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Comment Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 117

I'm curious as to why any agency would announce that it could read these messages publicly? The bad guys now won't use this perhaps? It's akin to the national argument over Snowden revealing the collection of phone records and everyone screaming how the bad guys will now have this info and that put everyone at risk.

Comment Any work wifi... (Score 1) 152

Any work wifi network should be secured with WPA2ENT using id/pw or certificates for access to the wifi LAN. I seriously doubt these devices will have support for anything more than PSK or the auto-configure 'thing' that consumer routers are coming with now.

Seriously.... what kind of IT would let that happen?

Comment this is why (Score 1) 278

This is why I haven't flown anywhere in 15 years. This shit right here.

I'll just drive wherever I want to go in the US and sail anywhere else....

I will not let TSA grope me or my family to get on a plane.
I will not let TSA irradiate me with machines that were forced into use by the same Senator who owned a healthy share of the company that manufactured them.
I will not let TSA take my personal laptop or electronics because I won't give them the passwords to 'look through them'.

Seriously, Fuck the TSA and this whole thing.

I drive, and can see the sights along the way.
I sail, and can enjoy the ocean and get a new experience.

For those that say they have no time.... You should make the tme and stop taking everything so seriously.... no one gets out of here alive.

Comment Calm down now (Score 1) 83

What did all you twitter people think was going to happen to a free site? They have to make money somehow, and putting 'top stories' in front of your eyes is a good way of doing that.

So don't get all your panties in a bunch.

Those of us who never used twitter don't care.

Those who do, if it matters, then find another mass social media 'thing'.

Remember, twitter doesn't 'belong to the world', it belongs to twitter and they can do what they want with their systems.

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