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Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 204

Taking note of how you perceived the driving conditions to be, unaware that you are incapable of accurately assessing them, at the expense of the safety of others. There is no excuse for being a twat.

Lets see...roads clear...check.

Weather conditions good...check

Car has ability to travel at high speeds, brake better than normal cars, handle better than other cars....and I know how to drive it....check.

What's your problem with this?

The posted speed is often arbitrary....

Or, are you just afraid of speed period?

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 204

Doesn't change the fact that most of them still putt along in rush hour traffic the same speed as a Camry or Civic. Unless you spend a lot of the time on a track (which let's face it next to nobody does), then the concept of a "sports car" is an oxymoron. If you actually want to go fast on a public road, get a bike.

Wow..where do you live where traffic is THAT bad?

Before Katrina, I had a 1986 911 Turbo...and man, what that thing a BLAST to drive...black on black..whale tail, the whole thing.

Even as bad as the roads are here largely in New Orleans, I had NO problems finding places to open up that car and have some fun....taking note of the currently driving conditions at the time of course.

And when leaving out, on the highways, I had no problem getting up to 100+ from time to time and stretching it out...and no, I wasn't passing people up THAT badly...as that most hwy traffic in this area stays about 85mph average.

I guess if you live in LA, it sucks that you have such bad traffic...but it isn't that way by a longshot in most of the US.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 0) 662

I will not feel guilty about rape, because I am not a rapist. I will not feel guilty about sexual harassment, because I do not sexually harass.


And even with all that...I mean, they are just asking for it..have you SEEN how these women are dressing and acting lately? The look like and act in manners that just a few short years ago would have made a street hooker blush...



Comment Re: Obligatory (Score 3, Informative) 662

It happened when we became more worried about some poor little soul's self esteem more than teaching kids how to prepare for life, and how to win (and lose)...

And it is getting worse.

Hell, now it is ok to be fat, slovenly, unkept...unmotivated..because, well...you can't coach better behavior in folks because it might make them feel bad about how they are now.

Isn't that kind of the fucking POINT? Point things out so folks will try to improve themselves?

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 4, Insightful) 662

Man, in today's college atmosphere...you could not have a Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce or other great comedienne of the past (not THAT long past either).

Geez...WTF is with these young kids and their intolerance of everything that isn't happy happy, joy joy or Kumbaya (minus any religious associations of course).

When did everyone get so worried about someone being offended?

Is this the end result of everyone getting a fucking trophy as a kid just for showing up, and worrying about their fragile self esteem being nicked slightly?

Will everyone's ears bleed if they hear the word nigger or cracker or spic or wop or kraut or chink uttered?

They're words people...they won't hurt you. Grow a bit of skin and lighten up and quit looking to be offended.

Comment Re: I welcome our new robotic overlords' produce (Score 1) 161


So...if this starts becoming predominant in the US, I wonder how many Mexican workers will return home after being displaced by the robots?

Or, what will happen with them...with these jobs going away? Serious question if robotics starts replacing manual laborers in a very meaningful manner.....

Will they return home, or will they become a burden on already stretched social safety net programs ?

Comment Re:Same way they do things at my employer. (Score 1) 250

You paint a static picture for NOW...but over the past couple of decades, white men did better than they are now...so, education rates are dropping for white guys, as well as other positions and ranks above other groups they used to hold.

I was talking trends, and it is going downhill for the average white guy...and he has no recourse to complain as that it isn't PC to say he's being targeted.

Comment Re:Same way they do things at my employer. (Score 2, Insightful) 250

But today...if you are a White Guy, you basically have no rights and no recourse....you can only be an instigator of bad policy and discrimination, you cannot possibly be discriminated against.

In addition to that, you now only have the right on TV and movies to be stupid, fat and a general duffass (sp?)...the butt of any jokes. Since minorities and women cannot be made fun of, or risk having the commercial, tv show or movie insensitive, it is only the white guys that can be made fun of these days.

Pretty much the sole exception to that is Family Guy, they get away with saying shit and I don't know how they do in todays over Politically Correct society.

But seriously, if you are a white guy, you are either bottom of totem pole, or the bad guy causing the problems for the rest of the non-white guy population...shame on you for holding them back and being "The Man".

Comment Re:A hundred million? (Score 1, Insightful) 95

Wake me up when you get the several hundred million that we get in a football world cup - football as in the real thing

You mean soccer?

I've tried watching it...and BOOOORING.

Just back and forth, hardly any scoring, no serious risk of someone getting a concussion or something broken....

And for the life of me, how the fuck do they figure the time and when a game is over?

I tried watching that last go around where the US did fairly well in it...game was about to be over and...

OH wait...for no explainable reason, we're gonna add another 12 minutes to the game...

I think they did this twice in one of the last games and the US ended up losing.

I"m thinking Ok, if they can just make up the rules as they go....this isn't really much of a game.

Besides...a "real" game of football has something like "Sudden Death".....not just holding up a pretty colored card at someone...


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