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Comment: Im surprised they don't already (Score 1) 67

by CimmerianX (#48736679) Attached to: Netflix Denies There Was a Policy Change With VPNs

Just like Hulu, in a concession to content providers who are paranoid that someone from Qatar might use VPN to watch Family Guy if Hulu didn't pay for the licensing rights.

Netflix is the same. People from banned countries use VPN to make it seem they are in the US to watch content.

Solution is simply to get 10 people to buy in on a small hosted server in the US and run your own proxy. Small enough to avoid detection and people can still watch Family guy

Comment: Not Fraud (Score 1) 287

... and I'll tell you why. Because if I get my LLC to get 1,000 people to each Pony up some money for a PS4, then I use these types of tactics to purchase PS4 from other retailers at a huge discount after having pooled the money from my 1,000 customers (divinding it up so no 1 customer funded 1 whole ps4) , then I provide each customer with a PS4, and then I run to the bank yelling yippee at all the money I just earned...well if anyone calls fraud, I might just get a bailout from the government to keep my LLC in place since I serve such a good purpose in providing access to cheap PS4s. Then the LLC can get a fine of 10% of 1 year's profits as I laugh from my sailboat.

Comment: End of netflix on PS (Score 4, Insightful) 130

by CimmerianX (#48385431) Attached to: Sony To Take On Netflix With Playstation Vue

I can almost 100% guarantee that Sony will pull the Netflix functionality from all PS models.

Just like how the PS4 will no longer stream from a home media server because they started to offer their own streaming music service under the guise of "it's a more intuitive and streamlined process for the customer', we will see sony replace netflix with Vue citing the same bullshit.

Don't think they will? How's your PS3 linux partition? Oh wait, sony made that disappear when it suited them too.

Comment: He should have... (Score 4, Insightful) 189

by CimmerianX (#48309969) Attached to: Pirate Bay Co-founder Arrested In Northeastern Thailand

Just think that if he had sold billions of bad mortgages and defrauded both investors and the public sending the entire world economy to the brink of collapse, he would have gotten no jail time and a multi-billion dollar bailout.

Instead he built a web page that lets people find trackers, and he must be put away for life.


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