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That's not hyperbolic nonsense, sir: that's history.

The hyperbolic nonsense lies in the amount of Konservative Kool-Aid (TM) that one has to drink in order to believe that President Lawnchair is some sort of absolute tyrant who needs to be overthrown violently. Similarly the very notion that there is an amendment in the constitution - written in code, no less - that is there specifically for the purpose of violently overthrowing the government is ridiculous. What the true meaning of the second amendment is, we may never agree on, but there is no good argument for the creators of the American Experiment being interested in inserting a way for citizens to violently discard democracy on a whim without needing to be willing to accept some responsibility for their choices and actions.

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You supported my point that the author is not fond of the Lawnchair Administration. And as we can all see, even she is reasonable enough to realize that the Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act of 2010 is not able to lead to a single payer system. You and a few other loons are the only ones adequately entrenched in conspiracy theories to be willing to pretend that such a thing could happen.

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If Mercedes made it then it is a Mercedes.

I agree. And this car was not made by Mercedes. This was two very different Mercedes vehicles that were Frankensteined together. The drivetrain and chassis are mostly from a G wagon, with the body and interior from an SLK. The custom work was done by a custom shop. Mercedes never made a vehicle like this and has never announced any plans to do so. You can't even get the SLK with the diesel engine that they used (amongst other things).

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Journal: As long as we're quoting McArdle 1

Journal by smitty_one_each
We should note how wildly unimpressed she is with the new Census Bureau policy, which will add a little more sewage to the river of effluent that we know and love as ObamaCare.
Disgrace is the new pride, I suppose.
Ram_Digitstars isn't going to be happy until we get Single Prey-er, so hopefully this latest crap infusion helps him.
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Linux Voice is a New Magazine for Linux Users — On Paper (Video) 50

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This is an interview with Graham Morrison, who is one of four people behind the shiny-new Linux Voice magazine, which is printed on (gasp) paper. Yes, paper, even though it's 2014 and a lot of people believe the idea of publishing a physical newspaper or magazine is dead. But, Graham says, when you have a tight community (like Linux users and developers) you have an opportunity to make a successful magazine for that community. This is a crowdfunded venture, through Indiegogo, where they hoped to raise £90,000 -- but ended up with £127,603, which is approximately $214,288 as of this video's publishing date. So they have a little capital to work with. Also note: these are not publishing neophytes. All four of the main people behind Linux Voice used to work on the well-regarded Linux Format magazine. Graham says they're getting subscribers and newsstand sales at a healthy rate, so they're happily optimistic about their magazine's future. (Here's an alternate video link)

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