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Comment: Numbers (Score 4, Interesting) 96

Would like to see the efficiency numbers for the process. They just say how much garbage goes in and how much they expect to get out but not how much energy it's going to take or how much pollution or garbage is going to be resulting from the operation.

Also when it comes to the 60 and 90 percent diversion rates I think the article is talking about the residential waste stream. From the pictures that is where the garbage for the plant is coming from. I'd like to know if the plant is going to take anything from the commercial or industrial streams. Those diversion rates are usually much worse.

Comment: Re:A remember in the early 90 when I lived in the (Score 1) 314

by CanadianMacFan (#47226573) Attached to: California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs
They are looking to expand the train here and they won't put the airport on the main line. Maybe in the future they will decide to make an extension and passengers will have to switch. Everyone knows it's the taxi lobby that doesn't want the train even though it would be replacing the bus line that already goes there.

Comment: Re:Get rid of NASA (Score 1) 155

The problem of NASA is the politicians coming in and changing the direction of it's primary focus every couple of years. Plus they see it as a job stimulus project which would exist even if it was moved back into the military (for example, tanks that the military doesn't want).

Comment: Booking Photos Database (Score 1) 143

What's the procedure about booking photos (and fingerprints taken at booking) in the US? Is it possible that your image could be on that database even if you were not convicted of a crime but just processed by the police even for something like being drunk one night and they brought you in to sober up?

Comment: Re:meet the new Bus, same as the old bus (Score 1) 51

Most of the routes run around throughout a part of the city from one hub to another or back to the same one. For me to get to one part of my suburb to another I take one route to a hub and catch another local route. Each local route is usually a milk run that winds about in order to make sure that the distance to bus stops is met.

Comment: Re:Sorry... (Score 1) 206

Of course the report is only about using the SLS as a launch vehicle. That's all NASA is allowed to look into by it's political masters. The SLS isn't being used because it is superior technology. It's used because it maximizes the number of jobs across a number of districts for the politicians.

And NASA could actually reach a goal if it's goals weren't changed every couple of years by Congress or the President.

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