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Submission + - Dungeons & Dragons tabletop comes to VR through partnership with AltspaceVR (

An anonymous reader writes: Wizards of the Coast ( today announced an official partnership with virtual reality firm AltspaceVR ( to bring the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game to virtual reality. AlspaceVR is a social virtual reality platform which allows groups of users to share a virtual space. "AltspaceVR bridges the gap between Dungeons & Dragons video games and physically sitting around a table with friends,” said Nathan Stewart, brand director for Dungeons & Dragons. “You get the same sense of excitement and drama in the AltspaceVR tavern, from laughing at your buddy’s funny goblin voice to watching the d20 bounce and finally land on the natural 20 you needed to hit the beholder terrorizing your party." Starting today, AltspaceVR users have access to a virtual tavern space and officially licensed character sheets, figurines, and terrain tiles.

Submission + - Studio Behind 'Little Big Planet' Confirms Next Title Coming to PlayStation VR (

An anonymous reader writes: As the company's first title, 'Little Big Planet' was a breakout hit for the studio Media Molecule. The franchise saw three major games across the PS3 and PS4, two mobile versions (for PSP and PS Vita), and a number of spinoffs. But now Media Molecule hopes to make lightning strike twice with the forthcoming genre-eluding title, 'Dreams', which enables players to create and animate inside of the game world using the PlayStation Move. After several months of question dodging following the game's initial announcement, the studio has finally confirmed at Paris Games Week that Dreams will support PlayStation VR.

Submission + - PSP Oculus Rift emulator puts players inside of virtual reality PSP games (

An anonymous reader writes: 'PPSSPP VR' is an emulator that specially adapts PSP games for use in the Oculus Rift VR headset ( Going beyond merely showing a large screen view of the game in a virtual environment, PPSSPP actually puts you inside of the game with a full field of view, just like made-for-VR titles, including headtracking and true stereoscopic 3D. The emulator comes from the same author as Dolphin VR (, the Wii & Gamecube emulator with VR support.

Submission + - Google Releases Open Source Plans for Cardboard v2 Virtual Reality Viewer (

An anonymous reader writes: After revealing an improved version of Cardboard (, the super-low cost virtual reality smartphone adapter, Google has now also freely released the detailed design documents, encouraging people to use them for projects ranging from DIY fun to full blown manufacturing. The v2 version of Cardboard is easier to assemble, has larger lenses, a universal input button, and is bigger overall to support larger phones.

Submission + - GoPro's $15,000 Virtual Reality Camera Will Shoot 8K x 8K Spherical 3D Video (

An anonymous reader writes: GoPro today announced the final name and price of their made-for-VR camera rig. The 'Odyssey' is comprised of 16 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras which are synced together to function as one unit. The 16 individual views will rely on Google's 'Jump' video assembler to stitch together spherical 3D video. Jump will output up to 8K x 8K (over-under) video at 600 Mbit/s. The Odyssey package will start at $15,000, including the 16 cameras, sync hardware, mount, and more.

Submission + - Oculus CTO John Carmack Will Demo His 'VrScript' Environment at Conference (

An anonymous reader writes: John Carmack, famed developer and CTO at VR company Oculus since 2013, is creating 'VrScript', a Scheme-based scripting environment that he hopes will enable rapid-iteration in virtual reality app development. At the company's annual developer conference at the end of September, Carmack will do a live-coding session to demonstrate the capabilities of his scripting platform which he's said will be "web like," "app like," and support remote development.

Submission + - Epic Games Releases 90 FPS Virtual Reality Dev Demo 'Showdown' (

An anonymous reader writes: Epic ( has been close with Oculus ( from the beginning. From being one of the first major engines to support the VR headset to revealing showcase demos alongside each major Rift hardware update. One of those demos, 'Showdown', which wowed people when it debuted last year on Oculus' (then) new Crescent Bay prototype headset, has now been released by the company as a virtual reality dev example for UE4. The high fidelity graphics are even more impressive when you realize that the demo is running at 90 FPS at 2160×1200 on a single GTX 980 GPU. The project and all of it's assets can be downloaded from the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher. Thanks to UE4's VR support, the game also runs on Sony Morpheus and the HTC Vive.

Submission + - The latest virtual reality motion controllers are so accurate you can juggle (

An anonymous reader writes: While first-generation motion input controllers like the Wii and Kinect did little more than turn broad gestures into button presses (with quite a bit of latency), next-generation motion controllers like those paired with Valve's SteamVR ( platform and the HTC Vive VR headset are so accurate and low latency that users can juggle in virtual reality with ease.

