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Comment Re:Life imitating art? (Score 1) 480

20th Century Motor Company's founder died. His 3 heirs implemented the pay scheme where each will work according to his ability but will be paid according to his need. One worker out of 6 thousand voted against the plan and quit. He also developed a revolutionary engine that would literally paved the street with gold, but he left that behind, with detail instruction on how to build it. He developed it on company time, and it was thus company property. Who is John Galt?

Comment Got to be easier to land on stationary target (Score 1) 53

than a floating platform in the sea. While the latest launch is successful, they have to scrap the landing attempt due to choppy sea. NASA is paying for the launch, and not for the booster recovery. So if it's feasible to launch but not recover, they launch, because that's what the customer paid for. Recovery is currently just doing data gathering on the customer's dime.

In 1750 Issac Newton became discouraged when he fell up a flight of stairs.