that you don't trust them to remove the potatoes before the harvest? OK, the solution there is to tighten regulations, not to outlaw this rather ingenious indicator crop. A solution in my mind is to demand that they inject a gene that makes the "indicator" potatoes grow with a highly unnatural and noticeable color and\or an undesirable smell so that they are easy to spot if they happen to make it to the grocery stores.

Comment Re:Makes sense considering (Score 1) 109

For example can you name a specific site that is not accessible from Cuba?

Yeah, all of them you autistic hillbilly. The infrastructure isn't place yet, hence the need for people to bid on it. But since you clearly need things written out in crayon here it is: "That means that Cuba doesn't have internet access. There is nothing for them to censor. They would not have the equipment to filter traffic because there would be nothing to plug it into."

When people here talk about the decline of Slashdot, please remember that they are referring specifically to you and your psuedo-intellectual ilk. Believe it or not I'm actually a pretty fair person, even online. I actively try to filter out possible mistakes and simple misapprehensions when I respond to people. But holy shit, asking for non-applicable proof of a non-existent dataset is a whole new brand of stupidity for me. Your 'challenge' here is as equally stupid as asking for proof that the US doesn't let you own a Unicorn as a pet. You're probably one of those people with a very high I.Q. aren't you?

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 1) 257

Making sure that your offspring are fed is an evolutionary imperative and it's one that is pretty difficult to ignore. It's like an alarm that goes off in your head that says "IT HAS BEEN 'X' HOURS, FEED THE KID" and it seems to be completely independent of any indication that your kid might be hungry or that they would even welcome the interruption of a meal. Personally, I don't bother worrying about my kid over eating. It's infinitely more fun for all parties involved to focus on the other side of the equation and just stay active. Swimming, biking, soccer or just wrestling in the living room is more than enough to keep you kid at a healthy weight. Sure she has a few more scrapes and bruises than most other kids in her class, but no one has ever called CPS on me so we must be doing it right.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 1) 257

I don't think it's time to change tactics yet, things aren't as bad as I make them out to be, I just embellish my frustration for the sake of the reader's entertainment. The fact is my kid is still young and we are still in the habit forming stage. I know that in the next year or two she'll finally realise that I'm not in fact trying to poison her and she will be more willing to try new food; it's all just a matter of time. It used to be that she would always want to literally sit in my lap and eat whatever I had on my plate, so I kind of suspect\hope that she's just in a "picky eater phase". Things will level off and she'll land somewhere in the middle.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 4, Insightful) 257

Parents can easily use hunger to their advantage -- it won't get kids to eat everything, but presenting something unfamiliar to kids as a "first course" will generally make it more likely that they will eat more of it... simply because they're hungry.

Of all the dumb ass psycho babble crap about parenting I've read, this has to be disconnected overly simplified load of shit ever. Do you actually know how long it takes to starve a kid into submission? It's not exactly a matter of sitting there for an hour or two to win an argument. If the kid doesn't want to eat it, they are not going to eat it. They figure out pretty early on that you aren't a lunatic and that you love them too much to actually shove a funnel down their throat and force feed them. A little later on they, hopefully, realise "Hey, my Mom and Dad aren't useless sacks of trash and I get fed multiple times a day, every day, on a pretty regular basis. I can afford to skip this meal if I want to.". After those two things happen, literally the only way to introduce new food that is in anyway different looking is through siege craft. You both sit at the table with a plate of food arranged somewhere between you and them. You as a parent try in vain to tell them how good it is and that they should just try it, "Just one bite.", "You can have ice cream after you finish.", "You can stay up and watch TV." but you know full well that you're just making noise to pass the time and that this is just the start of the battle. Eventually bedtime rolls around and you either tell them to go to their room or you tell them to sleep at the table if they have to but they are not getting up until they have eaten their food, either way the result is the same. You end up wrapping the meal up in a tupperware container in preparation for the next fight. Morning rolls around and your kid asks you about breakfast. You sit down with your plate of eggs and sausage and tell them that the only thing they are getting is the dinner that they didn't eat last night. They huff and puff as expected and the stand off starts all over again. You repeat this for the next meal if you have to until they finally break down and eat what you gave them.

I literally just went through this with my kid. And do you know what the most fucked up part of it was? It was chicken alfredo, she loves chicken alfredo we just haven't had it in a while so she had forgotten. Four miserable meals later, at dinner the next day, she finally takes a bite and says "Hm, this is actually pretty good." and the plate was clean in less than five minutes. Yeah, I can tell you for a fact that anyone who has ever said "Oh, I have never thought about hurting my kids in anger!" is either a parental doormat or they are just plain lying to your face.

I know exactly what you're thinking right now because it's the same thing every new parent and DINK thinks at this point. "I bet after you do that they learn to eat what you give them.". Hahahaha, no. This isn't like setting up a new server where it's a few hours of pain and then you are done with it. This is a regularly recurring theme.

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