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Comment Re:Makes sense considering (Score 1) 109

For example can you name a specific site that is not accessible from Cuba?

Yeah, all of them you autistic hillbilly. The infrastructure isn't place yet, hence the need for people to bid on it. But since you clearly need things written out in crayon here it is: "That means that Cuba doesn't have internet access. There is nothing for them to censor. They would not have the equipment to filter traffic because there would be nothing to plug it into."

When people here talk about the decline of Slashdot, please remember that they are referring specifically to you and your psuedo-intellectual ilk. Believe it or not I'm actually a pretty fair person, even online. I actively try to filter out possible mistakes and simple misapprehensions when I respond to people. But holy shit, asking for non-applicable proof of a non-existent dataset is a whole new brand of stupidity for me. Your 'challenge' here is as equally stupid as asking for proof that the US doesn't let you own a Unicorn as a pet. You're probably one of those people with a very high I.Q. aren't you?

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 1) 256

Making sure that your offspring are fed is an evolutionary imperative and it's one that is pretty difficult to ignore. It's like an alarm that goes off in your head that says "IT HAS BEEN 'X' HOURS, FEED THE KID" and it seems to be completely independent of any indication that your kid might be hungry or that they would even welcome the interruption of a meal. Personally, I don't bother worrying about my kid over eating. It's infinitely more fun for all parties involved to focus on the other side of the equation and just stay active. Swimming, biking, soccer or just wrestling in the living room is more than enough to keep you kid at a healthy weight. Sure she has a few more scrapes and bruises than most other kids in her class, but no one has ever called CPS on me so we must be doing it right.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 1) 256

I don't think it's time to change tactics yet, things aren't as bad as I make them out to be, I just embellish my frustration for the sake of the reader's entertainment. The fact is my kid is still young and we are still in the habit forming stage. I know that in the next year or two she'll finally realise that I'm not in fact trying to poison her and she will be more willing to try new food; it's all just a matter of time. It used to be that she would always want to literally sit in my lap and eat whatever I had on my plate, so I kind of suspect\hope that she's just in a "picky eater phase". Things will level off and she'll land somewhere in the middle.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Parents can easily use hunger to their advantage -- it won't get kids to eat everything, but presenting something unfamiliar to kids as a "first course" will generally make it more likely that they will eat more of it... simply because they're hungry.

Of all the dumb ass psycho babble crap about parenting I've read, this has to be disconnected overly simplified load of shit ever. Do you actually know how long it takes to starve a kid into submission? It's not exactly a matter of sitting there for an hour or two to win an argument. If the kid doesn't want to eat it, they are not going to eat it. They figure out pretty early on that you aren't a lunatic and that you love them too much to actually shove a funnel down their throat and force feed them. A little later on they, hopefully, realise "Hey, my Mom and Dad aren't useless sacks of trash and I get fed multiple times a day, every day, on a pretty regular basis. I can afford to skip this meal if I want to.". After those two things happen, literally the only way to introduce new food that is in anyway different looking is through siege craft. You both sit at the table with a plate of food arranged somewhere between you and them. You as a parent try in vain to tell them how good it is and that they should just try it, "Just one bite.", "You can have ice cream after you finish.", "You can stay up and watch TV." but you know full well that you're just making noise to pass the time and that this is just the start of the battle. Eventually bedtime rolls around and you either tell them to go to their room or you tell them to sleep at the table if they have to but they are not getting up until they have eaten their food, either way the result is the same. You end up wrapping the meal up in a tupperware container in preparation for the next fight. Morning rolls around and your kid asks you about breakfast. You sit down with your plate of eggs and sausage and tell them that the only thing they are getting is the dinner that they didn't eat last night. They huff and puff as expected and the stand off starts all over again. You repeat this for the next meal if you have to until they finally break down and eat what you gave them.

I literally just went through this with my kid. And do you know what the most fucked up part of it was? It was chicken alfredo, she loves chicken alfredo we just haven't had it in a while so she had forgotten. Four miserable meals later, at dinner the next day, she finally takes a bite and says "Hm, this is actually pretty good." and the plate was clean in less than five minutes. Yeah, I can tell you for a fact that anyone who has ever said "Oh, I have never thought about hurting my kids in anger!" is either a parental doormat or they are just plain lying to your face.

I know exactly what you're thinking right now because it's the same thing every new parent and DINK thinks at this point. "I bet after you do that they learn to eat what you give them.". Hahahaha, no. This isn't like setting up a new server where it's a few hours of pain and then you are done with it. This is a regularly recurring theme.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 2) 576

Now many immigrants are accused of not assimilating, but these are setting up councils of their own who try to act as an independent government within the boarders of the USA. A Somalia, JR. of sorts that "the losers" decide to set up in a different location.

I ask you, how can we welcome something like?

What are you stoned? We as Americans have ALWAYS welcomed this kind of behavior, hell a fair argument could be made that we actually endorse it. Why don't you read up on the history of the Five Points, Chinatown or Little Italy in New York city. Try taking a tour around the different neighborhoods in cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia; then try saying with a straight face that no immigrant population has ever done exactly what you are describing.

