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Comment Re:Split Tunneling? (Score 1) 88

Problem is, while people like us understand what's going on here, the other 95% of the population only see's that their facebook isn't loading. To them, it broke VPN.

I'm sure of those 95%, 99% have no idea what DNS is

Comment Re:before home internet and PC was so common (Score 2) 508

Agreed for the term paper or research project. But today's kids are given daily homework that requires internet access. My kids aren't taught in class. The teacher assigns the online reading for them as homework. If a kid can't get to the library before it closes (i.e. wait for parent to get home to drive them), then they are shit outta luck.

Comment Re:stop teaching (Score 4, Informative) 508

In the teacher's defense, what they teach and how they teach is mandated by the district. Today's teachers just aren't given the same flexibility that teachers had back in my day. Everything is 'standardized' now, including the schoolwork which is approved by the district.... and remember the district is 'sold' the curriculum by private companies who like putting stuff online because it's cheaper for them.

I keep telling people that the US got to the Moon with people taught in a classroom with books, chalkboard, and pencil/paper. Ipads are NOT a necessity for learning no matter how hard Apple tells you that they are.

Comment Re:Stream 11 (Score 1) 508

Not the same. In 1987, we would read the books or the mimeographed material, write out the papers on actual paper, and then could go into the 'media lab' at school to type it up on their typewriters. Today, the material is online and the kid must have online access just to read the needed material. Libraries close and there is usually a line for the limited computers they have (at least at my library). Neighbors don't run internet cafe's and assuming a kid can go tot he neighbor's house every day after school to use their PC is just ridiculous. What if the neighbor is on vacation, out to dinner, or just sick of your kid coming over??

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