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Comment: Re:Depends... (Score 1) 289

by BuckaBooBob (#37855816) Attached to: Your Tech Skills Have a Two Year Half-Life

I hate when people use the wrong terminology.. Its specific technical knowledge not skills.. Skills are things like reading, writing, typing or chewing gum while walking (which apparently the author cannot as he doesn't seem to understand what a skill is).. Things are getting more and more slack around here for the stories that get posted... Soon I suspect that we will start to see fox news stories poping up on here.

Comment: Re:this is the whole point of auctions (Score 1) 58

by BuckaBooBob (#36804556) Attached to: How the New Spectrum Bill Would Harm the Tech Community

Your totally wrong... They will buy the new spectrum to keep out new competition... Possibly using it in the future... Look at the articles on Cramming (2 Billion a year for bogus fees) Its not a problem for the big carriers to buy spectrum in the billions and not use it just to keep competitors out of their back yard..There are only a few densely populated areas where licensed spectrum is utilized and its hard to find unused spectrum... Usually if you find unused spectrum and approach the owner they will not lease it to you and if they do the fees to do so are made to prevent you from making money... They will almost never sell it...

For new spectrum going forward they should only allow bidding on smaller regions and bidders would need to have a development plan that will put the spectrum into use within a time frame of say 1 year... if their deployment is derailed and a significant portion of their plan isn't in active use then they should lose ownership of that spectrum and it goes back on the block for auction...

That will force utilization of spectrum and spur competition..

Comment: Re:VOIP via satellite? (Score 3, Informative) 109

by BuckaBooBob (#36698860) Attached to: Gov't Docs Reveal Canada's Net Neutrality Enforcement Failure

Sorry to rain on your parade... But ping latency has little to do with voice quality(unless you are using a horrid codec that has super crappy buffers...).. most of the quality comes from jitter.. (Packet to packet delay) as long as you have a fairly steady stream of packets moving (IE your buffers don't run empty then get a wack load of packets then go empty for a while again) You quality should be fine... if there is a large amount of latency you will start to get an echo if poor/cheap handsets are used... but with a proper/robust echo cancellation this can be overcome... But once you start hitting 800+ ms of latency the talking delays do get annoying but the quality is still there.. Please stop using latency as a measurement of VOIP quality... what your really looking at is jitter... on FDD networks with high latency thats usually a sign of high congestion and you will get alot of packet clumping which is the real reason why quality starts to go to crap(The codec can't handle that amount of clumping hence the inconsistent quality of the VOIP call)...

Comment: Re:Good for them (Score 1) 53

by BuckaBooBob (#36629308) Attached to: Anonymous Leaks New Batch of Data

Its soo rare that there is actually someone that you want to vote for on a ballot.. Most of the time your trying to figure out who will do less evil..

They should just change how voting is done... you might as well go in and vote against someone.. It would make figuring out who your gonna mark on the ballot alot easier..

That or add in a No Viable Candidate(Aka they all suck)..

Comment: Re:Mod parent up (Score 1) 205

by BuckaBooBob (#36535112) Attached to: US House Takes Up Major Overhaul of Patent System

It would be easy to fix it...

If the application contains the Words "A System" send it back and tell them to elaborate in higher detail.

There are two major issues with patents.. They are far too broad and are used to stave off competition... and they allow patents of the baltently obvious.. (One Click Purchase)

Then to top it all off... there is nothing but sheer reward for waiting until infringement is mainstream and you can reap huge bucks from settlements..

+ - JavaScript decoder plays MP3s without Flash->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The introduction of HTML5 and super-fast JavaScript engines to the latest web browsers has brought with it a wealth of new functionality. The focus seems to have been put on the ability to play video in a browser without Flash, or making games. But a project born out of a Music Hackday in Berlin is just as exciting.

It’s called jsmad and is a pure JavaScript decoder that allows you to play MP3s in a browser without Flash. So, for example, a music artist could create a website and upload songs for visitors to listen to without need of any plug-ins. Alternatively, why not have an MP3 jukebox that can play songs off your hard drive or Dropbox folder just by loading a website?

You can try out the decoder by visiting the website where there is a sample song, on the same site you can browse for your own local file to play. Be warned, it only works in Firefox 4+ at the moment, but Chrome support is coming and already works in some cases. Eventually we could see it work across all modern browsers."

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