Submission + - Crysis Developer Crytek Says It Has "One of the Largest VR Teams on the Planet" (

An anonymous reader writes: Crytek (, the developer behind the Crysis franchise and CryEngine is going in on virtual reality in a big way. David Bowman, the company's Director of Production, supposes that Crytek now has one of the biggest VR teams on the planet working on consumer VR gaming experiences. Indeed, at E3 2015, the company revealed an impressive prototype running on the Oculus Rift of their upcoming made-for-VR game 'Robinson: The Journey' ( and recently brouht support VR support for the Oculus Rift to their CryEngine software (, with support for further headsets soon to follow.

Submission + - YouTube is adding VR video support to streaming videos (

An anonymous reader writes: While YouTube's streaming platform currently supports 3D videos OR 360 degree videos, the combination of the two is essential for properly immersive virtual reality video. Fortunately, the company has announced that they'll soon enable support for 3D + 360 degree videos, bringing more immersive VR video capability to the platform. Currently, 360 degree YouTube videos can be viewed through desktop web browsers and on the YouTube Android and iOS apps, with the Android app being the only one of the bunch currently providing a side-by-side view for VR viewers like Google's Cardboard (

Submission + - Nvidia Details 'Gameworks VR', Aims to Boost Virtual Reality Render Performance (

An anonymous reader writes: In a guest article published to Road to VR, Nvidia graphics programmer Nathan Reed details Nvidia's 'Gameworks VR' initiative which the company says is designed to boost virtual reality render performance, including support for 'VR SLI' which will render one eye view per GPU for low latency stereoscopy. While many Gameworks VR features will be supported as far back as GeForce 6xx cards, the company's latest 'Maxwell' (9xx and Titan X) GPUs offer 'Multi-projection' which Reed says, "enables us to very efficiently rasterize geometry into multiple viewports within a single render target at once... This better approximates the shading rate of the warped image that will eventually be displayed—in other words, it avoids rendering a ton of extra pixels that weren’t going to make it to the display anyway, and gives you a substantial performance boost for no perceptible reduction in image quality."

Submission + - US Open Golf Tournament Broadcast Live for the First Time in Virtual Reality (

An anonymous reader writes: Partnering with Fox Sports, VR broadcast company NextVR is livestreaming the US Open in VR for first time ever. The company's five selectable camera feeds are streamed into Samsung's Gear VR headset, allowing users to look around and see the action in 3D as though they are right there on the green. Some of the VR camera views bring viewers closer to the golfers than the on-site audience is allowed to go.

Submission + - 210 Degree VR Headset with 5K Display Revealed by 'Payday' Developer Starbreeze (

An anonymous reader writes: Starbreeze Studios has taken wraps off of StarVR, a new VR headset with dual displays comprising a 210 degree horizontal field of view with a total resolution of 5120x1440. The headset's origins come from InfinitEye, a company working on a super-wide dual-display headset back in 2013 (, which went into stealth mode for quite some time before being reborn as StarVR in partnership with Starbreeze Studios ( The studio is the developer behind the Payday franchise, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and now 'Overkill's The Walking Dead', which will have a VR component utilizing the new headset.

Submission + - Mozilla plans to build virtual reality APIs into Firefox by the end of 2015 (

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla's VR research team is hard at work making virtual reality native to the web. The group wants more than a few experimental VR-only websites, they want responsive VR websites that can adapt seamlessly between VR and non-VR, from mobile to desktop, built with HTML and CSS . Experimental work is already underway, and now the team says that they "aim to have support for the WebVR API shipping with our release channel builds of Firefox Desktop by end of this year." Those with the Oculus Rift developer kit can already try out a few native WebVR experiences using Firefox Nightly (

Submission + - Epic's VR Demo Scene for the GTX 980 Now Runs on Morpheus PS4 Headset at 60 FPS (

An anonymous reader writes: Originally created as a Unreal Engine 4 demo scene to push the limits of VR-capable graphics on the Oculus Rift 'Crescent Bay' prototype VR headset, Showdown is now running flawlessly at 60 FPS on Morpheus, Sony's PS4 VR headset. The demo was previously only able to run at Oculus' 90 FPS target VR framerate on the Nvidia GTX 980, a GPU which costs nearly $200 more than the PS4 itself. To the delight of UE4 developers, the performance improvement comes from general optimizations to UE4 on PS4, rather than specific optimizations to Showdown.

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