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Comment Obligatory Responses (Score 5, Funny) 471

This is Slashdot. Any discussion of electric cars must include these obligatory posts -

"My daily commute is 762 miles. Therefore, electric cars are useless to anyone and everyone."

(Variation also acceptable: "Twice a year I drive 600 miles to Phoenix. Therefore, electric cars are useless to anyone and everyone.")

"My electric power comes from coal, therefore all electric cars are more polluting than my Grandpa's 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass."

Comment Re:Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 2) 366

Interestingly enough, most commercial planes can't measure how much fuel they're carrying

Of course they can. Here are some examples of the gauges on a 737 -

The Gimli Glider ran out of fuel because the gauges weren't working and they messed up the manual calculations.

Comment Re:Bonus points (Score 0) 229

Just make lots and lots of these. Get a Sharpie. Label each of them with things like TAX DOCUMENTS, ACCOUNT NUMBERS, and definitely lots of them labelled PORN COLLECTION. Drop them in hotels, restaurants, restrooms, subways, bus stops, just leave them all over town. Hilarity ensues!

Linked story doesn't say how much it costs to make one of these, but lets say $15 each. Assuming 'lots and lots' is 100, then your prank is going to cost you $1500.

What a waste of money. Use that $1500 to buy a plane ticket to London instead and go have a vacation.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

> the homicide rate in Australia is almost exactly the same before and after the ban.

This has been well debunked.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, a government agency, the number of homicides in Australia did increase slightly in 1997 and peaked in 1999, but has since declined to the lowest number on record in 2007, the most recent year for which official figures are available.

Comment Geeks aren't Profitable (Score 1) 167

The other issue is that many of the people who play D&D don't pay for movies, and of the ones that do, there aren't enough of them for a movie to make money.

Most recent examples are the Firefly movie and Veronica Mars - This great groundswell of geeks that would rise up and fund these films into the stratosphere never really materialized.

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