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Comment Re:A free search engine (Score 1) 146

If a search engine returns bad results, then fewer people will use it. Lets try another headline shall we?

Taxi bad service drops people off at competitors of the requested destination based on how much the competitors pay the taxi service. Yeah, that taxi service will be used a lot. /sarc Search engines are in the unique position that the service they provide almost entirely overlaps with advertising. If I search for computer parts from Newegg and Google results results from Amazon, either I'm going to stop using them or there is a damned good reason they returned Amazon results.

Comment Re: "never to have worked a day in his life," ... (Score 1) 54

Never retire? Where do you think your first job came from?

You seem to assume there is a fixed number of jobs that never changes. Do you really think there were billions of jobs billions of years ago? Or maybe you think there will only be billions of jobs billions of years from now.

Comment Re:Why elements? (Score 1) 391

Hey now, a single photon could really be two photons and two photons could really be 4 photons and... 1.1579208923731619542357098500869e+77 photons could really be 2.3158417847463239084714197001738e+77 photons. The double slip experiment should be outlawed because if you loops the experiment back in on itself, it may destroy the Universe by spawning an infinite number of photons..

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 2) 391

Don't worry, all of that global warming is making for colder winters which dries the air and we get less snow and what snow does drop tends to be light and dry, so it blows itself off. In my childhood, my parent's childhood, and my grandparents childhoods, we all had several feet of packy snow every winter, but the past decade has been only a few inches of this wispy crap that can't even cover the grass. Every year we seem to get less snow, but lots of rain during the summer. But damn, seem like every few years we break another record for high temps.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 172

I can immediately see the mach banding if I'm about 1.5' away, but if I sit back in my chair, about 2.5' away, I don't see it at all for the first few seconds, but it can be see after a few seconds. I do have a cheap $130 LED LCD 2ms gaming monitor. Very power efficient though, 23 watts.

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