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Comment: Re:ARM for desktop/laptop (Score 1) 114

by ChunderDownunder (#48606269) Attached to: Apple and Samsung Already Working On A9 Processor

Apple would want to avoid a Windows RT debacle. Rebadging the mac mini as an ARM HTPC might work, where there's no confusion it'll run amd64 Photoshop.

If developers are (have been recently) still producing fat binaries for PPC, adding a checkbox for ARMv8 in Xcode doesn't seem a stretch.

Comment: Re:Imagine that! (Score 1) 191

It surprises me that Google doesn't actually have their own online 'newspaper'. They could employ an editor to create a mashup of the best stories online, with a profit-sharing arrangement on ads.

I'd prefer a dedicated web page than, say, facebook injecting clickbait through their universally hated 'Top Stories'.

my two local newspapers have introduced paywalls, with a minimal number of free articles a month. One is fairly decent, the other is Rupert's trashy tabloid, complete with celebrity gossip and miracle weight loss cures. Syndicating the former through Google could reach an international audience, along with selected articles from other online sources and Google's ubiquity would ensure those articles chosen need not be subscription only.

But usually I stick to via RSS for news, despite the vandals in the federal government wanting to destroy it. 8 cents a day...

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