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Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 192

I bought a second hand Toshiba laptop a few months back. It had been wiped with a clean image of Windows 7.

7 -> 10 upgrade went fine initially but then a subsequent update gave random blue screens.

An out of date Atheros wifi driver was the cause. I was able to find a newer release from Toshiba's site and yes, I needed to boot Windows in safe-mode to override the driver.

So my advice is to hunt down the newest drivers for one's hardware before upgrading.

Comment Re:Qualcomm "monopoly" (Score 1) 90

Their excellent modems are the cause of their dominance in the U.S. smartphone market, where the LTE cellular network roll-out started earlier than in most of the rest of the world. This is also why their presence in tablets is significantly rarer: most tablets don't need a cellular modem.

Well I don't own a tablet but from my experience of tethering a laptop, buying a tablet without 4G would be a major annoyance if its primary purpose was to pass the time on public transport or watch a video on a summer's day under a shady tree in a park.

That's a tradeoff in buying a cheap $US100 tablet but at the medium/high end 4G should be a standard feature but isn't.
e.g. Not Qualcomm, obviously, but Apple's iPad page provides a $US130 premium on each model - there certainly isn't a $130 cost difference in electronics but rather an excuse to price gouge.

Comment Re:Zoning is key... (Score 1) 259

Get a backpack (or as the Brits seem to call it, a 'day pack' to differentiate it from much larger hiking gear)

Most of the laptop ones seem to be in the 20-25 litre range but I found myself a 30 litre one.

Strap a bag on the front with 'crushable' items such as bread or awkwardly dimensioned ones like toilet paper or cat litter. Beer is a problem but I can fit 2 wine bottles in the front pouch of my backpack.

Get a hand basket rather than a trolley - if you can't carry it home, you're buying too much.

I have 3 supermarkets within a 25 minute radius. Walking 3-4 times a week is the equivalent of 15 bags of groceries.

Comment Re:I can't help but wonder (Score 1) 342

Elites? SF LA is the 2nd busiest domestic air route in the US with roughly 10,000 passengers/day.

Emissions per capita of taking planes out of the sky and cars off the road?

As for your backlog of maintenance, that's surely simply a matter of neglect for a wealthy state with a GDP greater than Canada...

Comment Re:Any solution is going to be worse than the prob (Score 1) 173


Rainfall has been below trend for a couple of decades in much of the country. The 'food bowl' of the Murray-Darling is suffering from over allocation of irrigation with a trickle reaching the end point in SA.

In suburbia, soil samples have shown where I live the moisture content is the worst in 100 years of records. So good luck growing produce in your backyard - we put in a water tank which is empty for the summer months because of low rainfall amid sweltering 40C temperatures.

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