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Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 226

I wrote a few simple scripts for Asterisk using a bunch of celebrity sound board samples (borat etc), but something with silence detection and some crude speech recognition could be a lot more amusing...
I'm surprised there isn't already something like this you can download and plug into asterisk.

Comment Re:$29K is a damn good salary (Score 1) 84

Wages have to be higher because the cost of living is higher, and the cost of living is higher because companies charge more for goods and services, part of the reason why they charge more is because they have to pay their workers more.

The problem is that companies are greedy and short sighted, so they will outsource to cheaper countries to reduce their costs... This will cut costs in the short term, but long term there will no longer be anyone able to afford your products.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 2) 136

Maybe in the US, in some countries there are no such services at all or the services have much less content than the US versions (while also usually costing more).

Some places have slow/unreliable internet, metered internet, or internet which is slow/metered at peak times. Streaming doesn't work well in such areas as you generally want to watch at peak times.

Some people want to download content at home so they can watch it while they're away from home where they might not have reliable internet access.

Streaming services typically employ some kind of proprietary drm which limits what devices you can use for playback.

The streaming services just don't cut it, with torrents i can download content at night when the connection is fast and have them ready by morning for me to play on any device i want. I can watch them on my way to work on phone/tablet, watch at home on my laptop or tv, i can watch on my rooted android or my linux laptop. I can transcode the video to other formats if i need to.

If a service was available which let me download drm free video files in a standard format i would pay for it, but the current crop of streaming services are unusable for me.

Comment Re:This is what happens when monopoly revenue fall (Score 1) 572

The mom and dad surfing email users are already better served by an ipad or a chromebook, and stick with windows just because they don't know that the alternatives would suit them better.
Microsoft wants to get people even more locked in before the chance to do so slips away, without a locked in user base they are entirely unable to compete, just look at their attempts in mobile.

Comment Re:Why not a roof? (Score 1) 405

There's other savings to be had from the roof structure...
Reduced sunlight falling on the roads will result in decreased a/c use (or open windows) in those cars on hot days, and the shelter provided by the roof will also reduce the amount of rain and snow on the road, both of which decrease traction so it could decrease the risk of crashes.

Comment Re:Is it the year of the Linux desktop yet? (Score 1) 110

I end up with peoples fingerprints all over my non touchscreen anyway. I don't get why some people can't point without touching it. They also get offended when i keep pointing out that it's NOT a touchscreen and therefore you're not meant to touch it and cover it with greasy fingerprints.

Comment Re:"7:30 PM" (Score 1) 117

This is a very common problem... I quite often get people online giving me their phone number without a country code, or their address without a country and in 99% of cases they are in the US when they do this. Often the last part of the address is a two letter code for their state (e.g. CA) which could easily be misinterpreted as a country code.

The Internet is a global network, when sending emails or posting data online you should absolutely declare the country if you're giving out a physical address or phone number. Not doing so is akin to giving your website or email address without the TLD.

Comment Re:I suspect you're doomed to failure :( (Score 1) 233

If the contractors are already familiar with writing such algorithms, then chances are they worked for your competitors. And if they retain memory of competitors algorithms, they will retain memory from yours too.

This is another reason why being paranoid about sourcecode leaving the building is pointless...

Comment Re:Options 1 or 2 work fine (Score 1) 233

There is no such thing as a remote environment that doesn't allow data to flow to the client machine...
All you can do is close off some of the obvious routes, but there are plenty of other routes such as screen dump and ocr, and ofcourse the contractors will retain memory of the system whatever you do.
And even if you have people onsite, you have to go to extreme lengths if you want to ensure there's no way for them to smuggle data in or out.

There really is no substitute for an NDA, plus hiring people you can actually trust to follow it.

Comment Re:An NDA works and makes for Target to sue (Score 2) 233

Indeed if they are that paranoid, then the onsite staff could easily copy the code if they wanted to, forcing people to work onsite provides zero additional assurance unless you take extreme measures such as cutting off all outside access and searching people as they enter/exit etc.

The only protection you have is the NDA and other contracts between contractors/employees and the company, even the NSA couldn't physically stop someone from getting data out of the organisation.

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