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Comment: But I do have a emergency service app (Score 3, Interesting) 145

by Bender Unit 22 (#48245561) Attached to: Here's Why Apple Rejected Your iOS App
It seems to be official and made by government institutions here in DK.
I don't have a TV anymore so I haven't seen it as a public service announcement, but they might have aired it, I don't know.

(not in english)
Denmark’s official 112 app is developed by The Danish National Police, Copenhagen Fire Brigade and The Danish Geodata Agency. It is financed by TrygFonden.

With Denmark’s official 112 app you can call the emergency center and simultaneously send the GPS-coordinates of the cell phone. That way you can get help faster.

- The 112 app is operational only in Denmark
- The 112 app does not send any GPS-coordinates, if the GPS on the cell phone is deactivated
- The 112 app can only send GPS-coordinates in locations with data connection.

If your battery level is lower than 25 % the 112 app will make the call to the emergency center, but it will not send any GPS-coordinates. This is to make sure, that you can talk with the emergency center without running out of battery. The 112 app will also automatically stop sending GPS-coordinates, if your battery level gets below 25 % during your call.

You can read more about Denmark’s official 112 app at (Danish)

Read more about when to dial 1-1-2 at (Danish)

Comment: argh (Score 2) 54

There was more information in the the text describing the video than the content of the video itself.
Also it seemed that the "suit" was the worst place to see the fireworks.

It's the sort of thing people share on Facebook and I believe it was made for that purpose as it contained no information or explanation, was short and didn't require sound to watch(safe for work).

Thankfully YouTube DOES contain lots of interesting information from people around the world. Of course of varying quality.
Personally I enjoy watching videos related to different type of electronics and pinball machines, found some useful repair videos. (one example: ). Also Conan has his "serious jibber jabber" that I found interesting( )

Comment: Discovery sucks ass (Score 1) 103

Ever since 2007 where they announced that hey decided to focus on "the people behind the technology, than the technology", they have been working hard to become nothing more than yet another "reality" show channel.
When I dropped cable tv 2 years ago, their transformation seemed to be complete and they had nothng but camera whores in their shows.

Comment: Ah the memories. (Score 1) 192

by Bender Unit 22 (#47498921) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

I had the 500 and got a 2000 later on. Installed a SCSI controller with 40 megabytes of disk space and a 8 megabyte RAM expansion card. Took forever to install all the memory chips in the card(62 or 72, cant remember if it had a parity bit).
Also had a vt200 terminal from work which i connected to the serial port so I could access the cmdline while someone was playing games. I guess it was most for show. :)

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