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Comment Re:how about growing lots of trees & plants? (Score 1) 155

Sounds like it needs a shitload of water.

January notwithstanding, my local region has had below average rainfall for several decades and soil moisture is at 100 year record lows.

Convincing city-dwelling politicians to spend money on infrastructure to drought-proof a continent by building pipelines to carry water from high rain areas to low ones is futile. Rural constituents continue to vote against their own self interest by electing conservative denialist nest-featherers.

Comment Re:Scary (Score 1) 89

It depends if you use the site for networking/an online presence or just to keep in touch with people you know.

In the latter, I'm only connected to people I've met in real life, so have less than 150 acquaintances. many are people I worked with but haven't seen for a number of years, mind you.

actual people on the site I see in the flesh at least once a year is probably less than 25...

Comment Re:Cables not the only thing non-compliant, IMO... (Score 1) 136

It was a Google employee whose company supplied computer was designed by the company themselves. He probably copped some flack from his manager for destroying a thousand dollar piece of hardware. But equally the QA team may cop bigger flack for not testing this scenario.

Wait for the 2016 model correcting this problem. :)

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