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Comment: Re:Memory decline (Score 1) 72

by Bengie (#47786021) Attached to: Magnetic Stimulation Boosts Memory In Humans
I watch A LOT of anime, like 2-12 hours per day, but my day job involves a lot of thinking, and my general hobbies involve a lot of thinking and reading/learning. I'm on /., so use whatever stereotype.

An example is I was also very interested in Japanese many years back in college, around 22. I started to to self teach the Hiragana. I only made it a small way in because I had issues remembering the characters, even though I spent over a month trying to remember them. I'm now 30 and I have recently taken up trying to learn Japanese again, and in two days, I had the entire Hiragana memorized to where I could quickly read the characters. That's a HUGE difference in ability to remember. Same thing with the Katakana.

For nearly my entire life, I've had issues remembering people's names. It took me months to learn the names of the people who sat next to me in class throughout my entire schooling life. Even post graduation, it took me months to learn the under 10 people's names that I worked with every day. Now I hear a name once, and I almost always remember it.

I must say that my interest have recently changed in the past few years. I feel as if I'm learning less and less new stuff in my field of expertise and my interest in other stuff that I used to hate(mostly because of my lack to remember stuff), like history or other cultures, has dramatically increased. It's kind of strange, because I'm highly introverted, but my quest to learn is forcing me to go outside my normal areas of comfort that I have had for my entire life until now.

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by Bengie (#47771453) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support
Using the newest version of Firefox at work, I have this lovely issue where our intranet website causes Firefox to hesitate for about 10 seconds, during which I can't even change tabs. Not only does Chrome fully load the page about 2x-3x faster, but I can switch tabs while it's rendering.

Comment: Re:Why not a master password for the PW manager? (Score 2) 113

by Bengie (#47771425) Attached to: Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support
Windows does not only save encrypted data for a user that can be decrypted by any application, but also on a per user+application basis. This way no other application can decrypt the data. I would assume Chrome uses this part of the API. Of course this assumes no flaws in design and implementation.

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by Bengie (#47758091) Attached to: Why Do Humans Grow Up So Slowly? Blame the Brain

maybe every 2 months if you're near the peak

Try every few days. I remember the annoyance of making sure I cleaned out the pipes before sleeping over at anyone's house. During my peak, it wasn't uncommon to take care of business a few hours before bed and still having the issue.

There was an interview with some astronauts that mentioned they just had some more professional sounding phrase of something like 'private time'. Not to mention the prostate cancer risk between daily and monthly release is about 3x worse for monthly. This has been found in several independent studies around the world, and it's a very consistent ratio. The doctors said to start young and be consistent. Most of your cancer risk from lack of release seems to "build" during your teen to early 30s.

They still don't know if it's causational or not, but it is extremely correlated to a very low margin of error.

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by Bengie (#47742041) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

Gamers are people who spend time

It's not just "spend time", "gamer" also implies a certain amount of obsession. "Casual gamer" covers the gamut, but just "gamer" is between Casual and Hardcore. I would bet that most people, who others consider to be gamers, would also add that just spending time does not make one a gamer, but also the amount of zealously one has while playing their games.

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by Bengie (#47741831) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys
I think marketing just sullied the word "gamer" by including people who play casual mobile games. Playing candy crush on a bus does not a gamer make. A "gamer" is someone who lives and breaths gaming, not "someone who plays games". The whole point of the term was to distinguish them from the normal populace of people who play games. If someone is playing candy crush something like 4+ hours while at home while the rest of their family feels neglected, then I think they could earn that title. But the other main point is that it's a life style, and not a briefly lived fad.

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