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Comment: Re:Scientific American begs to differ (Score 1) 324

by Bengie (#49504391) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
Looking back on most tests, they just looked for correct answers, while in the real world, there are few correct answers, just less bad ones, and you need to choose your answer based on trade-offs, and these trade-offs change depending on which other answers you have chosen for other problems.

A better test would be to give a problem that has no correct answer, you are not given the correct tools, some of the requirements are partly contradictory among each other, and you need to have a persuasive argument as to why you answer is a "good" answer, which means also comparing your way to alternative ways.

Comment: Re:The third factor (Score 1) 324

by Bengie (#49504287) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?
With ADD or ADHD, stimulants will relax them. The most common drugs for ADD/ADHD are strong stimulants. Give those to regular people and they'll get hyper. You can tell the different between normal and ADD/ADHD with a brain scan, but those will run you around $10k, so most people just takes the doctor's educated guess.

Comment: Re:Decent (Score 1) 471

by Bengie (#49487475) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries
You didn't say anything about "efficient", just costs. What's not to say his employees aren't more efficient? The company I work for charges much more than the competition, but we have the market cornered because of our product quality and great customer service. All that matters is ROI.

Comment: Re:Tip: The best method to shuffle (Score 1) 63

by Bengie (#49482889) Attached to: Magician Turned Professor Talks About the Math Behind Shuffling Cards
I had a cat that brought back a baby wild rabbit. It carried the rabbit at the scuff like a kitten and was very gentle with it. I was not expecting that based on how excited it got about small animals. My cousin's cat pounced on his hamster and looked about to kill it when he smacked the cat. After that, the cat would groom the hamster and would sleep through the hamster walking all over it.

Cats can be interesting when it comes to prey.

Comment: Re:Valve needs to use their clout (Score 2) 309

by Bengie (#49482579) Attached to: NVIDIA's New GPUs Are Very Open-Source Unfriendly

game studios such as is much more consumer friendly

Yeah, because when you own 1,000 games, you want to register with 1,000 different web sites and manually track every game you own. I want a single management interface for all of games. I no longer purchase any games that are not on Steam or from Blizzard. The last thing I want is to track my games.

Comment: Re:DIfferent thinking to gravity (Score 1) 199

by Bengie (#49482471) Attached to: Supernovae May Not Be Standard Candles; Is Dark Energy All Wrong?

We have measured red shifts that indicate a rate of over 2c moving away from us.

No, we have not. There is no defined redshift for speeds faster than c. The largest redshift we have is for the z~1100 for the CMB, which corresponds to a velocity of 0.999998c.

You may want to do a bit of reading Quote: Due to the expansion increasing as distances increase, the distance between two remote galaxies can increase at more than 3×10^8 m/s

This is old news. I assume you're trolling or willfully ignorant.

Comment: Re:Dark Energy (Score 1) 199

by Bengie (#49469183) Attached to: Supernovae May Not Be Standard Candles; Is Dark Energy All Wrong?
There is a line to be drawn between not being a grammar nazi and just mashing the keyboard. Many people draw that line at "at least try to do some proper grammar". I'm pretty good at just reading and ignoring basic mistakes, but like the GP pointed out, it is bad, so bad that it is distracting.

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