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Comment Re: systemd fud (Score 1) 199

You got it all wrong, SystemD works great when it's working. It's when it has issues that it has horrible issues. They never planned out the failure cases, which are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of any system. Almost any idiot can get a system to work, but getting it to work correctly for the right reasons and to fail in predictable and graceful ways is the hard part.

Comment Re:systemd has done more harm to Linux than SCO di (Score 1) 199

It doesn't need its edges smoothed out, it needs to be re-written. It is fundamentally flawed and there is no way to fix SystemD without breaking compatibility. They used thick screws when they should have used fine nails. Not only do the screws not properly work, but they ruined the wood.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 274

- Women in open-source are more competent than men? This is the hypothesis that the authors support the most. They suggest it somes about due to survivorship bias and/or self-selection and/or higher implicit performance-standards in the female population of open-source coders.

I would assume the survivor selection bias thing.

Comment Re:Math is fine! (Score 1) 217

I've forgotten a lot of facts, but I remember the ideas. History is very important for political reasons. Many times politicians try to do the same thing under a different guise. Any good history course will give you many examples of these. I had to re-take history several times for some personal reasons, and every teacher taught history as a critical thinking course and did a lot of analysis and gave proper social context. A poor history class would just teach you a bunch of facts.

Same thing goes for sciences. I may not remember the math behind how humans perceive different colors, but I do remember that perception is a very complex topic and if I was to go into marketing, I would make apply due diligence to researching appropriate perception related issues.

Facts can be forgotten or become no longer valid, but concepts are eternal.

Comment Re: Education is getting better (Score 3, Interesting) 217

the common core scam (which is incompatible with logic-based mathematics), kids can no longer fail regardless of performance

Common Core tests have a high failure rate because of the much higher goals. You're conflating so called "Common Core curriculum" which is sold by private companies with the standardized Common Core progression benchmarks. Any test can be "Common Core" as long as it closely aligns with the Common Core benchmarks. How the tests are done or how the curriculum is taught has nothing to do with "Common Core" except marketing.

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