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Comment Re:I don't understand this (Score 1) 94

Ah so basically they are creating a list of public/private key/password combinations. So if you have someones public key you can lookup their private key and password if it's one you've already done. Sounds to me like Bitcoin are using PKI keys that are too short. Not to panic though I know banks that are still using Triple DES :|

Submission + - Start of NASA's asteroid redirect mission slips several years (

MarkWhittington writes: As Ars Technica noted, the FY 2017 NASA budget proposal from the White House contains funding for the asteroid redirect mission (ARM) but delays the start of it from 2019 to 2023. ARM is a very strange proposed mission that has evolved over time and for which no one can find a sound purpose, even in the asteroid science community.

Comment Re:In a war setting the US GOV can take what it ne (Score 1) 57

One boring day I decided to read the T&C of a computer game I'd just bought. I was a little surprised discover a section describing how the software was not licensed for running nuclear power stations. Given that the game was Zork I think this was probably a very good idea.

Submission + - Kim Jong-un Found to be Mac User

jones_supa writes: He might hate the United States, but he sure digs those designed-in-California computers. You probably wouldn't take Kim Jong-un as a Mac user. Usually, in photos of him checking out military computers, we see the North Korean dictator in front of a PC with a Dell monitor. However, a handful of photos of the supreme leader at his own desk show him with Macs, leading to the assumption that while the military may use PCs, his personal preference is Mac. Reuters correspondent James Pearson, who covers both Koreas, tweeted out a fresh image of little Kim using a MacBook Pro inside an aircraft. There are other images, including a 2013 image of Kim Jong-un at his desk with an iMac. That same year, the South Korean newspaper Chosun published a photo from North Korean Central News Agency, which features an Apple iMac. This might also explain why the country's home-grown Linux distribution Red Star imitates OS X.

Submission + - A second Little Ice Age uncovered

An anonymous reader writes: New data, compiled from tree rings in Russia, suggests that a previously undetected little ice age occurred in the 6th and 7th centuries, caused by a combination of volcanoes and low sunspot counts.

This cold spell would have preceded the Medieval Warm Period centered around 1000 AD that was followed by the already known Little Ice Age centered around 1600 AD. Note that no fossil fuel regulations or carbon taxes were used in creating this cold period. Note also this description of the consequences of that cold period:

The poor climate may been one of many factors contributing to societal changes of the era, including widespread crop failures and famines in Central Asia that may have triggered migrations from the area to China and Eastern Europe, thus helping spread an episode of plague (depicted in this 15th century painting) that originated there.

Famine and plague, caused by extreme cold, illustrating starkly that cooling is a far greater threat to human survival than climate warming. Meanwhile, the Medieval Warm Period saw a flourishing of American Indian culture in the American southwest.

So why do our modern climate doom-sayers fear warming so much, when there is no data to justify that fear, and plenty of data to suggest otherwise.

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