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Comment: Re:Perl still works, and PHP is fine (Score 1) 532

PHP >5.3 is a good foundation and it mostly depends on what you want to do. PHP lends itself to develop something quick that works, like the web prototype language. You can even create a nice n-tier architecture with it, but as far as performance is concerned unless you are using some sort of cache, you are better off with a Java or .NET based solution.

Comment: Re:Rail+ ferry (Score 1) 348

by Clsid (#46970205) Attached to: China May Build an Undersea Train To America

Good luck finding a cargo ship that can go at those speeds. Having high speed rail connections is one of those things that you don't realize how useful it is until you have it. I can go from Shanghai to Hong Kong easily because of it, and of course it is the norm in Europe. In the US it is hard to picture the benefit since Acela trains' top speed is restricted because of the old rails, so taking your car and driving still beats everything over there.

Comment: Re:Poor decision (Score 1) 102

by Clsid (#46965701) Attached to: Australian Government To Standardise On Drupal

I work with PHP and I would not say it is for beginners. That you can do something quick in PHP is one thing, but doing a proper MVC app in PHP requires pretty much the same skillset as a Java or .NET guy. In either case, all of those feel like children toys after you use either Node.js, C++/Boost or D with Vibe.

But having said that, I would not feel religious about any of the tech out there. In the end rarely you get to decide what is being used, since a lot of projects have to end up using whatever tool they started being coded with.

Comment: Use demos (Score 1) 115

by Clsid (#46964583) Attached to: How Free-To-Play Is Constricting Mobile Games

The reason why that freemium crap is so entrenched is because most developers forgot the concept of the demo. It is very hard to spend money on something you don't know you might like, hence why freemium is more popular. Just make higher quality games, charge more if you want and provide a demo. Personally I'm sick and tired of all the flood of crappy games for mobile, especially after you can see stuff like Civilization Revolutions, that proves that the platform can be used for much more than a pea shooter.

Comment: Re:Usual anti-venezeuan bullshit from the extreme (Score 1) 152

by Clsid (#46254861) Attached to: Venezuelan Regime Censoring Twitter

With chavez we were doing pretty good, but after he died things took a U-turn in a matter of months. To make a long story short, the incompetent bureacracy that Chavez helped grow but ruled with an iron fist was free of the leash, so the economy in particular became the part most affected by inexperienced politicians.

Comment: Re:Work on the basics (Score 1) 387

by Clsid (#46055599) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: It's 2014 -- Which New Technologies Should I Learn?

Node is awesome, but please stop spreading the nosql myth. Even if you use something like mongodb, it cannot fully guarantee data integrity. Using something like postgresql or even mysql, not only gives you a huge usernase, industry standard tools and lots of help out there when you encounter the strange situation you will always run into when coding. Suggesting othherwise is either downright irresponsible or simply you are not doing mission critical stuff.

Comment: Re:Very surprised that it took this long (Score 1) 232

I don't know, surely de Raadt has a reputation, but those guys have done a great thing in general. Having that attitude is what helps getting stuff done most of the time instead of happy hand holding, we are all good friends kind of attitude. Not signing packages and not wanting to use gnupg is kind of absurd, but I have seen weirdest attitudes in the free software world, like sticking with Vi instead of quick edit and easier tools like nano, or this whole thing about gnu info vs man pages.

I have been using Debian for my servers, but I'm seriously considering switching to OpenBSD mostly because it provides a barebones installation that is mostly secured by default. That and stability is what I value the most for servers and these guys deliver big time.

Comment: Re:It's a very sad day (Score 3, Insightful) 291

by Clsid (#45766557) Attached to: RSA Flatly Denies That It Weakened Crypto For NSA Money

Are you seriously suggesting that Snowden is not trustworthy? I would definitely support the guy that had to run away from his country because of a massive information leak than some crude government/corporation propaganda. It truly makes me wonder why you are posting as an anonymous coward and spread FUD about the only way we could have found out about such things in the first place.

Comment: Re:Xubuntu (Score 1) 829

by Clsid (#45760137) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

But if you need to manage an engineering office, wait until users start crying out for their AutoCAD, or even worse, propietary software created with god knows what outdated version of Visual Basic. Then the whole advantage of deploying Linux suddenly disappears. Now if you are in a software company, that's a whole different story.

Comment: Re: Install Classic Shell (Score 2) 829

by Clsid (#45760119) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

I would deploy Windows 8 for the same reason I would deploy the latest Office. They both suck in my humble opinion, but the whole world seem stuck with Microsoft solutions and Windows 8 is noticeable faster than Windows 7, so there is that at least.

Classic Shell is good for personal use, but even the weird Windows 8 interface still does the job. After certain point in your life you realize that you are being a geek for worrying too much about petty stuff like how an OS looks or feel. The world would be a lot better off if everybody used Linux and OpenDocument to save their stuff, but that simply won't happen on a large scale, so just go with whatever the industry is using and be done with it. Seriously, in the end most of your users could not care less.

Comment: Re:Do these projects OpenBSD, FreeBSD matter anywa (Score 1) 280

by Clsid (#45701735) Attached to: Theo De Raadt Says FreeBSD Is Just Catching Up On Security

Yeah those lamerz at OpenBSD...

From Wikipedia:

Proprietary systems from several manufacturers are based on OpenBSD, including devices from Armorlogic (Profense web application firewall), Calyptix Security, GeNUA mbH, RTMX Inc,[5] and .vantronix GmbH.[6] Later versions of Microsoft's Services for UNIX, an extension to the Windows operating system which provides some Unix-like functionality, use much OpenBSD code included in the Interix interoperability suite, developed by Softway Systems Inc., which Microsoft acquired in 1999.[7][8] Core Force, a security product for Windows, is based on OpenBSD's pf firewall.[9]

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