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Comment Tradeoffs (Score 2) 42

An alternative candidate appeared slightly larger, but would require a lot more fuel (propellant). If it's the last target, one could argue it wouldn't matter if you use up most of your fuel. It seems they want to keep their options open and have spare fuel for unforeseen situations or problems. Who knows, if they get lucky, the probe may be able to visit a 3rd system.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 439

And it's a play on words. The French can't get their head round "Robin Hood" and therefore call him "Robin des Bois" (Robin of the Woods), which I guess makes sense.
Sort of a prototype for "Dark Vader" (the notoriously excellent French subtitlers originally thought the name was "Dark Invader" but soon saw the error of their ways -- the problem being they only saw half of them).

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