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Submission + - The latest virtual reality motion controllers are so accurate you can juggle->

An anonymous reader writes: While first-generation motion input controllers like the Wii and Kinect did little more than turn broad gestures into button presses (with quite a bit of latency), next-generation motion controllers like those paired with Valve's SteamVR ( platform and the HTC Vive VR headset are so accurate and low latency that users can juggle in virtual reality with ease.
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Submission + - 'River' Virtual Reality Accelerator to Invest $1 Million Across 10 Startups->

An anonymous reader writes: After dipping their toe into the virtual reality water with investments in three VR startups across 2013 and 2014, the San Francisco based Rothenberg Ventures ( is getting serious, today launching the 'River' VR accelerator program which will begin by investing $1 million across 10 early-stage virtual reality startups ( The company is accepting open applications starting today. In addition to a cash influx of $100,000 per company, the River accelerator offers its participants coworking space in Rothenberg's 8000 square foot office in SOMA, SF, and weekly meetings with an impressive roster of virtual reality luminaries from companies like AltspaceVR (, Sixense (, and SVVR (, and seasoned business minds from the likes of HP, Zynga, and Dropbox.
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Submission + - Hands-on with Fove's First Eye-tracking HMD Prototype->

muterobert writes: Eye-tracking is the future of VR Head mounted displays. Ben Lang gets to try out Fove's first publicly demonstrated prototype which detects where you're looking and uses that information as input for games and applications.

"Kojima walked me through a few different experiences demonstrating the eye tracking capabilities of the Fove HMD. The first had me in a dark city street with some futuristic-looking super-soldiers lined up before me. Looking at them caused me to shoot them and one after another they dropped to the ground after being blasted by my eyes."

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Submission + - Epic Games Talk Optimization: Getting 'Showdown' to 90 FPS in UE4 on Oculus Rift->

An anonymous reader writes: Oculus has repeatedly tapped Epic Games to whip up demos to show off new iterations of Oculus Rift VR headset hardware. The latest demo, built in UE4, is 'Showdown', an action-packed scene of slow motion explosions, bullets, and debris. The challenge? Oculus asked Epic to make it run at 90 FPS to match the 90 Hz refresh rate of the latest Oculus Rift 'Crescent Bay' prototype. At the Oculus Connect conference, two of the developers from the team that created the demo share the tricks and tools they used to hit that target on a single GPU.
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Submission + - New Oculus SDK Adds Experimental Linux Support and Unity Free for Rift Headset->

An anonymous reader writes: Oculus, creator of the Rift VR headset, has released a new version of their SDK which brings with it long sought after support for Linux, which the company says is "experimental". Linux support was previously unavailable since the launch of the company's second development kit, the DK2 ( The latest SDK update also adds support for Unity Free (, the non-commercial version of the popular game authoring engine. Previously, Unity developers needed the Pro version—costing $1,500 or $75/month—to create experiences for the Oculus Rift.
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Submission + - DC Entertainment Bringing Batman Experience to Gear VR and Oculus Rift->

muterobert writes: Today it’s been announced that Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and OTOY are collaborating to recreate the iconic Batcave from Batman: The Animated Series in virtual reality for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. OTOY is providing what they call “holographic video” technology to render the scene in a way that’s true to the Batcave of the classic 90s show.
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Submission + - Experiment Shows Stylized Rendering Enhances Presence in Immersive AR->

An anonymous reader writes: William Steptoe, a senior researcher in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group at University College London, published a paper detailing experiments dealing with the seamless integration of virtual objects into a real scene. Participants were tested to see if they could correctly identify which objects in the scene were real or virtual. With standard rendering, participants were able to correctly guess 73% of the time. Once a stylized rendering outline was applied, accuracy dropped to 56% (around change) and even further to 38% as the stylized rendering was increased. Less accuracy means users were less able to tell the difference between real and virtual objects. Steptoe says that this blurring of real and virtual can increase 'presence', the feeling of being truly present in another space, in immersive augmented reality applications.
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Submission + - Update to 'VorpX' 3D Injection Driver Brings Oculus Rift DK2 Support to Skyrim, ->

