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Comment Re:Limits of Moor's law?? (Score 1) 98

I believe they are misinterpreting Moore's observation as a limit of you can only double the amount of transistors on an Integrated Circuit every two years. These are probably the same guys who put a cat in a box to test Schrodinger's cat theory (Must have really confused them when the cat died of suffocation every time)

Comment Re:So? (Score 4, Interesting) 70

Back in 2002 Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) were planning to massively re-brand themselves as, however, they forgot to register the! Big mistake as it was soon registered by Rob Manuel of and USVSTH3M who quickly put a flash video largely consisting of Two Fingered salutes and Donkeys and a song with lyrics like "La la la we've got your name" and "We like donkeys". This quickly went viral resulting in PWC abandoning their re-branding efforts (Not sure if heads rolled or not) and getting thousands of new members.

So yes you can do quite a bit if you manage to purchase an important domain

Comment Inappropriate Removal from the App store (Score 1) 361

I can see it's obvious that Apple had recourse to some legal action as iFixit essentially took their property apart without permission/authorization. However, if they wanted to punish iFixit they should have done it through the courts. Just arbitrarily removing their app from the app store could have legal repercussions for Apple if iFixit decide to pursue them.

Comment Re:Just makes them look even more guilty (Score 1) 319

Making pecuniary gain by false pretenses (AKA fraud) is considered a crime in most countries. As for the Magician you're paying to see the show. If he tricks you into buying anything other than tickets to his show he's liable for prosecution. Obviously this will differ depending on jurisdiction but basically in most parts of the world if you make false claims about the product you're selling then you're liable for prosecution as soon as money exchanges hands. And yes those ISP's are guilty so where are the class actions

Comment Re:Use your toolchain (Score 1) 58

Be careful which tests you use in a Continuous Integration Build as automated functional tests can often be slow and you don't want a CI Build to take much more than 10 minutes. Have a separate build scheduled to run overnight that runs any long duration tests. Also look at your coverage and try to make any existing defects into Regression Tests (Preferably Automated).

Comment Re:"or at one of the Lagrange points" (Score 2) 211

Given that reaching the nearest viable Lagrange Point is going to mean going atleast 150K miles rather that the three to four hundred currently needed for LEO I think Radiation Shielding is the least of their problems given how ridiculously expensive it is getting into space to start off with (Which I know the price is coming down). I think we're going to see a lot of weird & wonderful space stations in LEO from commercial space companies long before anyone goes to a Lagrange point with a manned mission.

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