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Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 152

The ignorance in that comment is staggering. Which is perfectly normal for the average canadian post about Québec. The notwitstanding clause allows a law to bypass SOME elements of the Charter of Rights. That clause was put in the constitution AT THE INSISTENCE of western provinces in order to allow them to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST their french minorities. The first time it was used in Québec was 25 years ago, by the extremely FEDERALIST liberal party. And that ended 20 years ago because such laws cannot last more than 5 years. So, no, Granby outlawing online insults has nothing to do with the notwithstanding clause, nor is not specific to Québec alone; it can happen anywhere else in Canada.

Comment Re:My favorite example... (Score 1) 698

It was the first time this kid soldier went to the brothel, and when he came back, his comrades were eagerly awaiting his account of the experience.

— Well, I walked into the fucking bordello, and this huge big-ass fucking ass-ugly madam asks me

— Good evening, sir, what will be for your pleasure?

— Well, gimme the cutest chick with the biggest fuckin’ boobs and we’ll be talkin fuckin’ business.

— Certainly sir. I think you’ll be most pleased with Germaine.

So, I follow the fuckin’ big-ass madam up the stairs, through a corridor with several fucking’ rooms with the doors open, each with a fucking broad sitting on the bed. I got to my room with Germaine, which had the biggest fucking boobs I ever saw! So she tells me to relax, she’s gonna fucking take care of everything.

She begins to undo my fucking belt, then my fucking shirt which she removes, giving me some fucking kisses here and there. Before long, I only have my fucking socks on, and I’m standing at fuckin’ attention.

She then notices my fucking knob, and starts putting it in her fucking mouth, running her fucking tongue along the head. Then, she jumps back on her fucking bed, legs apart, showing me her fucking clit.

— And then, asks the chorus of soldiers?

We had sexual relations.

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