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Comment: Re:Giving the customers what they want (Score 1) 188

by CohibaVancouver (#49520497) Attached to: Netflix Is Betting On Exclusive Programming

Having to wait for what will happen next week was part of the fun.

So watch it that way. Most series I watch on Netflix take me months to get through. No one says you have to sit on your couch all weekend and watch the whole series. Go play frisbee instead and just watch it an episode at a time.

Comment: Re:Game of Thrones (Score 1) 106

by CohibaVancouver (#49473349) Attached to: In New Zealand, a Legal Battle Looms Over Streaming TV

Why in the name of fuck would any fucking company want to fuck over its customers?

You misunderstand who the "customers" are.

I live in Canada. Up here in America's hat, GlobalTV Canada has given NBC $X million dollars for the rights to air Saturday Night Live. In exchange, NBC has agreed to not distribute SNL up here - So most of the videos I might want to watch online are regionally blocked.

NBC's 'customer' isn't me - It's GlobalTV Canada.

Ditto all the other regionally blocked content here in the Great White North.

Comment: Re:C64 had a cassette drive (Score 1) 74

The TRS-80 Level 1 only had 64k ram. I remember having to trim code to get it to fit and run.

Believe it or not, the Model I "Level 1" had 4K of RAM. The Level II brought it up to 16K. If you added an "Expansion Interface" (also knows as the "Expensive Interface") you could increase the RAM to it's maximum: 48K.

So the Model I never got up to a whopping 64K...

Comment: Re:And the less admirable aspects ... (Score 2) 74

A former coworker who worked in a Soviet client state during that period told me that the distribution of printers was controlled because it was a "printing press" and could be used to create anti-government propaganda for distribution.

This is what frustrates me so much when people refer to the USA as a 'police state.' They have no idea what a real police state is - In a true police state you can't even have a printer.

Comment: Re:Ummmm ... duh? (Score 1) 385

by CohibaVancouver (#49356627) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

door is locked, as per security requirement

There's two kinds of door-lock modes -

- Locked, but can be unlocked with code that crew knows. "Pilot going to bathroom mode."

- Locked, but cannot be unlocked with code. "Hijacking - No one's getting in mode."

In your example, co-pilot suffers seizure, pilot unlocks door with code and flies plane.

What wasn't anticipated was co-pilot putting door in hijack mode then hijacking plane himself.

Comment: Re:Ummmm ... duh? (Score 4, Insightful) 385

by CohibaVancouver (#49356535) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

The very lack of them finding the plane (MH370) at all means that it more than not it did not crash

No - They haven't found the plane because of the size of the search area.

I'm surprised how few people seem to get this.

The search area is choppy, stormy ocean and is the size of Australia. To put that in perspective, here's a map of Australia overlaid on the USA:


So imagine you're looking for a seat cushion in Nevada that's bobbing on the water in Illinois.

Comment: Re:How many minutes until this is mandatory? (Score 1) 287

by CohibaVancouver (#49332697) Attached to: Ford's New Car Tech Prevents You From Accidentally Speeding

The companies that own the data still think they can gouge the automotive market, even though the mobile prices have been driven down to the floor by the likes of Waze and Google Maps.

Not really. We just licensed Google Maps for an application. Literally cost millions of dollars. Google doesn't give that stuff away for free.

Comment: Re:Message to all braindead CEOs out there (Score 1) 117

Let's take a wild guess as to why I've spent nothing on entertainment in the last eighteen months. Could it be the record profits made by the media cartels?

Could it be that it's reasonably easy to get media for free?

If it was 1985 and your options were to copy an album, cassette or VHS tape (in 'real time') would you have spent more on entertainment?

Comment: Re:Facebook (Score 4, Insightful) 134

Why are any of you still using Failbook!? Do you enjoy pain?

Because it's handy to keep up with what my friends and family are doing.

Do you like being treated like children or inmates?

I don't experience this. My friends on Facebook and I engage in wide-ranging debates on subjects as diverse as Putin, gun control and trans issues, with nary a peep from the prison guards & parents that you seem to think run Facebook.

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