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Comment: Re:I do not look forward to this. (Score 1) 336

by C0C0C0 (#46140071) Attached to: Through a Face Scanner Darkly

Nothing, for now.

Everyone wearing stupid Google glasses, in a dystopian future.

I hope I am not the only one here who would have an awkward feeling if I knew that someone I meet just did at least the equivalent of a Google search on me before we even talk.

Yeah, but you'd eventually get over it. In a few years, this is going to be as normal as people screening their phone calls.

Comment: Right. IBM Needs More Process. (Score 4, Interesting) 212

by C0C0C0 (#44508361) Attached to: Australian State Bans IBM From All Contracts After Payroll Bungle
Poppycock. I used to work for Big Blue. It was the most process bound organization on Earth. It's entire business model is to sell, not innovation, not cutting edge, not feature set, but a complete and utter lack of surprises. If there is anything I can't imagine blaming on IBM, it is a lack of governance.

Comment: Re:Don't make promises you can't keep (Score 1) 104

by C0C0C0 (#44059973) Attached to: Amazon Vows To Fight Government Requests For Data
RE: "We have already seen that the FISC (FISA court) is just a rubber stamp operation"

I just want to point out that this is not necessarily as bad as it sounds. Assuming we don't think the courts have gone over to the dark side, just the fact that the request has to be approved by someone outside the agency and will not be kept a *complete* secret is a *very* good thing. I suspect that a great many requests are never made because they would have to be explained. Even if the threshold is low (which is a legislative issue, not a judicial one), I for one am at least a little encouraged by the existence of the rubber-stamp FISC. I can assure you that the NSA would rather it didn't.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty not saftey." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759