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Comment: Re:Like Henry Ford said... (Score 1) 226

I think the point on slavery is a good one, but one could counter with marijuana laws. More than 50% of the population would repeal them today. Do you think the people would vote to invade Iran or stay forever in some country we've liberated? Maybe not the same scale but real wars and the war on drugs certainly restrict freedoms. the war on drugs more so since people end up in jail which is analogous to slavery. And as far as voting for lower taxes and more benefits, that sounds like what we get today with our reps. I'm not saying direct vote on things would be ideal, but seems like we have these issues today. I can understand the want to try something different

Comment: Re:Headline Is So Very Wrong (Score 1) 1193

by BooRolla (#33977148) Attached to: How Google Avoided Paying $60 Billion In Taxes

Only poor people pay taxes.

In contrast, the top 10% of taxpayers paid 55% of total federal taxes in 2007. The lower 90% of taxpayers paid the other 45%.

That sounds awful, but that is because the top 10% own all the money. Really, a proportional tax would have them pay even more of the tax burden because they control that much of all the money in the US. Let me introduce you to the L-curve:

Comment: Re:And something you tend to find with geography (Score 1) 650

by BooRolla (#33408658) Attached to: Just Where Is The Lincoln Memorial, Anyhow?

Frankly, many foreigners will not know where states are because - as you say - they "don't make the news a lot" :) They aren't individually important in the world, unlike the US as a whole.

But in fairness, there's a number of Americans feel this same way about individual countries versus the EU as a whole. That position sounds reasonable given that is a bi-directional relationship of relative ignorance.

(Not saying one shouldn't have a better understanding of US or EU, but I can see the argument).

Comment: Re:Chrome (Score 1) 527

by BooRolla (#32477674) Attached to: Apple's HTML5 and Standards Gallery Not Standard

Again, right there on the page it says this that it shows how Apple's latest products support HTML 5. It doesn't say that supports the latest version of Firefox or IE.

I may be daft right now, but isn't the point of standards to avoid having pages determine what browsers they support? In fact, shouldn't it be the opposite - browsers identifying what's on the page and rendering what they understand? doesn't have to support anything, but just stop blocking to be intellectually honest.

Overall, this isn't a big deal (Ad on a com site) but filtering on UA string and requesting a unique download for a standards demo is hamfisted. The download may as well be Flash at that point.

Comment: Re:Both, of course (Score 1) 468

by BooRolla (#32267712) Attached to: UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA

Bullshit. Anyone who would ever accept the name "liberal" in the U.S. is already buying into the idea that there is only one possible spectrum of ideas, which goes from "conservative" to "liberal."

Some of us just live in the real world and can indicate which is the closest approximation (YMMV) to their high level beliefs. If you don't feel they represent you, that is fine, but there is no reason to disparage people who feel like they can.

Ex: If someone is asked for their political ideology and they say they are a conservative, would you chastise them for not articulating each and every belief? Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. (eye roll)

I agree that people should think more critically, but name calling isn't going to win over people who just don't care as much about politics.

FYI - if you don't think the links below are propaganda, then I question your ability to think openly. (A 'perfect score' = libertarian)

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"