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Comment: Re:Less protection for free speech? (Score 1) 383

by Pig Hogger (#33620124) Attached to: In Canada, Criminal Libel Charges Laid For Criticizing Police
Law 101 has never infringed on anybody's freedom of speech.

The restrictions only apply to COMMERCIAL SPEECH and even in the US, there are restrictions to commercial speech.

Only businesses have been affected by law 101 and businesses are not human so they do not have human rights.

Comment: Re:My favorite example... (Score 1) 698

by Pig Hogger (#32248056) Attached to: ACLU Sues To Protect Your Right To Swear

It was the first time this kid soldier went to the brothel, and when he came back, his comrades were eagerly awaiting his account of the experience.

— Well, I walked into the fucking bordello, and this huge big-ass fucking ass-ugly madam asks me

— Good evening, sir, what will be for your pleasure?

— Well, gimme the cutest chick with the biggest fuckin’ boobs and we’ll be talkin fuckin’ business.

— Certainly sir. I think you’ll be most pleased with Germaine.

So, I follow the fuckin’ big-ass madam up the stairs, through a corridor with several fucking’ rooms with the doors open, each with a fucking broad sitting on the bed. I got to my room with Germaine, which had the biggest fucking boobs I ever saw! So she tells me to relax, she’s gonna fucking take care of everything.

She begins to undo my fucking belt, then my fucking shirt which she removes, giving me some fucking kisses here and there. Before long, I only have my fucking socks on, and I’m standing at fuckin’ attention.

She then notices my fucking knob, and starts putting it in her fucking mouth, running her fucking tongue along the head. Then, she jumps back on her fucking bed, legs apart, showing me her fucking clit.

— And then, asks the chorus of soldiers?

We had sexual relations.

Comment: Re:Could've been the Anarchist's Cookbook.... (Score 1) 418

by Pig Hogger (#32219756) Attached to: In UK, First "Anarchist's Cookbook" Downloaders' Convictions

Child porn is illegal because it's production required that a child be taken advantage of, abused or hurt.

Oh yeah? So why FICTITIOUS child pr0n, either written or performed by adults who look underage is also illegal?

No, it’s just a matter of a coterie of bigots who want to shove down their “sex is bad” agenda down the throats of others. Nothing else.

Comment: Re:Good hygiene, don't be a know it all. (Score 1) 842

by Pig Hogger (#32146282) Attached to: How To Behave At a Software Company?

Finally, the worst know-it-all is the one who always "could have told you that would happen," but didn't.

Very often this is caused by someone having been burned by the boss’s “shoot the messenger” approach.

In many jobs, I have seen worthy initiative being mercilessly shot down by the boss so employees have learned not to do anything. They will get shit the same from the boss, but at least they won’t have busted their arses for it.

The worst I’ve seen was going at a client’s to bring back his printer in order to fix it. Onsite, I was able to fix it to the client’s satisfaction, only to be confronted with “we told the client we’d bring back the printer to fix it, so now he’s gonna think we can’t keep our word” by the boss when I came back sans printer.

(That was the last initiative I took at that company. And unsurprisingly, it folded a few weeks afterwards).

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