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Comment Re:Same thing that facebook tries to do... (Score 1) 46

I change my facebook page from 'Top Stories' to 'Most Recent' on a regular basis. It used to be that it would remember that setting consistently...... then, strangely enough, it would start to revert to 'Top Stories' randomly.

This also happened right about the time a little reminder got inserted at the top of the page saying that I was viewing, 'Most Recent' and did I want to go back to 'Top Stories'? No facebook, I do not, because all I tend to get is a shitty post from three days ago with 50 likes from friends, and I miss when someone is having a non-popular day. Like most people do.

At least Tinfoil for Facebook on android keeps that reminder out of sight.....

Comment Re: Cracked solder joint (Score 1) 226

Planes at cruise altitude and speed often fly pretty close to 'coffin corner' where stall speed and transonic conditions intersect.

That is, the air is so thin that they need to fly fast to maintain lift, but if they fly too fast parts of the wing will start exceed the speed of sound at that altitude, which makes a plane that's not designed for it very tough to control.

And stall recovery of a large commercial jet aircraft can soak up tens of thousands of feet of altitude, so if the crew was distracted, or a particular reset/restart took a while, well, that's a problem.

Comment Re:About that 911 thing.... (Score 1) 284

You're not getting the scale of things. Corporate security in this situation sounds like the right ones to call. I say "security", but I presume that they are more than that and have trained responders + equipment, which it would appear from the article that they do.

If I call 000 while I'm at work here in Australia, they can't do diddly-squat. I work at a mine site, with some 100km of underground tunnels and 'official' emergency services are 15 kilometers away down the highway. I do however have access to a couple of paramedics who are onsite and reasonably familiar with the mine if I dial '2222'. I also have access to about 20 trained emergency management personnel, as well as a team of mine rescue workers who regularly win awards in state and national competitions. We are a world unto ourselves - such is the legislation around mining that police can't enter the site without an escort by personnel, they can knock on the front door and ask nicely to come in, like everyone else.

Amazon, with their large warehouses, are in a similar position. Sure, get security to call 911 after they've sent the internal guys to assess and stabilise you - the outside guys can carry on and transport you to hospital. But a speedy response saves lives, so always get the local guys on site first.

Comment Re:No hardware or software fault? (Score 1) 80

If you asked me, such an handling mistake should be catched by the on-board software and handled properly (which means telling the operator right away to RTFM).

Well, that's what happened. Commands were sent, probe responded with a WTF!? and halted, people double-checked things - Oh, there's the problem, probe was reset back to normal.

Unfortunately, the round-trip time to the probe is nearly 9 hours, and nobody wants to be that guy that broke it good and proper, so they double check everything before replying, maybe even testing with hardware back here first. So these things take a while to sort out.

It's better to do that than to accidentally overwrite your antenna-pointing code with a software update for battery management, like JPL did with Viking 2.....

Comment Re:Advertisers reeling over this small fix! (Score 1) 113

I'm afraid you're going to have to retire the "HATE THIS" meme.

From now on, you have to write the hooks to ad-laden drivel using the following as a guide:



"He Downloaded Adblock And Installed. When He Reloaded The Page, I Was Amazed."

Ensure That You Capitalise Every Word For Maximum Impact.

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