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Comment Re:Well thats odd (Score 1) 114

It's a lot more than just a "fancy-pants test". So much more. They know pretty much everything about London. Try entering "Half-way down that road opposite the old Tesco's in Essex Road" into your GPS and see where that leads you. Cabbies know London intimately. They know how the traffic at a given location is, and how it will be in 30 minutes. They know which roads have temporary closures, which legal-for-them-but-not-for-non-cabbies short-cuts they can take, and so on. GPS is truly a wonderful invention - I absolutely love it. Having used black cabs for years, it's clear they have nothing in a black cabby.

Comment Re:Actually, not going to 100% agree.... (Score 1) 313

Your consumer protection rights suck where you are. In more civilised countries you would simply send/bring it back to the place you bought it from, and offer you a replacement card or your money back. The shop would then deal with Gigabyte, and any delays Gigabyte cause will only affect the merchant, not the consumer.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 245

If we apply those rules to, say, phone manufacturers, we'd end up with massive, phones (as modularity takes lots of space - screws, sockets, etc.) which will be obsolete 40% of the way in to their mandated warranty period. The suppliers will have to keep massive stocks of parts, driving up the cost of each phone.

You've not really thought this one through, have you?

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 2) 245

He doesn't have to suggest an alternative - he was just making an observation. You are right, though - democracy is screwed, but it's the best option we currently have. Yes, the western world has a problem with obesity, but the #1 leader is the US.

If one doesn't understand the market they might assume all phones are built to the same standards and therefore switching manufacturers would cause them hassle.

The case is far from closed.

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