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Comment: Re:Not being well reviewed ... (Score 1) 616

by ClubStew (#44938393) Attached to: Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

But Surface (and more so the second versions announced) isn't just marketed nor targeted at being a tablet. It makes a great laptop when you have the keyboard/cover. And the new docking station solidifies its place on your desktop.

I use a Surface Pro for development - even running Hyper-V with a couple of VMs at a time for testing - and am quite happy with it. The screen could be bigger, but that doesn't make for a good tablet and the docking station will help fill that void (not to mention multi-screen development is easier in various scenarios anyway).

And while I probably don't need a 512GB SSD (256GB should be plenty since I use cloud storage for a lot of stuff, much of which isn't cached locally), the 8GB option at $1300 is comparable to - and even better than some - laptops/ultrabooks that are reasonable for development.

Comment: They're reducing prices? (Score 1) 373

by ClubStew (#36364458) Attached to: Checkpoint of the Future Coming Soon To Airports

...while reducing the hassles of boarding a plane that deter some people from flying.

So they're reducing prices for luggage and fuel? The hiked ticket prices to cover the fuel hike in 2009, as well as tacked on additional fees for luggage, obesity, etc. Prices didn't drop back down much compared to the hike, and then they hike prices again for the 2011 oil scare.

That's pretty much what keeps me from flying.

Comment: Re:Downright evil (Score 1) 535

by ClubStew (#35081606) Attached to: Microsoft Makes Chrome Play H.264 Video
I can't see how YouTube would outright drop support for H.264. IE still makes up 56% across all versions (source: http://www.netmarketshare.com/browser-market-share.aspx?qprid=0). Google would be fools to dissuade that many customers away from YouTube as well as any sites that embed YouTube videos. As one reply says in this regard, they might use another site.

Comment: Re:Option missing - Dont give a shit (Score 1) 459

by ClubStew (#34813328) Attached to: Why haven't you bought a tablet?
Exactly. Why the hell do I want something that basically operates like a phone, but several times larger than a phone. And especially these days, my pockets aren't exactly big enough. Seems rather pointless. Get a laptop and/or get a phone. The power is in synchronizing the two as it makes sense to do so.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 0, Flamebait) 768

by ClubStew (#32398384) Attached to: BP Says "Top Kill" Operation Has Failed

BP took shortcuts. It is their fault.

And while I agree that our dependence on oil is a contributing factor, everyone saying it's all our fault needs to stop driving, stop taking the bus or anything that uses petrol and live up to your claims. Yes, alternative fuels will be nice someday, but get off your soapbox and start practicing what you're preaching. It's not so easy, is it?

We need more R&D into alternative fuels but right now much of that is being done by the oil companies, and our shoddy education system based on standardized tests doesn't exactly turn out the best and the brightest to contribute to more R&D. I see that as a bigger problem that will fail to sustain America.

Comment: Re:Thank God (Score 1) 611

by ClubStew (#32363482) Attached to: Gulf Oil Leak Plugged?

How would that help? Yeah, they screwed up by making shortcuts and not properly inspecting equipment and they should be fined. Fixing this disaster would cost them big. But to get rid of BP - one of the largest oil companies in the world? Consider the economic impact of that - many jobs lost, decreased tax revenue, and certainly OPEC will raise oil prices from a drop in competition (they do that).

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