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Submission + - Zappos Breach: 8 Lessons Learned (informationweek.com)

gManZboy writes: "Today, companies get judged on the steps they take to prevent a data breach, as well as how they respond in the wake of a breach. Zappos' preparation is notable, especially when compared with other major data breaches from the past year, including the Sony and Nasdaq incidents.

Here, security experts rate the shoe retailer's response to hack that exposed data on up to 24 million customers. Consider the eight lessons learned for other businesses.

Of course, this isn't the end of the Zappos data breach story. The company has yet to answer many related questions--such as when the breach occurred and how long attackers had access to its systems before the breach was discovered."


Submission + - Mozilla Jetpack: API for standards-based add-ons

revealingheart writes: Mozilla Labs have released a prototype extension called Jetpack: An API for allowing you to write Firefox add-ons using existing web technologies technologies to enhance the browser (e.g. HTML, CSS and Javascript), with the goal of allowing anyone who can build a Web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate and play. Example add-ons are included on the Jetpack website.

While currently only a prototype, this could lead to a simpler and easier to develop add-on system, which all browsers could potentially implement.

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.