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Comment: A big boat! (Score 3, Interesting) 113

by spaceyhackerlady (#48618335) Attached to: New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long

I live in a port city and see lots of ships, but I'm not sure this baby could even enter the harbour here.

It's far bigger than what the Panama Canal can handle (maximum 290 meters long), as well as the Saint Lawrence Seaway (225 meters). The Panama Canal was designed for the largest ships of the day, RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic.


Comment: Re:Should Allah be translated to God? (Score 1) 873

by JoshuaZ (#48602341) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney
That's almost the exact opposite argument than you made in your post. You really don't seem to have a coherent point here. Apparently Christians who speak Arabic are perfectly ok using the same word. If they thought that the words had different meanings then they'd try to use different words in Arabic. The fact that they don't shows that your entire claim doesn't work. You seem to be confused about whether "Allah" is a proper noun or a generic. Like the word "God" in English it is both.

Comment: Re:Should Allah be translated to God? (Score 1) 873

by JoshuaZ (#48599671) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney
That's true in general for speaking in common contexts among Orthodox Jews. But even then, Orthodox people will simply sometimes say "God" in English or whatever the equivalent is in that language. And that's aside from the many less religious Jews who don't strongly have that taboo.

Comment: Re:Muslims? (Score 1) 873

by JoshuaZ (#48597683) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney
I don't know what "hate site" means in general, but that's at minimum a source that has very much already decided on their bottom line, which means one shoudl already take it pretty skeptically. But that list isn't very helpful for a simple reason that it just shows that there are a lot of Islamic terrorist events which isn't terribly helpful: we already know that. The question being asked is how common are they compared to terrorist events motivated by other ideologies or religious traditions.

Comment: Re:Muslims? (Score 5, Informative) 873

by JoshuaZ (#48597571) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney
Getting data on these issues is complicated. If one restricts to the US, then about 10% of all terrorist attacks are Islamic. See But not only is this restricted to the US, it uses a very broad notion of what counts as terrorism. If one weighs in the US by total deaths, then Islamic terrorism swamps everything else primarily due to 9/11. Worldwide, about 70% of all terrorist attacks are by Sunni Muslims but this varies from year to year. See for example the 2011 report NCTC report Again, definitional issues can move this number up or down by a lot.

Comment: Home grown is the best (Score 3, Interesting) 189

by spaceyhackerlady (#48470675) Attached to: I prefer my turkey ...

My sister used to raise her own turkeys. Up close they looked like something from a paleontology textbook, but they were still good-natured, very curious creatures. They would always come up to you and inspect you, talking all the time. Maybe they were just demanding food. Dunno.

They ate good stuff, they had a big enough pen that they could run around to their heart's content, they were basically happy turkeys. And it showed: they had a wonderful flavour and a nice texture.


Comment: Swedish stuff and Canadian stuff (Score 1) 642

by spaceyhackerlady (#48402817) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

I remember a few years ago seeing the 1960s Canadian TV series Wojeck, and it carried a viewer discretion warning that the standards for personal and professional relationships had changed since the program was produced. There was a certain element of "like, duh!", but somebody had thought about it, and I had no problem with it.

Fast forward to the present day. I'm watching Swedish sci-fi show Äcta Människor ("Real Humans" in English). It quietly avoids any gratuitous sex or violence, but there is lots of non-gratuitous sex and violence, as integral parts of the plot. Like all Scandinavian shows it has interesting female characters who do in fact talk to each other about something other than men. That's the sort of culture they want, it's one I admire, and I'm cool with it.


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