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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 190

there isn't enough free spectrum to do it in any densely populated area.. if you think there is enough you should read and learn about wireless technologies then start to do the math on how much spectrum you will need to be equiv to FTTH...

Using a low density of 30 houses per square mile and a tower with small footprint of 30 square miles... 900 homes just at 500 Mb/s thats 450 Gig/s per second...

Now lets scale that back to a more reasonable number... 50 Mb/s... even at 45 Gb/s there are very few potential wireless technologies that could meet that modest demand in a point to multipoint configuration..and that is no where near what can be done with a fiber deployment.. Most modern fiber deployments are looking at delivering 1-2 G/s.. Wireless cannot scale to meet that in high density deployments... there just isn't enough usable spectrum out there or Point to Multipoint technologies... and if your foolish enough to think you can put 900+ antenna's on a single tower that will not interfere with each other you obviously need to start thinking about how to scale your thoughts up to a real world scenario...

Comment Re:Best of intentions (Score 1) 226

They have the infrastructure and know how to run a music streaming business.. They should reopen a pandora type service for unsigned artists that are willing to forgo royalties to get their music out there..

There needs to be someone that will champion a new music business model and weaken the control the recording industry has on music today...

Comment Re:FTFY (Score -1, Troll) 190

If MS was capable of programming a installation process that can't be circumvented then drive-by-downloads of malware wouldn't exist.,..

Just saying this looks like another layer of software that will only raise the barrier of entry for malware a little bit... Buggy software is buggy software no matter how many layers of buggy software you have ontop of it.

Comment Re:It is time to get up one way or the other (Score 1) 1089

Mandatory Voting coupled with the first option on the ballot being "No acceptable candidates" Would be a good start... especially if the vote gets tossed out if no acceptable candidates wins the election and anyone on the ballot is not allowed to run again during that election cycle :)

Comment Re: HOWTO (Score 1) 1081

And if they are a constant threat to the lives of the people that have been put in charge with their psychiatric care?

There are so many bleeding hearts out there that want to protect the rights, freedoms and lives of people that have had ultimately removed another persons right to live or be brutalized by another..

No one ever thinks about the safety and wellbeing of guards and people that have the charge to look after inmates.. How do you punish someone thats already in prison? Keep them there longer? Life in prison with no chance of parole.. WHat can you possibly deter that person from inflicting harm on law abiding people that have been put there to look after them during their incarceration let alone other inmates..

If you really think prisoners are treated harshly and deserve a better quality of life in prison you should go work in a prison for a year or so and see if you change your mind...

rehabilitation only works for a very small percentage... to the rest prison needs to be a deterrent some place they do not want to go back...

Comment Re:All it means is (Score 5, Interesting) 292

Skills to Salary converter... That is what is needed... So mindless HR drones start to plug in all these "requirements" and they see the salary for the person they are looking for skyrocket and come to the realization they are asking for the moon at a walmart payscale... Hiring offshore labour with a HB1 seems to significantly lower the requirements oddly enough...

Comment Simply don't give it it any network access (Score 1) 330

Your Already looking for a Dumb TV that doesn't have any capability of network access... Just simply don't give it any.. Problem solved and you get the low price point... and if you feeling your paying for something you don't use you will see you getting a discount in the long run... Its the product of the economics of scale...

Your looking for a item that would be for a very niche market and the price will be influenced by that... Just treat it like a dumb TV and it will be...

Kind of like a Car... If you live in central america and have no needed for a heater in your car are you going to be able to find a car without a heater that meets your other needs? Probably not... or if you do will you be getting the best value for your money? very unlikely

Comment Re:In related news (Score 2) 247

Seriously... Fine them and put the company into receivership... to collect... Corps need to learn they are not above the law. Bankrupt a few large companies and they should be less brazen about not giving a crap about anything but how to make money regardless of what they are allowed to do.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is Windows 7.10 (Score 4, Insightful) 489

"Later this week Microsoft will provide more details of Windows 10, most likely focusing on how the new operating system will look and feel on smartphones and tablets."

So basically what they are saying is they are still forcing the Tablet/Smartphone interface on PC's and laptops.

Comment Re: They don't do it now (Score 3, Informative) 67

Unless Netflix is furnishing them with access logs.. They have no idea how many people are circumventing the access controls deployed by Netflix... And in the end Netflix doesn't care if people do as long as the courts agree Netflix is taking reasonable measures to restrict content to the licensed region..

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