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Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 3, Insightful) 210

You are loved and help is available.

LOL, aww, that's sweet.

Honestly, it's not a cry for help or expression of despair.

People can be, and frequently are, good people. But in the aggregate, I don't ascribe "goodness" to humans -- especially when nobody is looking.

As a species we're capable of a lot of good. But we're also capable of a lot of other stuff.

Comment: Re:Threats (Score 1) 210

No Bruce Lee here, just a man who has handled himself in various situations both CONUS and overseas. If your life is that sad, why don't you do something with it.

Look, if you want to flap your gums and wave around your penis, do it elsewhere.

Maybe on a chat room with your buddies while you're playing Xbox.

Mostly you sound like a total wanker.

Comment: Re:Threats (Score 1) 210

So basically you'd be streaming your criminal activity on YouTube all the time? Because that would be stupid.

Or you'd bust our your super ninja skills and enable the streaming as the police were knocking on your door with a carefully placed deadman switch? Why not just go all Bruce Lee on them and beat them up and take their guns?

Because, honestly, when I hear Slashdot people saying all of the tough shit they'd be doing in that situation I just really have to laugh -- seriously, stop fronting ... nobody believes you're a thug or a criminal mastermind. It's lame.

A bunch of pasty nerds talking tough on the internet who would really just pee their pants and cry like little girls.

And, yes, I'm not claiming to be any different.

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 5, Insightful) 210

You seem to be under the illusion that people in general act on a moral, principled basis in all (or even most) aspects of life.

You are sadly mistaken and delusional if you think that.

You haven't spent nearly enough time around people if you are expecting moral condemnation from most movie goers.

People are, not nearly as deep down as we'd like to think, complete fucking barbarians. And don't ever forget it.

Most people don't commit crimes for fear of punishment, not because they morally object. On balance, the human race is far more amoral than people like to believe.

And anything which relies on the inherent goodness of humans is probably useless. Because humans aren't inherently good.

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 2) 210

Some of of can tell the difference between fiction and reality. They get away with lots of things in movies that are not acceptable in real life.

And you can rest assured, the shit they get away with in movies they wouldn't in real life ... have happened in real life. Many many many times. In many many different places.

Police have been muscling up suspects as long as there have been police.

That "fiction" you're talking about is straight out of real life. If anything, the "fiction" is probably tamer than some of the shit which has been done in real life.

If you think this is the first time cops have threatened a suspect (or possibly even done so), you are hopelessly naive.

Comment: Re: And no one cares (Score 1) 33

Our problem is those of us who have set our preferences to now show images or video links still get this.

Which means the editors are by-passing our selected preferences to hawk their own crap.

We don't care if you post videos. But having them forcibly show up in our news feed against the settings we've selected?

That's just plain annoying.

In no other story this week do I see images or embedded video. And yet when timothy posts something, there it is.

So how about you guys stop making your own posts extra special and obey the rules of the user settings instead of just bypassing them and deciding to show it to us anyway?

Comment: Re:me dumb (Score 1) 151

by gstoddart (#49546713) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

That explains the first paragraph, not the second .. which I must confess sounds like gobbledigook, and more or less says "the radio only exists because the cat (which we established isn't there) makes it possible, but don't ask us how".

Then it's just a big WTF ... but, that's true of everything everyone ever says about Quantum anything.

I distrust anything which even most physicists can't actually say they understand.

Like pudding. Nobody has yet explained pudding to me. Quantum stuff is the pudding of the universe, it's just there. ;-)

Comment: Re:Wrong Wrong Wrong (Score 1, Insightful) 113

Except the GP is correct ... because the head is your brain, your memory, your identity, and the thing which will control the body.

A head transplant would imply Bob would get a new head and change his body ... except we don't have the ability to transfer the parts of Bob contained in the brain to a new head.

In this case, the head is the single most important part to still being, in some definition of the word, the same person.

It really is a body transplant, since the owner of the original head is still who will be legally left after this.

We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything.