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Comment Re:Please put the word "space" in quotes (Score 1) 121

I agree that it's a lot simpler than actually going to orbit. But given that they are the first to actually manage a fully reusable rocket going to sub orbital space ( a feat that not even government space programs have achieved) and landing back on it's launchpad you might consider cutting them some slack or even taking your head out of your arse!

Comment Fuckwittery??? (Score 1) 514

Of all the issues with GM Foods probably the most pointless is how its labelled! Eating GM Food isn't going to make you start expressing GM Genes just the same as eating beef doesn't make you grow horns. Far more important is have these GM Foods been accidentally released into the wild therefore further screwing over nature.

Submission + - ISIS Offers 24/7 Tech Support For Jihad

Galaga88 writes: NBC News reports that ISIS has staff who offer around-the-clock technical support to its members in areas including encryption technology. With a core group of individuals possessing upper-level degrees in IT, their helpdesk may even be better qualified than that of most tech companies.

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