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Comment: Re:Don't eat so much then. (Score 1) 813

This arguement isn't about the width of your ass, is about the length of your thigh. As a 6'2" person, I have trouble like this all over the place with my knees butting up again whatever is in front of me (concert venues, my car's steering wheel). If my knees are already touching the seat and the jackhoel decides to recline, that's gonna hurt and I'm gonna be pissed.

Comment: Re:PGP Is the easy part. Key mgmt is hard (Score 1) 175

by CimmerianX (#47629947) Attached to: Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

That's why you should create a revocation certificate when you create the keypair. If you upload the revocation cert to the DB, the keys get removed.

But yes... my first keypair that I created something like 17 years ago when I was first learning about gpg are still in the DBs and come up when my name is searched. It gives me a chuckle.

Comment: What will cops do for their Quota? (Score 5, Interesting) 435

by CimmerianX (#47468101) Attached to: FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

IF everyone is in an automatic car that obeys all traffic laws all the time, will there be no more traffic tickets?

If an auto ca can drop someone off at the airport then drive back home, what will happen to all the long term parking garages?

If an auto car will find it's own parking space, is that the end of valets?

I for one am happy to see all that crap come to an end.

Comment: Re:Not likely. (Score 1) 365

Hardware Wise, Windows will never compete with Apple. OSX only needs to support a very, very limit set of hardware components. The Devs know exactly what video, what memory, what board, etc are included in the Macs.

Windows needs to be able to support all the various different types of hardware out there, usually relying on crappy 3rd party drivers for functionality.

Comment: We do this (Score 5, Informative) 119

I'm IT for a company that does this for 95% of dev/test/qa systems. It's worked out pretty well. Most servers are spun up and then chef'ed, used, then deleted after tests/whetever are complete. We do keep our code in house. SVN/GIT/ and Jenkins along with server build farms are all in house. The cloud services are expensive, but since IT has automated the deployment process for the cloud hosts, it works out better than keeping enough hardware in house to meed all test/qa needs. Plus less hardware in house equals less admin time which is a plus for us.

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