Benz145 writes: The much anticipated Oculus Rift DK2 VR headset is just starting to reach backers and enthusiasts. Users are early searching for every bit of DK2-compatible content they can get their hands on. VorpX, a 3D injection driver that makes non-VR games compatible for the Oculus Rift, is soon to release an update which will make many popular titles compatible with the DK2, like BioShock: Infinite, Battlefield 4, and Skyrim. A new video shows experimental positional tracking support for the DK2 in Skyrim.
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Submission + - The Oculus Rift DK2, In-Depth Review and DK1 Comparison->

Benz145 writes: The hotly anticipated Oculus Rift DK2 has begun arriving at doorsteps. The DK2s enhancements include optical positional tracking and a higher resolution panel, up from 1280×800 to 1920×1080 (1080p) and moved to a pentile-matrix OLED panel for display duties. This means higher levels of resolvable detail and a much reduced screen door effect. The panel features low persistence of vision, a technology pioneered by Valve that aims to cut motion artefacts by only displaying the latest, most correct display information relative to the user’s movements – as users of the DK1 will attest, its LCD panel was heavily prone to smearing, things are now much improved with the DK2.
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Submission + - Google Adds Virtual Reality Street View Mode to Google Maps for Android->

An anonymous reader writes: With the launch of Google’s Cardboard VR smartphone adapter at Google I/O 2014 earlier this week, the company hopes to kickstart VR development for Android. In addition to the Cardboard app, Google has pushed out and updated version of Google Maps which includes a VR mode for Street View.
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Submission + - Walkmouse is an Elegant, Motorised Omni-Directional Treadmill Built for VR->

An anonymous reader writes: Road to VR take a look at a new omni-direction treadmill with no harness that lets you move untethered through a virtual environment.

"The device houses 100s of motorised spirals which detect traction and respond by spinning under your feet to simulate the ground moving underneath them. At the same time, the unit reads input data from your actions which can be fed into an application or game experience."

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Submission + - Sneak Peek at Black Mass, A VR Horror Short By Director of Paranormal Activity 5->

muterobert writes: Road to VR's Ben Lang gets an exclusive viewing of the first made-for-VR horror movies, Black Mass:

"The short snippet of Jaunt’s horror experience that I saw opened with me in the middle of some sort of storage room. Haphazardly organized materials and tools were strewn around the area. In front of me was a young girl in a white dress, maybe 10 years old. She was staring right at me; I wasn’t just an observer, I was to be a participant in this experience. “I think you’re bleeding,” she said."

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Submission + - Killing Zombies in VR with the Latest Version of Project Holodeck at E3 2014->

muterobert writes: Ben Lang from Road to VR goes hands on and heads in with virtual reality technology company Survios' newest version of untethered VR system 'Prime 3'. He moves around the virtual space, holding and reloading weapons as you would in real life.

"At one point while playing, I was wielding the shotgun with two hands, with the table of weapons was on my right side. Several zombies were approaching and I needed a bit more fire power. I dropped the shotgun, reached over with my right hand to grab the tommy gun off the table, then virtually tossed it from my right hand to my left hand (because I’m a lefty), then pulled my pistol out of the holster with my right hand and continued to shoot both weapons."

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Submission + - E3 2014: First Look GameFace Labs Mark 5 Prototype, VR Never Looked So Good->

An anonymous reader writes: Let me tell you, 2.5K virtual reality is gorgeous.

Even since I first put my head into Nick Pittom’s Spirited Away VR – Boiler Room Scene, I’ve been dying to see it at a resolution that did it justice. With the demo running on the GameFace Mark 5, that wish was finally answered. In my brief time with the Mark 5 prototype, the screen door effect seemed largely eliminated.

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