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Comment Compute + Storage (Score 2) 82

As any computer systems engineer knows, it's all about compute and storage. This article is about compute. But storage has been vastly improved for all of us. We now store or keep knowledge on the Internet instead of keeping it in our heads. The access time of this storage is very fast, too, compared to paper files and libraries. This access time is also of low variability, as it is in our pockets now.

Only trouble is that in terms of competitive advantage, the Internet is available to all. The best you can do is to learn how to use it slightly more effectively.

But in terms of the Slashdot headline, "You Can't Get Smarter," I disagree -- we've all gotten a lot smarter.

(That's right, I don't agree with those who say the Internet has made us dumber. I think the opposite.)

Comment Already does succeed (Score 1) 563

We already have societies where money isn't used or at least isn't that useful, such as a submarine on a long deployment, which just happens to be the model upon which Star Trek starships was founded.

Outside of starships, the Federation still had to deal in gold-pressed latinum with Quark's establishment. (Whether that was a "site license" or a per-person allowance was never made clear, but we can conclude from the in-story characterizations that Quark wasn't donating out of the goodness of his heart.)

So Star Trek really isn't too far off from today's military environment.

Comment Obnoxious terminology (Score 3, Insightful) 66

Here is the original MPEG-LA press release. They really did entitle it "call for patents", which is obnoxious because it plays off of "call for papers", which is a call to share technology information, not restrict it. This type of turning a phrase to be the opposite and evil intention of its original reminds me of Braveheart's jus primae noctis.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.