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Comment: Re:C++ is never the right tool (Score 1) 296 296

C is not C++. Since the release of C99 you haven't been able to treat C++ as a superset of it's predecessor. Now with the push to rapidly update C++ every other year or so, the differences between them are going to become drastically noticeable even to the most novice user pretty soon.

Comment: Re:Yeah, make fun of them, but... (Score 3, Insightful) 529 529

Isn't this an acceptable solution? Give them space where they can have their way. Radiosensitivity is a harmless crazy. It's not like the United States of America lack space. Every year many thousands of tech freaks gather in a desert to live out their dream of a high tech tribal life. Isn't there room for other loonies too?

You're missing the story between the lines here aren't you? Most of the people here are as well. The real reason that the residence are complaining is that this is a tiny rural town in West Virginia and most of the existing population will not be able to weather any amount of gentrification. After all it was chosen for the site of these radio telescopes because there was never any pre-existing infrastructure to reconfigure or rip-down. The types of people that can just uproot their lives and move to a backwoods town in the middle of nowhere are either retired or independently wealthy. Either way that family home that some-ones great great grand-pappy built with his own two hands is getting knocked into the dirt where it belongs and a shiny new McMansion is going up. They're pissed because there ain't nothin' that brother-cousin Cletus can do about any of it.

Comment: Re: Over the moon? (Score 4, Interesting) 66 66

Did you even read that article you posted? In the third paragraph the author complains that pictures of black holes don't exist. Honestly think about that for a minute. Let's ignore the stupidity of imaging a black object against a black backdrop for a second (although it does remind me of a historic work of art done by one Bullwinkle Moose). You have a phenomenon that is so dense light cannot escape it's gravity well. How in the fuck, pray tell, is light supposed to reflect off of it for a picture? The "unidentified objects" that this quack so readily dismisses are examples of hawking radiation by the way. He then goes on into a rambling tirade about how establishing theory using an ideal model isn't 100% accurate, as if no one in the scientific community is aware of this fact. By the time I get to his division by zero argument, I just want to hit him. I want to find this guy and kick him in the shin. "Duh, you can't divide by zero", yeah and -1 doesn't have a square root either; that doesn't stop the equations from being right.

You post about how a decent physicist and mathematician would understand this stuff better then the guys who devote their lives to studying it and then you post an article by someone who's math ability is somewhere short of pre-algebra. Way to make an argument.

Comment: Re: This should be a major embarrassment (Score 1) 72 72

Likely their teams experience with a real-time platform and I strongly suspect additional cost of compatible equipment. I would bet an arm that the dev community for drivers in Linux is exponentially larger then that of any RTOS on the market.

Comment: Re: No Sympathy (Score 1) 117 117

For some people 6 figures ain't enough ... With 6 figures you will still have to work 20 years for your mortgage ?

Yes, this is why we call it a 20 year loan... Loans are not like credit card debt, there is no actual reason to pay them off before they are due. This idea of "living debt free" is just some idiot idea that gets spread around from people who A.) Don't understand the concept of liquid assets (which your credit most certainly is) or how to manage them or B.) are pathological fuck-ups and even though they appear to have things in hand at the moment, they know that eventually they are going to default on everything. Do you know why the debt in the average American household is $10K+? Because for normally functioning individuals this is not a problem to handle.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 4, Interesting) 225 225

As a Sys Admin, and therefore your consumer, I couldn't care less if you fail hard or try to recover. But LOG THE GOD DAMN ERROR FOR WHAT IT IS FIRST! There is nothing more mind bogglingly useless then some dip-shit programmer who things "Duh, the user should just keep trying until it works. I don't need to prompt them with anything more then 'ERROR: An Error Has Occurred'". Or even worse is the crowd of useless knuckle draggers who think that catching an exception and doing absolutely nothing in the interest of 'keeping things running' is the right course of action everytime. I don't need to see your code, I already know it sucks. Otherwise it would have been too expensive for my employers to want to purchase. But at least tell us where it is failing.

Comment: Re:Plant? (Score 1) 382 382

Java is dead

Um, wut? Java as a language isn't dead. I'm positive that if Google thought their move of disabling Java plug-ins would have killed off interest in the language, they would be moving their SDK away from it. And before you say it, no, NaCl is NOT an adequate replacement.

Comment: Re:Password updating (Score 1) 150 150

but sadly, the password change is the best approximation most places have to functioning procedures.

No it isn't. The solution is quite simply to put IT on the same aliases that HR uses to communicate terminations with accounting and their internal staff along with every alias that management uses to communicate terminations with HR. This way IT finds out about Jim John getting canned along with everyone else. There's no "privacy issue" either since any properly setup IT department can access anyones company Email as needed anyway.

Comment: Re:why must human ancestors be involved (Score 1) 89 89

Dont see prides of lions killing the pride next door...

Yes you do you idiot; male Lions are the de jure example of a territorial animal. Go ahead and climb into a cage and cuddle up to one of them if you don't believe me.

Here's a thought, why do you think it is that there is only ever one male Lion in a zoo pen at any given time?

Comment: This should be an interesting near future. (Score 3, Interesting) 587 587

On one hand, we have this SJW BS flaring up all over the place, attacking people online and making their lives marginally more difficult. On the other we have this dogmatic crusade against cyber-bullying picking up speed and momentum at a rather interesting pace. Both sides are making the same types of ad passiones arguments and neither side seeing the inevitable conflict.

As an impartial observer and someone who views both sides as a bunch of crackpots and assholes with too much time on their hands, I can not wait to see these two trains collide.

Comment: Re:College is way over priced (at least in the us) (Score 1) 145 145

I think more places that teach free classes is a good thing... maybe it will force colleges to go to more sane levels in pricing

What are you yammering about? A college is a brand; the rules about competing products don't apply the same way. A degree from a well respected school isn't even in the same market as a degree from I_Sat_On_My_Ass_At_Home_And_Learned_Stuff. MOOC's are perfect for what they are meant for, people like me who don't like the idea of certain knowledge going to rust.

If you don't believe me then pull up the course material for your local community college and compare it to something like MIT, then compare the price tags. Why would anyone in their right mind choose MIT over the other? And if you're one of those idiots who thinks that they will get more help at the expensive school then please let me know so that I can laugh at you.

Comment: Re:No they don't (Score 2) 226 226

It certainly won't happen until we get better tech, but never say "never". But TFA is about some 93 year old retired Chinese geezer "mulling" the idea. He is speaking only for himself, and has no budget whatsoever. There is no "news" here.

Putting solar panels on high altitude kites or balloons may make a more sense. They would be above most clouds, and could be tilted to always directly face the sun.

Agreed, this is an interesting discussion topi, but it is not news.

However on the topic of whether or not this will ever happen I'm pretty sure that we can say it won't, at least not in China. The Gobi dessert is largely under developed and it's not getting any smaller. The US has already shown the utility of putting solar panels in areas like this with the power production projects that are going on in Nevada and Arizona. If China really wants to get above cloud cover then they can put them up on the Altai mountains. Personally I have no idea how active that fault line is, but I'm sure it would more economical then putting solar power collectors in space.

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