Sorry to ruin your mastibitory end of the world fantasy but this country weathered the Italian and the Jewish mass immigrations, who by the way came over for exactly the same reason, just fine. A few half starved Somalis aren't going to send the US into some Mob-Rule-Anarchist state no matter how much whining they do.

Comment Re:Group work in school (Score 1) 307

In my memory of my school years, group work inevitably devolved into the rest of the group chatting among themselves while I did the work anyway.

Yeah, because screw learning to delegate or communicate or anything like that. You're far better off doing everything by yourself for the rest of your life. When a group needs a leader you're off doing all of the work by yourself, but at least they know where to find you when they need someone to walk on.

Comment Re:Well done India (Score 2) 40

If you mean the PSLV? Then hell yes I am 100% behind you on that one. That SOB is a modern marvel and it isn't getting anywhere near enough attention for its success rate.

But the satellite seems rushed, almost like that wanted to get an MVP up into space to prove some point. First of all, no one is saying why we are launching 300 Kg of meat into space along with everything else. But given that fact that everything else is described as a "micro-satellite" I can only assume that assembly and deployment of the Astrosat are the reason. Second, it is only projected to last 5 years; is that even worth the trouble? Why not take that time, hammer out the kinks and build something that lasts?

Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 683

And what would power it? Don't say "solar power", because the Sun appears much smaller when viewed from Mars, and thus receives much less energy.

I'll ignore the baiting remark about solar power because realistically solar power is only used now because of its extremely low maintenance requirement (or cost in comparison to an RTG) relative to other power sources.

Let's consider wind power for a minute. You can try to argue that the thinner atmosphere means that the wind doesn't convey as much energy, but that works both ways because it also means that it imparts less friction on the blades. You can then say that most of the friction comes from the internal components of the generator, but adding power to the system is a function of the surface area of the blades and with less than half of the gravity we have here on Earth large scale construction would be trivial. As for dust gumming up the bearings, that's a design constraint, I can think of a couple of impractical ways of preventing this so I'm positive that a smarter guy and NASA can come up with a more functional one.

Personally I think that sending people to Mars is a stupid idea. But if enough Astronauts haven't grown up yet then who am I to stop them? What I want to see is a radio telescope, or some other kind of permanent outpost on Mars before I go.

Comment Re:Still better than that malware Android (Score 1) 169

I can suss out a 20% tip in my head in seconds, but I see people doing it on their smartphones. ... I'll likely get flamed for this post, because the /. readership is not what it once was.

Dangum Cleatus! He done got been able to shift yon decimal point and multiplies it by two! HooWee that there's a smart fella! I reckon the rest of us hill folk'll have to go an' un-dawn our socks to calculate that particular quandary. 'Dis here sophistimicated gentleman should be our next precedent! AC for the White House!

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

I don't know about that, 'Nero' sounds kind of ethnic to me. You need something 'Muricanised like 'Explodey McKillemall', that way you should fit right in.

On a serious note though, yes the school screwed up; or more accurately one teacher screwed up and the administration is standing behind him (hey corporate America, please start taking notes here). But do you mean to tell me that by the 9th grade this kid couldn't play this scenario out in his head before taking the device to school? Kids younger than him are being arrested for poptarts, and that one wasn't even "foreign looking". Whether it was the kid or his father, someone here knew what was going to happen and was being intentionally antagonistic. After having seen their interview this morning I refuse to believe that either one of them is clueless enough to have not seen this coming. 9th grade isn't the place for political protests.

Comment Re:How DARE they! (Score 4, Interesting) 70

Then again, on a slight tangent, I do find it interesting that more and more drugs are coming out these days which pretty much require the drug's use for, quite literally, the rest of your life (usually heart medications).

I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next geek, but this is not tin foil hat material. Things that are persistent for the rest of your life, such as pulmonary issues, are being targeted because the promise of repeat business is already there. They aren't trying to keep people sick because there is no need to; why risk everything and hope everyone else plays along when there are genuine gold mines sitting right there?

What truly is disgusting is how ineffective they are. Yet they still get to market themselves as the miracle curest that they aren't.

Comment Re:Demand-actuated intersection (Score 1) 696

choose a different form of transportation

What other form is available to people without thousands of dollars..

What's wrong with a bus? I spent the last seven years taking one form of public transportation or another to and from work because I didn't want to deal with parking or pay for gas and yes, I worked every Sunday and every other holiday; my counterpart took Saturdays and the remaining holidays AND we were both on call. It worked well enough, in fact I miss the reading time that it allowed me to fit into my schedule. If you have to physically endanger people to get to a job that doesn't pay you well enough for you to afford a car loan then you are well overdue to reevaluate your life choices. You should never stay with an employer that forces you to be a drain on society.

Comment Re:Demand-actuated intersection (Score 1) 696

What did your state driver's manual say about how to request a green light from a demand-actuated intersection?

My state's manual doesn't cover this, but my common fucking sense says that if the infrastructure in my area doesn't accommodate my prefered mode of transportation, then I should choose a different form of transportation instead of breaking the established traffic laws and endangering everyone around me. Congratulations, you are at least as stupid as those idiots that complain about not having anywhere to ride their Segways. The safety and functionality of the 200 people around you outweigh the health benefits that your highly impractical form of transportation might provide for you.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."