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Comment Hackers love admin accounts (Score 1) 52

I have an ssh honeypot analyzer at at Marist College and it shows that the second most popular account after root is "admin", and that the most common account/password tried is ubnt/ubnt.

Anybody who's been paying attention knows that default passwords on home routers are high on the bad guy's list of accounts to hack.

Submission + - LongTail@Marist shows sshPsycho SSH attackers moving to new IP addresses

CSG_SurferDude writes: LongTail Log Analyzer shows that as of May 4th, 2015, sshPsycho (also know as Hee Thai attackers or Group 93) have stopped attacking from their primary subnets. Their last recorded attack was at 12:06:11 AM, EST. This is most likely due to the efforts of Cisco and Level 3. Other traffic has shown a significant increase in activity that in many cases can be related to known ssh attack patterns that sshPsycho used from their primary class C networks. With over over 5 million attempts recorded and over 20 thousand "Attack Patterns" recorded and analyzed LongTail is able to show that they have picked up their toys and are now looking for a new playground to play in.

The LongTail SSH Honeypot AND the analysis tools are released upder GPLV2 and are available for BETA testing at GitHub

Submission + - LongTail shows sshPsycho causes 80% of SSH Brute Force attacks

CSG_SurferDude writes: Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, as part of their interest in computer and network security is now hosting LongTail, an ssh brute force attack analyzer. In addition to the standard "What passwords were tried", LongTail also analyzes and compares "Attack Patterns". With over 4 million attacks recorded so far, and over 17 thousand "Attack Patterns" recorded and analyzed, it appears that Cisco and Level 3's recent announcment about sshPsycho (also known as "Group 93") has done nothing to stop their brutal attacks. SshPsycho has control and strong influence over more hosts than are covered by Cisco's announcement. Possibly best of all, the SSH Honeypot AND the analysis tools are released upder GPLV2 and are available for BETA testing at GitHub

Comment Re:Use the bug to patch the bug (Score 1) 236

A) It should only update bash

B) Also run yum -y update bash

C) This has been discussed for years, and the general consensous has always been it's better to not patch their systems (allthough I disagree with that. If you left your system open, you're just asking for somebody else to patch it for you, IMHO)

Comment Re:how 'bout some gun control... (Score 1) 1706


The email attributed the piece to "Colonel L. Caudill USMC (Ret)." We did some research and found that apparently there is no Col (or Major) L. Caudill USMC (Ret). Rather it appears that the essay was written by Marko Kloos and posted on his blog on March 23, 2007. You can read more of his essays by clicking here. Unfortunately there are none posted after July, 2008. But if you like the essay above you will also find this one interesting, particularly if you are in the market for a handgun. And there are other gun related pieces on Marko's blog you will likely be interested in.

Take a look at google for more details

Comment I use my Stupid Truck. (Score 3, Informative) 566

I use my Stupid Truck.

I'd rather have a smaller vehicle, but honestly, the cost to me to have two vehicles is more than I'd save by driving a commuter car to work, and the pickup on the weekends. BUT, I just ran the numbers again, and at $4.00 per gallon of gas, a commuter car would save me $1,430 a year (17 mpg for my truck, and assuming 40 mpg for a commuter car). Extra insurance per year is $900, so now I'm only saving $530 per year.There's no way I can get a commuter car for $530 a year, so I stick with my truck. And don't try telling me that I can always rent a truck when I need one. I USE my truck, AS A TRUCK, every week. I carry bikes, camping gear, fishing gear, lumber, dogs, yard stuff (dirt, mulch, topsoil, plants). During the fall, I use it as a truck to haul tons of mulch around, and I tend to fill up the truck with mulch easily more than 40 times.

Basically, I'm stuck with my truck.

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