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by CaptQuark (#48357637) Attached to: Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet
No, they are technically competent. They just want to make their jobs easier. Following their logic, every vehicle should have a GPS tracking device to make it easier to find the speeders, drug dealers, kidnappers, bail jumpers, etc. Why let privacy concerns get in the way of making their job easier?


Comment: USA are a country? (Score 4, Informative) 161

by CaptQuark (#48323519) Attached to: New Particle Collider Is One Foot Long

The Unites States of America are a country

A group is considered a single entity if all the members of the group are addressed together. You cannot have a group of "United States" be a country without including all 50 of them so they are addressed as a single group. The capitalization of United States of America also indicates you are referring to the collection of all 50 states together.

In contrast, if you said "The Red States are more conservative." then you are referring to the individual states in that group so they are treated as a plural subject.

Other examples: The Pit Crew is efficient, but the pit crew members are tired. The choir is rehearsing, but the choir singers are upset.


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by CaptQuark (#48285887) Attached to: Breaching Air-Gap Security With Radio

...and certainly cannot be done with a USB stick anywhere on your person.

I'm not sure you have seen the smallest USB drives out there. Some are about the size and thickness of the SIM card in your phone. Imagine something near the thickness of a business card and about the same dimensions as the silver end of a USB cable.

I can think of several places to hide this that won't be searched: Inside a belt, inside a wallet, behind your belt buckle, under your watch, against the inside of wide glasses, behind your ear with long hair, under a bra strap, hollowed-out coin, inside a key fob, inside a neck lanyard, inside any book or paper tablet, inside a pen, cigarette lighter, large fingernail clippers, pocket knife, or inside a spring-wound retrieval on an ID holder. Not to mention shoes, hats, gloves, jackets, scarfs, canes, nor jewelry.

There is no fail-safe way to keep something so small out of a secure area which is why they continue to epoxy USB ports, disable mounting external storage, and implement "no lone zone" procedures.


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The USA is a representative democracy, run by politicians who were voted into office by people who slept through civics class. {/sarcasm}

What are all these 'Executive Orders'?

That question could have been answered faster with a Google search than it took you to type it.

Is the USA a dictatorship run by the President, or a democracy run by Congress, or a schizophrenic mixup?

That is a much more open-ended question and you will find all sorts of theories on the inter-tubes that will attempt to sway you to their particular world view. Good luck making sense of the cacophony of opinions you will find.

The short answer: This Executive Order is instructions to the executive branch (people that work for him) to ask for more secure forms of ID before giving them money or personal information.

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Well, maybe we can convince some cities like Victoria BC from dumping their raw sewage directly into the mouth of the Puget Sound.

They say they screen out the larger pieces of solid waste, but everything else (drugs, detergents, cooking waste, every sick person's waste) goes straight into the ocean.

I just hope they never have a person with HIV, Hepatitis C, Ebola, STDs, Clostridium difficile, Salmonella, or MRSA living or visiting there.


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I think he feels he isn't getting enough cooperation from "main companies" so he wants more control on who can use the internet. Want to use the internet? Get a license. Want to create a web page? Get a license. Want to buy something on the internet? Want to download something? Want to copy from a site? He wants more control to be sure only legal uses are allowed.

It's almost like the speed limits on the highways aren't enough, he wants government-controlled speed governors installed in all cars.

“There may well come a time when government decides it’s had enough and it’s not getting enough help from those main companies that control the way we use the internet – they’re not getting enough help from them, so they’re going to start imposing regulations, imposing a code of conduct about the way people may be allowed to operated on the internet,” Fife says.


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