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Comment Re:"Climate contrarians" (Score 1) 252

Some of the the upper estimates for sea level rise are 6 feet. So we either build levees or move people to higher ground. Why are we still wringing our hands and trying to convince every last person to agree? I want to see a plan and then progress on building levees.

Keep in mind levees don't make a lick of difference if the land underneath is porous and the water table rises.

This is the issue with Miami - It would be like building a levee on a sponge floating in a bowl of water. Won't help.

Comment Re:John Oliver (Score 1) 954

Now, do you see what the problem with what you proposed is?

I'd spend my time writing another reply, but in that time another dozen american toddlers would be SHOT, because FREEDOM.

Gun nut assholes letting your CHILDREN die for christssakes. Get your shit together, America. You're an embarrassment.

Comment Re:Agreed, but try telling kids this (Score 1) 207

This is made worse by the fact that kids, often, lose interest in their new toys by the next day.

As a parent of a 5 and 7-year-old this is somewhat true, yes. The exception that causes parenting stress is apps on tablets. My kids *never* grow tired of them. They would play them day after day after day if I let them. My son has been playing Angry Birds for two years and would play tomorrow if I would let him.

We buy them all this physical stuff, when all they want is a tablet and apps.

Comment Defense systems? (Score 3, Insightful) 331

One thing I don't understand about modern naval warfare: Couldn't you just send 50 cruise missiles in skimming across the wavetops and take a ship like this out? Or a few ballistic missiles raining down from above at hypersonic speeds? Can these ships really defend against an attack like that?

Comment Obligatory Responses (Score 5, Funny) 482

This is Slashdot. Any discussion of electric cars must include these obligatory posts -

"My daily commute is 762 miles. Therefore, electric cars are useless to anyone and everyone."

(Variation also acceptable: "Twice a year I drive 600 miles to Phoenix. Therefore, electric cars are useless to anyone and everyone.")

"My electric power comes from coal, therefore all electric cars are more polluting than my Grandpa's 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass."

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