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Comment: Got to be easier to land on stationary target (Score 1) 53

by BigFire (#49041117) Attached to: SpaceX Signs Lease Agreement With Air Force For Landing Pad

than a floating platform in the sea. While the latest launch is successful, they have to scrap the landing attempt due to choppy sea. NASA is paying for the launch, and not for the booster recovery. So if it's feasible to launch but not recover, they launch, because that's what the customer paid for. Recovery is currently just doing data gathering on the customer's dime.

Comment: Unlike German law (Score 4, Informative) 183

by BigFire (#48572059) Attached to: Google News To Shut Down In Spain On December 16th

where individual newspaper publisher can wave their fee and beg Google to reindex their paper, the Spanish version of the law is universal. The only way for the newspaper to get their content re-indexed is for the law to either be tossed out or they repeal it. Oh the pain will last longer here.

Comment: Re:Overstepping your jurisdiction much? (Score 2) 243

by BigFire (#43743063) Attached to: Irish Judge Orders 'The Internet' To Delete Video

Google threatening to relocate its business to a friendlier European state is probably enough to make Irish politicians crap themselves and change the law to suit Google.

You're kidding, right? There are no friendlier states.

Ireland does have low corporate tax rates, but that isn't enough for Google and other large companies (for example, my company's VMware purchases are bought on paper from an Irish subsidiary).

There's a technique called the double Irish Dutch sandwich which lets you create corporate structures resident in Ireland but Ireland considers them non-resident for tax purposes.


And this is perfectly legal. The European Union's tax code is specifically designed to foster competition between tax jurisdiction. You want business, lower your tax.

Comment: Re:GO UNIONS! (Score 1) 674

by BigFire (#42006465) Attached to: Hostess To Close; No More Twinkies

I wonder what these idiots were thinking.

They were thinking they would rather work with a new company who has a product consumers want to buy instead of going down with a sinking ship that would bleed them dry on the way down.

If hostess can't properly market and sell products then they should go bankrupt.

I've seen this happen numerous times: a company starts doing poorly, they ask their employees to take cuts. The employees take cuts. The company keeps doing worse, the employees even sometimes start working for free "don't worry we'll turn this around soon." A few months later the company declares bankruptcy and everybody gets fired anyway and the company refuses back pay.

Hostess could have sold to another company which wanted to buy them but they said no. As the article mentions, Pringles was doing poorly, it sold off and now it's incredibly successful because it got new management and marketing.

I haven't eaten a hostess product in years. When I think hostess I think truck stop 10 year old Styrofoam. I can't remember the last time I saw someone eat a Hostess product. Cutting wages isn't going to help. The sooner its property and assets are sold off to someone who can either reinvigorate the brand or put its kitchens to better use the better imo.

The Baker's union was under the impression that there's a White Knight buyer on the horizon (Bimbo). Bimbo could've just waited for liquidation and buy the brand and formula and NONE of the union contract and pension obligation. Which is what's it's shaping up to be. I wonder if the union leadership was paid by Bimbo to deliberately kill the company to facilitate this?

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