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Comment: Re:Unencrypted cookie auths (Score 2) 217

by Brian Blessed (#35191462) Attached to: Is Algeria Deleting Facebook Accounts?

The problem is that ridiculously entrenched tin-pot dictators continue to believe that they can control to populous like they did in the pre-Internet days when all you had to do was shut down a few newspapers and "disappear" their enemies.

Enemies like Julian Assange? Despite not yet managing to disappear him, the US has had some success in controlling the bulk of the population to view him as an evil figure.

- Brian.

Antec Releases "Skeleton" PC Case 124

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the case-but-not-a-case dept.
ThinSkin writes "It is appropriate to say that Antec was 'thinking outside the box' when the idea of the 'Skeleton' PC Case sprung to mind. The Antec Skeleton is an open-air PC case with a pair of shelves for the motherboard and other components — held up by arching arms. There are no side panels. This is ideal for the computer user who is constantly fidgeting with his PC parts, or someone who wants to show off his fancy components. Just have a compressed air can nearby. There is also a slideshow of Antec Skeleton images available."

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