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Comment: Re:Not just China (Score 4, Informative) 92

by Clsid (#47684325) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

I have been living in China for quite a bit now, and I actually ask the same thing myself when I read something about China. Even this move by Apple is distorted in the way that the article is presented to always put the Chinese as the evil bad guys. Hell, I don't like the GFW myself, but I have to admit that this move by Apple is something of a trend for every tech company doing business in China. You incur a huge penalty in response times when you have to fetch content from the outside, which is why we go to great lengths in stuff we develop to make sure we are not linking to some google font, some blogspot/facebook link, etc.

Comment: Re:The problem with American Embargos (Score 1) 254

by Clsid (#47636359) Attached to: Russia Cracks Down On Public Wi-Fi; Oracle Blocks Java Downloads In Russia

It is funny that nowadays you guys still don't get it. Remember how the British were mighty proud while the Empire was doing all sorts of horrendous things around the world? Guess what, Americans are the new version of that. Russia is also playing that game as well, only with bordering countries, but to take this high moral stand as an American and talk about imperial ambitions of somebody else is absurd to the point it is funny.

I'm pretty sure most Ukranians that don't give a damn about politics really love how their country has become a playground for international geopolitics, with the EU actively supporting the overthrowing of the govt and then the Russians annexing part of the country.

If you really want to be a sensible person, as an American you should just say no to war, no to foreign interventions and just learn to accept that the world does not need a country to act like the world police, because in person, you guys actually behave way better than most Europeans when it comes to issues like racism and multiculturalism in general, but I'm from Latin America and speaking as a world citizen, we have had enough of your foreign policy Kool-Aid already.

Comment: Re: You're welcome to them. (Score 1) 402

by Clsid (#47589705) Attached to: Comparison: Linux Text Editors

After you use Sublime Text for a while you will regard Netbeans, Eclipse and even Visual Studio as the software that came out of the Stone Age. Especially when you consider how slow all of those three packages behave in general and the amount of resources they use. We have a toolchain that includes Sublime, Git and a bunch of bash scripts to automate a lot of stuff, from deployment to gettext processing. Coming from Visual Studio in my personal case, I have always found any Java-based desktop software inefficient at best, but with these setup that we have know, even just looking at the default color scheme and amount of interface noise feels plain wrong.

Comment: Re: You're welcome to them. (Score 1) 402

by Clsid (#47589671) Attached to: Comparison: Linux Text Editors

Sublime is fantastic for data manipulation, like editing multiple lines at the same time in XML files, changing chunks of code where the same variable was being used, etc. It is very easy to use and I find that the color scheme they chose by default is the most pleasing combination I have seen by far. I am a big fan of the evening color scheme in gvim but this is even better. It also runs nicely in all major platforms, with no weird permissions issues in Windows for instance. I can still use vim but Sublime is one of the few commercial tools I would definitely recommend in Linux.

Comment: Re:We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

by Clsid (#47589549) Attached to: Google+ Photos To Be Separated From Google+

On the other hand, one could say that you find the religion argument attractive because you dislike Apple products, and yet there must be a reason why people are still buying them. So instead of assuming that people just like easy to use, well designed things, even if they are expensive and maybe not even top of the line (technically speaking), it's easier to think of them as people without a clue.

In my case I fail to see myself living happily in one camp exclusively, because I can actually have a Linux/Windows PC, a Mac laptop, an iPad mini and an Android phone. Use them all and you will quickly realize that all of this "religious" product wars in the end are just about some personal preference and not because one is necessarily better over the other. If you were using a Windows 8 PC however... :)

Comment: Re:War that cannot be settled (Score 2) 512

If the US would not block UN resolutions about Israel and UN peacekeepers could go into the ground that would do a lot more than what has been done so far. Truth is you guys don't care one bit, and the US government would rather support Israel in whatever crazy endeavour instead of siding with some dirt poor Arab people.

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 512

I would say the Russians were victimized a lot more than the Jews, and maybe even in a more cruel way like in the case of the starving of Leningrad. Israel is being fascist at the moment and I agree, it is awful to consider that Jewish people in Israel are today doing the same thing to others that they suffered in the not so distant past. Perhaps it is time to think about this whole hatred and land grabbing mentality again. Those Palestinian rockets are being launched for a reason.

Comment: Re:Or maybe you're not so good at math (Score 0, Flamebait) 512

The main difference is that there while in Syria we are talking about a guy who just wants to stay in power, in the case of Israel, it is just a case of them pushing people away to take their lands. But hey, if you support the genocide that is taking place in Palestine by using the genocide in Syria as an excuse, there is no point in a discussion.

Comment: Re:Perl still works, and PHP is fine (Score 1) 536

PHP >5.3 is a good foundation and it mostly depends on what you want to do. PHP lends itself to develop something quick that works, like the web prototype language. You can even create a nice n-tier architecture with it, but as far as performance is concerned unless you are using some sort of cache, you are better off with a Java or .NET based solution.

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