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Comment Re:Acronym (Score 2) 83

In case you are also wondering, MST3k stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000, an American comedy science fiction television series (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_Science_Theater_3000).

It would have been good to see the acronym expanded at least once in TFS...

well THAT made me feel old, but WELCOME to my lawn!

Comment Re:the meaning of the word bully (Score 1) 734

bully verb : to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person) : to act like a bully toward (someone) : to cause (someone) to do something by making threats or insults or by using force

I applaud you for being able shrug off the verbal abuse, but I'm also curious how you felt during those moments. Honestly, did the verbal abuse (whether or not combined with physical) just not bother you at all? OR did you shrug it off after the fact as time passed and you got older? Be honest with yourself. If as a kid you were indeed able to just let the verbal abuse go without even feeling a knot in your stomach, then were indeed a strong kid, and I commend you!

I was rarely physically bullied in school, it was all verbal. Man, there was sometimes I was trying for a black eye, just so there would be EVIDENCE. That's what's truly horrible about the verbal abuse. It can go unnoticed for YEARS. I didn't have a smartphone were I could show an abusive text back then to "authorities". I'm not going to debate you on whether physical violence is "worse". It just doesn't fucking matter. No child should have to suffer mentally or physically at the hands of another child. The word "teasing" trivializes what we are talking about here, and your case aside, it can be very damaging.

Freedom of Speech. Why do people want to read that as "Freedom to be a dick"? Freedom of speech doesn't give you the right to harass. Would you call one of your coworkers fat and ugly everyday and not expect to be reprimanded in some form?

At any rate, Freedom of Speech is only allowed in First Amendment Areas, which are probably all closed because of the shut down ;-)

Comment Re:God of the Gaps (Score 1) 1293

Um, no. God only shrinks if you're explanation for every problem is "God did it". If that's why you believe in a deity, then you miss the point of faith.

To make the point differently, just because I know exactly how a chair was built, it doesn't mean that I stop believing that a carpenter built it.

I will accept your poor analogy on one condition. That this is the chair you are referring to in your analogy.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's what XP holdouts were waiting for (Score 4, Interesting) 246

Windows 8.1. *eyeroll* They're going to 7 you morons, and they're going to stay there for another 15 years. Doesn't matter what you do to the Start Menu.

Yeah, I read that, and thought BS as well. They're looking the wrong direction I think. Looking backwards at the curmudgeon that was Vista, that was (at least in my enterprise environment) completely skipped over. It was really a matter of earning back some trust.
I understand that 8.1 is to 8 what SP2 was to XP (in theory) but I just can't see any advantage to using 8 in an enterprise environment.

Not to mention, enterprise adoption is a SLOW process in a lot of cases. It's the same reason certain cars sell better on the used market than others. PROVEN reliability.

(oh shit, did I just make a car anology... I really need to get off this site)

Comment Re:Feel free to tell Mr. Neal the error of his way (Score 1) 74

I think the particular usage of CNO here is mostly descriptive rather than a legal category, as the term itself is broad. Therefore I don't think you can infer a legal classification into crime, terrorism, act of war, etc. from that usage.

According to a reply to my tweet, that's exactly the statement he used to infer terrorism.
Miles Mawyer @milesmawyer 33m
@IBTimes @ryanWneal I'm irritated and disappointed by your use of the "T" word. It's not a generic term for "Bad Guys". FBI didn't use it..
Ryan W. Neal @ryanWneal 29m
@milesmawyer Good point, but that's what they mean with "CNO efforts against US Web sites and networks."
Miles Mawyer @milesmawyer 3m
@ryanWneal That just means you're equated hacking with terrorism. That's still a broad and inappropriate generalization.

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