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Submission New catalyst allows cheaper hydrogen production

CanadianRealist writes: Electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen is very inefficient without the use of a catalyst. Unfortunately catalysts are currently made of crystals containing rare, expensive toxic metals such as ruthenium and iridium. Two chemists from the University of Calgary have invented a process to make a catalyst using relatively non-toxic metal compounds such as iron oxide, for 1/1000 the cost of currently used catalysts.

It is suggested this would make it more feasible to use electrolysis of water to create hydrogen as a method of storing energy from variable green power sources such as wind and solar.

Submission Cow manure generates electricity and big savings->

CanadianRealist writes: Manure from 600 cows is digested in a 16 foot deep, 70 foot diameter tank to produce methane gas which is then burned to generate electricity. The system generates enough electricity to power the farm and a dozen neighboring homes and still some back to the grid. Generation also creates heat which is used to heat the digester, farm buildings and water. The $200 000 per year savings are expected to pay for the system in 5 years or less. As a side benefit, the digester also reduces 98% of the odor.
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