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The author of that Economist piece not only lacks understanding of Montessori, he has, as far as I can tell from Google searches, invented the term "Montessori Management." He gives no evidence or citation that open floor plans come from Montessori rather than the generally accepted Henry Ford factories and subsequent secretarial pools. See also the critical reader comments to that Economist story.

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In the interests of balance, if you work in an open plan office that's her fault.

On the contrary, the open floor plan has its roots in the 20th century philosophy of Modernism combined with a focus on industrial efficiency by early 20th century industrialists. Maria Montessori, in contrast, adapted traditional values to the modern era. The multiple ages grouped together doing work simulates the traditional large family (plus cousins). One of the problems she was addressing was the dual-working-parents leaving their children to play in the stairwells of apartment buildings. And, really, what is the alternative for a preschool? Walls, offices, and cubicles? The need for adult supervision in a preschool dictates the open floor plan there, Montessori or not.

Blame Henry Ford instead.

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Yes, the company offering free service if you pay a one-time fee for the hookup (a fairly reasonable one, at that) is totally making the digital divide worse. Clearly.

And the free service is 5mbps, more than fast enough for Khan Academy and Coursera.

It's as if Google realized in advance that the lunatics would scream "digital divide" because they were charging -- at a dirt cheap price -- for a superlative Internet service, so they tried to head that criticism off at the pass by offering a lower-speed free service.

But still the lunatics scream "digital divide". And Slashdot editors gave them a platform.

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