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Comment: Re:Rain fade. (Score 1) 221 221

I've got a multimode link at work that's pushing about 950 metres, but that's about as far as it gets. We've got longer lengths of fiber - they were the split-type cables with 12 single and 12 multimode fibers - but it's a lost cause on the multimode ones.

Comment: Re:Advertisers reeling over this small fix! (Score 1) 113 113

I'm afraid you're going to have to retire the "HATE THIS" meme.

From now on, you have to write the hooks to ad-laden drivel using the following as a guide:



"He Downloaded Adblock And Installed. When He Reloaded The Page, I Was Amazed."

Ensure That You Capitalise Every Word For Maximum Impact.

Comment: Re:The quality of a lot of that feedback is suspec (Score 1) 236 236

If you buy a blender and it doesn't turn on, you'll take it back to the shop where they'll say things like, "You plugged it in? Locked the jug on top of the base correctly? Pressed this button here?"

"It doesn't print" is a bug report, but it's a report that implies a two-way conversation is going to take place. Perhaps Microsoft should have said in the app, "Hey, put as much info as you can in as to what you were doing at the time, because we can't get back to you once you hit submit."

Comment: Re:What do you mean 'in 10 years'? (Score 4, Insightful) 209 209

I am not a participant in ANY social media at this point

You don't define slashdot as 'social media'?

But I know you live in the US. You're somewhere in your late 40's. And like to ride bikes. And train on said bikes a lot because you're on a road race team. And that's just the first page of your slashdot comments that I idly flicked through.

I suppose you could tell me that's all part of the plan and that you're actually a dog........

Comment: Re:It's a vast field.... (Score 1) 809 809

Nah, Excel encryption/passwording is shit and is for casual users only.

I have a VBA macro that brute forces Excel passwords in a minute or two. Well, it finds an equivalent password that matches the original using the weak hashing function that Excel employs.

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