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Comment: Re:AWS needs to fix things up (Score 1) 109

by dlgeek (#46563833) Attached to: AWS Urges Devs To Scrub Secret Keys From GitHub
You mean like IAM Roles for EC2 which makes credentials show up on your instance and the SDK uses them automatically? And which launched in 2012?

Seriously, it's as easy as S3Client s3 = new S3Client(); and the SDK does the rest. If devs are still hardcoding credentials, I have no sympathy.

+ - Slashdot creates beta site users express theirs dislike-> 4

Submitted by who_stole_my_kidneys
who_stole_my_kidneys (1956012) writes "Slashdot started redirecting users in February to its newly revamped webpage and received a huge backlash from users. The majority of comments dislike the new site while some do offer solutions to make it better. The question is will Slashdot force the unwanted change on its users that clearly do not want change?"
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+ - Once Slashdot beta has been foisted upon me, what site should I use instead? 2

Submitted by somenickname
somenickname (1270442) writes "As a long time Slashdot reader, I'm wondering what website to transition to once the beta goes live. The new beta interface seems very well suited to tablets/phones but, it ignores the fact that the user base is, as one would expect, nerds sitting in front of very large LCD monitors and wasting their employers time. It's entirely possible that the browser ID information gathered by the site has indicated that they get far more hits on mobile devices where the new interface is reasonable but, I feel that no one has analyzed the browser ID (and screen resolution) against comments modded +5. I think you will find that most +5 comments are coming from devices (real fucking computers) that the new interface does not support well. Without an interface that invites the kind of users that post +5 comments, Slashdot is just a ho-hum news aggregation site that allows comments. So, my question is, once the beta is the default, where should Slashdot users go to?"

+ - Slashdot beta sucks 9

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Maybe some of the slashdot team should start listening to its users, most of which hate the new user interface. Thanks for ruining something that wasn't broken."

Comment: Re:See, this is kinda what I meant (Score 1) 75

by dlgeek (#45509579) Attached to: Tapping Data From Radio-Controlled Bus Stop Displays is $11 with free 2-day shipping for prime members (US). It's a cheap DV-B TV dongle using a chipset that has a "debug mode" where it spits out the raw RF data, and wide ranging tuning chip that makes it usable as a general purpose SDR reciever (known as an RTL-SDR). Windy's mentioned using one on her blog in many of her other posts.

I just got one this week, and it's been awesome to play with. Check out for more information about how to set it up, and for a blog of cool projects you can do with it.

Comment: Re:Health, convenience, and scale (Score 1) 98

by dlgeek (#45022183) Attached to: Team of Dentists Create "The Six-Second Toothbrush"
Because it will encourage you to brush more often? I'm good about brushing in the morning, but I'm very inconsistent at night (or consistent about not brushing).

If I had one of these, I'd keep it in my pocket and brush after every meal, snack, or peice of candy, or whenever my mouth felt I could use it. There'd be a big benefit in going from once or twice a day to 10-15 times a day.

Comment: Re:CBS screwed themaselves even more (Score 1) 314

by dlgeek (#44506835) Attached to: TV Show Piracy Soars After CBS Blackout
It's not the streaming providers who are forcing the differentiated content, it's the content owners (such as CBS).

They don't want a single streaming provider to gain too much market share, because that provider would be able to dictate terms (like Apple/iTunes does with music). So, they enter into exclusive contracts with different providers for different subsets of their catalogs, to ensure things are spread out over the market.

Comment: Re:OK, TSA, please tell me why... (Score 2) 298

by dlgeek (#43921139) Attached to: TSA Decides Against Allowing Small Knives On Aircraft

And none of the 9/11 Terrorists flew first class because why spend the extra money if you're going to crash or blow up the plane?

Uhhh, dude... all but one of the 9/11 Hijackers flew first or business class (mostly first) on their various flights.

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