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by ChunderDownunder (#48424561) Attached to: Android Botnet Evolves, Could Pose Threat To Corporate Networks

Yeah there's no UI to configure "known sources".

It'd be nice to trust a certain repository only. For example, I replaced the old 2.3.x stock rom with CM11. Google Play is too heavy for the device but f-droid runs fine. But you need to check the unknown sources option.

(Google have no interest in encouraging users to go outside the play store, naturally. The checkbox is mainly there so developers can load an apk via adb over USB)


How Alibaba Turned November 11 Into the World's Biggest Online Shopping Day 115

Posted by samzenpus
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hackingbear writes Bummed that you're home alone on date night, or stuck in your mom's basement, yet again? Don't worry. A new gadget or some scuba gear could help. Observed on November 11 — or "11.11," for the date with the most 1s — Singles Day, which started out as a joke among a group of male college students attending Nanjing University in the 1990s, has become the world's biggest online shopping day, thanks to the e-commerce prowess of China's Alibaba Group. On this day last year, they sold twice what all US companies sold on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. This year, Alibaba has decided to take its 11.11 promotions worldwide, highlighting global brands including online jewelry store Blue Nile, clothing brand Juicy Couture, and even Costco. Amazon has tried to get a piece of the action. The Seattle-based company launched promotions for the holiday last year on its Chinese site, and it's done so again this year.

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by ChunderDownunder (#48330183) Attached to: Australian Post Office Opens Mail Forwarding Warehouse In the USA

Yep the 2 biggest groups, by sales, here are

(1) US ebay sellers.
(2) Amazon, who ship books but not their complete inventory OS.

Now they can just deliver to a regular US address.

Personally I'd look forward to all those special offers, e.g. when HTC were recently having a one-day US-only sale on their new Android tablets.

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