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Comment: Re:Heaviest workload on Earth (Score 2) 23 23

You tried to install Windows 7 on an old machine with only 1GB RAM?!!

Microsoft's minimum system requirements say it will run on 1GB RAM for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit systems, but you already found how well that works. The practical minimum for Windows 7 is 4GB. Anything less is like trying to drive a dump truck using a chainsaw engine.


Comment: Polygamy now legal ? (Score 1) 1065 1065

Using that logic, polygamy should also be legal again. Just because a state decides that multiple marriages are illegal, this ruling implies that ANY marriage, legal or not in that state, would have to be recognized by every state based on this interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

After polygamy, what's next? Marriages to pets? (you know there are a few that would do it.) Marriages to inanimate objects? Marriages to deities?


Comment: Re:Movie? (Score 3, Insightful) 41 41

This is just the first images from over 50 million miles away. It is intended to show the orbital dynamics as the two bodies revolve around a shared center of gravity.

The more detailed views of the planetoid and its moon will come as the probe gets closer to the pair during the next 23 days.


Comment: Re:Feinstein as usual (Score 1) 164 164

And don't forget almost every complaint that the "anti-drone" evangelists bring to the table could also apply to kites, balloons, and Frisbees.

I haven't heard any complaints from people that the neighbor is violating his property lines because some kid is flying a kite over his yard.


Comment: Re:Plumbing. (Score 1) 135 135

They aren't if you learn to do them yourself. Building a shelter, killing your own food, sourcing your own water, keeping up with your own sanitation problems -- all of these should be learned by everyone.

Oh, you would rather pay someone to grow your food, handle your sanitation needs, bring your water? If they are doing this for you, they need some profit to pay another person to do the things they don't have time for because they are working for you.

Essential life services could mean giving everyone a tent, matches, and a fishing line. Everything above that becomes a comfort item and a reasonable amount of profit to compensate the provider isn't morally repugnant.


Comment: Re:Brings back memories (Score 1) 127 127

I agree. I use the Window-e key combination daily to bring up Windows Explorer. It is one of the consistent ways of starting Windows Explorer no matter which version of Windows the user has installed.

Less frequently I use Window-D to minimize all windows and show the desktop, Windows-+ to start the magnifier program to show users something small on their display, and Window-Break to display the system page to check Windows version, RAM size, and machine name.


Comment: Re:other people's money (Score 5, Informative) 413 413

If you read the full article, this $9.25 subsidy only applies to people ALREADY receiving it for phone service. The only change described in the article would be to allow those people to apply the subsidy to cell phone or broadband service instead. I assume there would be a few people that currently qualify but don't receive the subsidy because they don't have a land line, but $9.25 would barely cover the cheapest broadband plan the companies would offer.


Comment: Re:Win 3.0 and 3.1 (Score 1) 387 387

Windows used a special format on the floppies called Distribution Media Format (DMF). It forced extra sectors into each track, allowing them to fit 1.68 MB instead of the normal 1.44 MB ont each disk.

There were special commands that let you format floppies with DMF. You had to buy quality floppies to be sure the media would handle the higher density, but sometimes it was worth the extra work to fit a large program onto fewer floppies. It also made it harder for the average user to copy software.


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