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Comment: Re:Sensationalism? (Score 1) 237

by bill_mcgonigle (#47808365) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

"We don't support Linux, use windows"

Because Linux users are a pain in the ass.

You can find a bugzilla from about five years back where I had a problem with the built-in NIC on an ASUS mobo corrupting memory. Several others had the same problem on the same series of boards, and we were exchanging notes and working together on the bugzilla. Initially ASUS was helpful and looped in Atheros. But once we had a clear pattern (I mean a pattern of bit inversions in the hex dump), both went radio-silent.

I mean, what were they going to do, recall all the motherboards in that line just because they were no good? My time was worth more than the $90 for the mobo but we figured initially that its was a Linux driver bug and were trying to get to the bottom of it.

Anyway, had to rip it out and replace it (no slots left for another NIC in that application). Went to MSI ("oooh, jap caps") but those toasted (literally, burn marks on the mobo) quickly, found ASRock and haven't looked back.

I have an ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 in my cart at Amazon. Now don't you guys go buying them all before I put in the order on Friday. ;)

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by bill_mcgonigle (#47808237) Attached to: Interview: Ask Christopher "moot" Poole About 4chan and Social Media

Do you ever feel responsible or bad for all the lives 4chan have ruined?
I mean there's a lot of anons that have a very unhealthy relationship to their favourite board and spends most of their waking time posting.

You're assuming the premise that these posters would have had normal, healthy lives if they didn't spend all their time on 4chan. If we know they engage in unhealthy mental behavior by spending all of their time on 4chan, then it's not a stretch to posit that they may have otherwise been involved in crime, drugs, or other self-destructive behaviours. That 4chan is a detriment in these cases is far from proven, and reason raises the possibility of an opposite effect.

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by Qzukk (#47807959) Attached to: Net Neutrality Campaign To Show What the Web Would Be Like With a "Slow Lane"

with the addition of a fast lane

So "they" say, but "they" have been promising infrastructure upgrades for years, even taking subsidies from the government for a fiber rollout that never delivered. This time it's different?

What everyone expects is the same thing that happened when they installed a toll lane on the freeway here. They didn't add any new lanes, instead they walled off the left lane, narrowed the remaining lanes to make room for the wall and new shoulder, then kept the toll lane speed limit the same. The only difference is that when I drive on the freeway *I* have to pay more to go the same speed I always had before, while the cablcos/telcos expect the *sites I visit* to pay up so that I can use the "fast" lane and get the same speeds I was paying for.

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by damn_registrars (#47803697) Attached to: An honest utterance

you get to accuse me of having my own party

I do not recall ever having accused you of having your own party. I merely stated that you are very much a proud member of a party. The statement of "your party" does not indicate ownership, but rather membership.

accuse me of having privilege

What privilege are you accusing me of accusing you of having?

then accuse me of insisting that you are a member of some established party

You regularly accuse me of being a member of an established party. I could provide cases of you doing so but you won't read them.

I don't remember saying you were the DNC chair

I never accused you of accusing me of having any power within a party, though you have in that wonderful snippet of nonsense again indicated that you believe me to be a part of a party.

If you want an accusation, I think you're a defender of statism.

Considering most of your "isms" are based on peculiar new meanings of (generally root) words, I have no idea what you might be trying to accuse me of there. I would love for you to tell me what "statism" means to you, but I don't have any reason to expect that you will do so.

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