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Comment Re:Incinerate me (Score 1) 197

My father made his own garden compost for a lot of years, and quite frankly meat caused more problems than it contributed ... because the meat rotted and got nasty and didn't break down into nice clean compost.

It's true that a small compost pile cannot handle meat, but industrial scale piles can because they generate much more heat, which also kills off the bacteria.

Green bin programs collect kitchen scraps including meat, fish and bones in addition to the usual vegetable matter. All of it is composted.

Comment Re:not scarequotes needed (Score 2) 37

Sounds like it's time to take care of it the "American way." Sue them.

Henry Schein's Gentrix G5 did not use minimal HIPAA encryption levels, despite saying so in its brochures, online website, newspaper interviews, and newsletters.

Everyone who bought the software can now sue them for not providing what they claimed to provide. Sue them for the cost of the software plus punitive damages to cover the hassle of having to switch over to some software that does proper encryption.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 197

all people living at the property, even if they are sub-letting

So if you sign a lease and then you have a child you must seek the property owner's permission for your child to live there with you? I'm assuming children are legally people. And "even if they are sub-letting" isn't requiring that they be subletting. (Before someone says "but the child isn't subletting.")

I'd say the law as written says you have to ask permission. If that's not the intention then the law is badly written. Wouldn't that mean discrimination against people with children is allowed?

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 3, Interesting) 311

to interact with others in the Site

users and members on the Site

Emphasis mine in both cases. The use of the phrase "in the site" caught my attention right away. Is that a reference to their bots, who are literally in the site. "On the site" is what I usually hear, and they clearly know that version since they use it elsewhere.

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 3, Insightful) 274

Meanwhile, Biff and Skippy get a taxpayer-subsidized 4 year frat party.

I think it would be completely fair to have reasonable minimum academic performance requirements. You have to have shown promise in high school and must continue to get good grades in college or university. That way Biff and Skippy likely get zero or only one year of that frat party. If they can fool around and still get good grades then maybe that's ok - they do seem to be learning.

To deal fairly with people who did not do well due to circumstances beyond their control (say a parent died the week before finals) there could be some sort of review process. There could also be some sort of probation system where people who were borderline would pay some cost to show that they were serious. Improving their grades would then remove that required payment.

People tend to not value things that they don't think costs them anything.

I would make a slightly more nuanced statement. People may value less something which is given to them as compared to something they had to earn. Individual results will likely vary significantly as to how much less. Studying hard to get good enough grades is earning the reward of free tuition.

I would consider my own personal experience here. My family did not have a lot of money, so I earned my own money to pay my way through a four year B.Sc. While I had excellent grades in high school, I received only one scholarship that amounted to the cost of a couple of text books. I graduated with an A+ average and the government (Canadian) gave me a scholarship which paid my way through graduate school. They more than got their money back in taxes I've paid over the years.

At the same time, I knew people who's parents paid their tuition for them, and who failed out after one year of frat partying. I also knew people who's parents paid their tuition and who studied hard and did well.

Comment Re:Why are people going to jail for this? (Score 1) 664

Typically it has a fairly specific definition involving a person, which is what the legal system calls a human. (Emphasis mine.)

I completely agree with what you say. Just can't help but point out the fact that because this happened in the U.S., "person" would include a corporation (according to SCOTUS) but as far as I know "human" does not include corporations.

From my point of view, being human should involve being humane. To me that doesn't describe a corporation. Unfortunately there seem to be too many humans who don't seem to fit that description either.

Comment Re:Fair use case (Score 1) 125

I would think it counts as fair use. Some might say that if the whole page was readable versus just the headline that might not be fair use. (But it's likely not readable in a low resolution image, and could even be blurred while leaving the headline readable.)

At the worst, if some court rules that it's not fair use then create a new version of the story, which replaces the image with a description of what the image was and a comment that the image had to be removed due to a DMCA request by the Sunday Times. Then send them a link to that new version to the Sunday Times to thumb your nose at them.

Comment Re:This is ridiculous (Score 1) 408

The way Bell sees it is that if you are paying Netflix and getting the content you are stealing from Bell. I think they don't like emphasizing the "stealing from Bell" part and just say "stealing" because they know they would be laughed at.

At the same time, I knew someone who signed up for a special offer from Bell and then had to call Bell every few months to get silly extra charges removed from their bill. I wonder what Bell would call it when people who don't pay enough attention to their monthly bills or don't take the time to call up and argue with them end up paying false extra charges on their bill. To make that clearer, what does Bell call it when they collect unexplained extra fees from customers beyond the required payments for the services provided? That wouldn't be stealing would it? Or just business as usual?

Comment Govt Doesn't Care About User Safety (Score 4, Informative) 110

The "war on drugs" results in increased violence which increases the risk for everyone, not just the drug users. If the government was really concerned about the safety of drug users they could legalize and regulate everything and make it much safer. So far that hasn't happened.

I'm impressed that Dread Pirate Roberts paid a doctor to counsel people, I just don't think that the government will be.

Here in Canada the federal government tried to shut down a safe injection site in Vancouver. The site operated by the provincial government provided IV drug users with a safe place to shoot up. Everything need, except the drugs, was available there.. There were nurses present to offer help and advice, and to deal with any overdoses. The end result was (provably) fewer deaths among IV drug users. That made no difference to the federal government, they still wanted to shut the site down. Fortunately when they took the province to court, they lost - since there was proof of fewer deaths it was considered a health care issue, which is completely up to the province

Submission + - Samsung Smart TV is recording your private conversations (

An anonymous reader writes: Samsung’s privacy policy includes details that its Smart TV voice recognition feature may pick up on personal conversations and transmit private communications to third parties. Buried in the privacy policy related to the smart television, Samsung advises users to be aware that any snippets of conversation might be captured by the software which allows them to control their television sets with a series of commands.Questions have been raised about who these third parties could be, what the information is used for, and how the data is being transmitted – with potentially unencrypted voice clips left exposed to hackers.

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