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Comment: Re:FUD and kneejerk reactions (Score 2) 209

by cayenne8 (#48565233) Attached to: Feds Plan For 35 Agencies To Collect, Share, Use Health Records of Americans
If they want this information from me, anonymous or not, they should have to get my explicit "OK" to use my data, and not allow it to be gathered by default.

Nothing really is more private than my medical records. I'm still trying to find in the Constitution, amongst the narrowly defined, limited, enumerated powers the Federal Govt is supposed to have where they are to gather all the information they can on me, a law abiding citizen, for any type of usage.

I'm trying to find even the stretch for "interstate commerce" where they could possibly be enabled to get this power.

Comment: Re:Opt-Out Strategy (Score 2) 209

by cayenne8 (#48565185) Attached to: Feds Plan For 35 Agencies To Collect, Share, Use Health Records of Americans

On the plus side, you'll probably live longer.


You know..I'd just rather take my chances and have an Opt In for it if I wanted it.

Looking at that link it says "The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections".

Frankly, I dunno what having the Feds have such extreme access to my medical records would to to help prevent my life expectancy with regard to wars, obesity and HIV, unless the feds take my information and require lifestyle changes for things like obesity. I suppose they could link it to my grocery stores and prevent me buying bad foods, etc.

But that's not quite the role I want the US govt to play in my life.

Comment: Re:Not to mention (Score 5, Insightful) 209

by cayenne8 (#48564051) Attached to: Feds Plan For 35 Agencies To Collect, Share, Use Health Records of Americans
Well, this should pretty much close the loop on the "Big Brother" initiative that the Feds have obviously been working towards.

I wonder if there is any way to opt OUT of this. I don't see that the Federal govt needs to know or store or handle my personal medical information.

I'm happy to take my chances without them handling this, I've done quite well without it all these many years of my life so far.

Comment: Re:Well thankfully it's a French lawsuit... (Score 1) 681

by cayenne8 (#48557107) Attached to: French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus

I don't do FB or any of the social networking sites, never have.

Actually, I've found having none of these type sites is good in that I often work areas of privacy or require clearance. Not having so much info out there is a good thing usually in my fields of employment.

I've never had an employer ask to look for one, much less insist that I have one?!?!

Might I ask what area of IT you work in? What part of the country?

Comment: Re:Privacy means local storage (Score 1) 99

by cayenne8 (#48548975) Attached to: Civil Case Uses Fitbit Data To Disprove Insurance Fraud

Thank you. You bring up a great point, namely that there is no alternative except for "don't use this part of the universe at all". I think that's a problem.

While I agree this is distasteful, and I hate the companies are doing this...I have to say, it isn't the worst thing in the world to say I won't use this.

It isn't like we're talking life/death here, just a loss of a newly discovered convenience. I mean, what did people actually do back in the dark ages, before Fitbit or cell phones? How did they ever manage to exercise and track their progress? Hmm....

Seriously, while these things might be nice, you have to decide if it is worth your trading in your privacy info for God knows what purposes it may be repurposed into?

I generally vote no on things like this, and my quality of life hasn't degraded to any extent I can measure.

Comment: Re:Well thankfully it's a French lawsuit... (Score 4, Insightful) 681

by cayenne8 (#48548833) Attached to: French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus
What gets me is, they somehow think the internet, particularly the web portion of it, was set up primarily for their business needs.

I remember not that long back...early to mid 90's when you rarely ever saw an advertisement.

People need to be reminded that the internet is supposed to basically be a large network, where anyone can connect and set up a peer computer/server and trade information. I wasn't set up for making $$. While business is extremely valid on the internet, that is not the primary reason for its creation, and hopefully...not for its continuance nor regulation.

Comment: Re:Already lost the "complete freedom" argument... (Score 1) 129

by cayenne8 (#48548059) Attached to: Economist: US Congress Should Hack Digital Millennium Copyright Act

2. There are already safegards for this in place such as annual safety and emissions inspectsion. Granted not every state requires this, but I see nothing wrong with a law that states "your car must meet these safety parameter to be driven on public roads". which could include (an in many states already does include) a sanity check on the engine control module.

Ahh...nice to live in a state where there aren't any emissions checks. I didn't realize this was something states other than CA did frankly, until recently reading posts like this on /.

And even here..inspection is just honk horn, turn on lights and wipers and you're good to go.

Comment: Re:"Culture Fit" is an excuse for discrimination (Score 1) 139

by cayenne8 (#48506689) Attached to: Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills

You see the tech person as lacking something that needs to be improved in order to join the frat brothers.

No, I do find tech people that ALSO have people skills. I'd be hiring them over someone that can't talk to his co-workers or employers very well.

Comment: Re:"Culture Fit" is an excuse for discrimination (Score 3, Insightful) 139

by cayenne8 (#48501983) Attached to: Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills

Rich white frat boy "tech founders" like being around other rich white frat boys.

You had me at rich.


But seriously...if they got rich by knowing enough tech to found and build a startup, what's your beef with them? And, of course, most people like to hang out, and associate with people that reflect the same traits and beliefs that they do, that's just human nature.

But if YOU are a flexible person, you should be able to get along with most anyone. Me? I went through high school and ran with many crowds. I hung out with the potheads in the parking lot, I knew a lot of the jocks and went to parties with all strata of kids, many of whom had FAR more money than my family did, but that didn't stop me from connecting and making friends of all types.

I found that working early jobs in the service industry helped....bus boy, waiter, bar tender, retail sales all helped me learn even more about how to work with people.

Same skills took me from there to college and later to my professional life. Know what? I still am able to generally speak with and deal with and even schmooze with folks of all types in the world.

Learn some people skills, and don't get so hung up on what other people are like. So what if it is a rich white frat guy.

Learn to deal with them and it might get you in the circles of people that are getting wealthier and help you do the same.

Comment: Re:I'll never be employed (Score 2) 139

by cayenne8 (#48501923) Attached to: Want To Work For a Cool Tech Company? Hone Your Social Skills
Seriously....develop a bit of personality, learn to get along with others, and develop some people skills.

It will often carry you much further than just being the best technically.

I've seen it over and over in my professional career and even with myself. At many jobs, I've been the least qualified as far as pure, hard core tech skills, but having people skills, being outgoing, and NOT being afraid to stand up in front of even a small group to give a presentation has carried me further than many people I knew starting out, and knew the tech far more than I did or still do.

It will help you get your foot in the door on many interviews, and it will carry you in the company quite often. You can't be an idiot and no clue about the technical skills required, but if you aren't the #1 tech stud in the group, having people skills can actually make you a stand out that will get promoted and allow you to progress in your career.

And , it also helps you get laid a bit more too, but that's a different thread.

Comment: Re:But, as the feminists say.. (Score 1) 333

I kinda actually hope someone brings a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the Whitehouse/Feds on this one.

Definitely justifiable....what's next? Mexican only New Years Eve fireworks there? Blacks only 4th of July BBQ at the Whitehouse....?

Seriously, why is discrimination based on sex ok in THIS case?

Comment: Re:Knee-jerk... (Score 1) 256

by cayenne8 (#48501503) Attached to: UK Police To Publicly Shame Drunk Drivers On Twitter This Christmas
Geez....people apparently just not as adept at driving after a few drinks as they used to be.

Maybe we had more practice back in my day, or less overall distractions?

I mean...worse distraction you had was jamming to the stereo on way home from the bar, now....you have folks trying to do cell phones while driving and listening to stereo.

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