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by Bengie (#47973195) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"
My grandpa was adding onto his house at the age of 82. Nearly everything by himself. Other than the cancer that he got and killed him in 6 months, he was very healthy. Because of the way he got cancer, they family got a payout, so there was an autopsy. The doctor said my grandpa was pretty much fit as a 20 year old. My 75 year old uncle still does his daily 10 mile jog. More like a run than a jog, he's fast.

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by Bengie (#47972939) Attached to: "Big Bang Signal" Could All Be Dust
The only way I can currently get my self to attempt to understand how the current Universe may exist is that even enough time, the Universe will enter a state of maximum entropy, at which time, time will cease to exist. At this point, the Universe will no longer experience time as increasing entropy and will enter a quantum state where all possible will happen, but the Universe will only exit being in a quantum state into one of the many possibilities. Rinse and repeat a infinite number of times, and you eventually will create a Universe that can harbor life and entropy will once against be low and start increasing again.

No idea. Just one way I can attempt to wrap my mind around the idea of time not really being "real".

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I can appreciate believing in a creator of some sort because it's hard to wrap my mind around anything in physics being infinite and existing outside of time. I can assume these two things on "blind faith" in order to understand the Big Bang, but the notion of "time" and nothing being infinite is hard to just shrug off.

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Don't forget relativity and the speed of light, which are directly linked with the correctness of "a universe that is expanding". Why you ask? Because we currently measure far away galaxies as moving faster than c away from us because of red shifting, which is based on the speed of light, and relativity is based on the speed of light. Unless the speed of light is currently wrong by vast margins, we know the Universe is expanding very rapidly.

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Sounds like a great way to make money. HR recently had us watch a video that included scenarios like this, which mentioned to report these issues to HR, and if HR doesn't take car of it, go to the CEO, and if the CEO doesn't take care of it, it's a fine-able offense and report it to the proper authorities. Even gave us some phone numbers to call for the local city government on how to fine our company.

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by Bengie (#47959111) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook
I'm in the USA and when I needed to serve someone, I had to have 3 identical copies of what I was sending. One copy stayed with the court, one copy for the sheriff and one copy for the recipient. When delivered, the sheriff would sign off stating that they verified the person and that the person received the papers, the person also had to sign in the presence of the sheriff.

In the end, there is a paper trail covering step of the way.

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by Bengie (#47958875) Attached to: 'Reactive' Development Turns 2.0
If you look for "Reactive" and .Net, you'll get something like "we implemented Reactive through the Observer pattern" and a bunch of IObserver stuff. MSDN Chan9 had an interview many years back before they even had a beta for Reactive extensions and they covered a lot of this stuff. Reactive is a more specific implementation of the general concept of the Observer pattern.

"Reactive" lends itself well to an async datapipeline message passing design. Highly scalable and relatively easy to understand.

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If the insurance was canceled, then wouldn't your friend notice they're no longer being charged for insurance every month? Around here, the only way insurance can "cancel" you is for non-payment. In your friend's case, if they paid insurance up-front, then they could not be canceled. Also, if they were paying monthly and the insurance company was accepting payment, then even if technically canceled, the acceptance of payment means insurance company agrees to still providing service.

I do this with debt collectors. They tell me to send more money or they'll take me to court, but I keep sending them small checks, and as long as they keep cashing them, they are accepting the payment as being enough. They have to actually refuse the payments in order to prove that the payments are not enough.

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