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Comment: Re:Can we wait until it's even close to out first? (Score 1) 511

by Captain Rotundo (#18529343) Attached to: Is KDE 4.0 the Holy Grail of Desktops?

I have the exact opposite reaction, I switched to gnome at 2.0 and haven't considered going back. I try KDE from time to time (about once or twice a release) and its just so bloated and ugly that I find myself craving gnome.

When you spend over 8 hours a day using a desktop ease of use and simplicity of design become very important factors.

Comment: It is good to see the 1080p titiles (Score 1) 145

by glenrm (#17947588) Attached to: First 1080p Xbox 360 Games Announced
I have a Dell 24" monitor and the 1080p titles mean that the PC equivalents will look quite nice. Marvel Ultimate Alliance looks and plays great on a PC with an XBox 360 wired controller. It is a cheap way to get a console beat um up experience for less than $100 if you have a good PC. The title is touted as 1080p and the visuals on the PC certain look great.

+ - Nintendo's 'Alpha Moms'

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The LATimes reports on Nintendo's "organic events" orchestrated in 8 major US cities. They are trying to create a grassroots-like campaign to spread Wii-awareness in these cities. In the light of Sony's adventures in grassroots, is Nintendo guilty of astroturfing?

From the article:
"The company hired a consultant to identify three sets of "ambassadors" in each city: a core gamer/loyalist who would sing the praises of the system to other gamers; a large multi-generational family, where everyone from the kids to the grandparents could take turns with the Wii remote; and an alpha mom, who would presumably spread the word at schoolyards, soccer fields and her neighborhood.""
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Journal: Way too much noise

Journal by glenrm
Way to much political noise on /. wired and elsewhere. Almost impossible to cut through to tech that is coming FTTP, WiMAX, VOIP, and UPPC.
FTTP - Fiber to the your building or home
WiMAX - Wide area wifi
VOIP - Voice over IP and Video too
UPPC - Ultra portable PCs
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Journal: Freedom for Iraq

Journal by glenrm
I don't get using people's Freedom to attack a political opponent. Why would a kind hearted liberal not want freedom for Iraq or the world? Odd...

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