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Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 965

You know, they will always find a reason. It doesn't matter if France had participated in Desert Storm or anything else. France has reached a level where they can find enough home grown terrorists to perform these acts.

France sadly just seems to 5-10 ahead of other European countries when it comes to these types of problems, at least the last 20 years where I have followed the news. But most of the leaders in the other European countries doesn't have ant guts to anything about it. They run around like headless chickens.
I believe that is why we see the elections are becoming more and more polarized here, where the extreme parties to each side are gaining more votes. Voting within the big colorless grey middle have not improved anything.

I am wondering how bad is has to get before we start to grow some balls, and I feel like there is nothing I can do to speed up that progress.

Comment Re:Welcome to Europe (Score 1) 259

yes, they are harder to get.
When I got my drivers license, I had to have 16 hours of driving lessons, and I believe just as many theory lessons and I think that number has gone up. It cost around 2500$ to get the license 20 years ago and I didn't fail a test, not the official test or the ones the driving school had.
Then I had to go to the written test and then the actual driving test(I did end up having 4 extra driving hours because there was a shortage of police officers to take the driving test with me, so I had to wait 1 month and needed to keep the few skills I had fresh in my mind). The written test was kind of like multiple choice where you saw a picture and then should tick off anything from 1 to 5 things. Some of them were really hard because you had to know what they wanted to tell you with that crappy picture, like ,oh, I have to be aware that the road turns, but not the cyclist in this case because he is on a bike lane separated by grass. and then 5 pictures later I have to be aware of the cyclist because the bike lane was not separated by anything but a white line and iirc they called that "the equipment of the road" that I had to be aware of, which also sounded weird before translation. :)

And they had their trick questions too. In none of the pictures it was OK to use the horn. :D

Comment Re:The magic words being (Score 3, Informative) 113

I can only speak from the view of my small european country. The ISPs got a lot of bad press from their "up to" claims. I don't know if there's actually laws against that sort of advertising now but their sales pitch here in DK has changes, at least with my ISP and they have stopped advertising "up to", I think they only will guarantee 20/5.
I got a chance to test it just last week were I was about to upgrade my line. Now they only sell what they know I can get. last year(before I cleaned up my installation and removed a lot of wireing), they would only sell me a 40/10, but connects at 45/12.
So I called them to change the plan and they tested my line and saw that they now could run 50/10 on it and when I asked into it(that I got 45/12 when instead of 40/10) he said that most likely I would get 55/12, but they clearly would not promise it and I had to drag that answer out of him, and they didn't sell me a 60/10. I later tried their online form for changing my line and it seemed to do a new connection test and even though the order page had selections up to 100/20, I could only select 50/10 in the order form.

But apparently this is not how all ISPs across the EU operate yet. :)

Comment Re:Floor plan, washer / dryer (Score 1) 51

If it is a small house or it's a apartment, it usually goes in the bathroom. If it's a larger house we usually have what would be the "mechanical room" which is a room with the back entrance of the house that contains washer/ dryer, furnace, a large freezer etc and it's where people enter the house if they are really dirty for some reason. :)

Comment Floor plan, washer / dryer (Score 1) 51

I have seen this before in american houses, but never understood it. Why put the washer and dryer in a closet in a room where they can annoy everyone? Must be a cultural thing. Newer models of your appliances also insist on playing small tunes to notify you that they are done, as if the deafning silence wasn't a clue. :) A energy efficient washing machine seems to take much longer to wash so I would guess that it would be even more annoying for longer periods of time. On top of that american appliances are LOUD, VERY LOUD! makes no sense. :D

Why not put it in the bathroom or mechanical room? The bathroom is already a wet room so any leaks from the washing machine would be less of a problem.

Well, come to think of it, it must be a cultural thing, that noise is acceptable. I have also been surprised by how much noise you can get a central HVAC to create. :) If it's not the air fan, it's the compressor outside on it's own concrete slab, being audible across half of the house. :D

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Which dataplan provider to use when traveling in the USA

An anonymous reader writes: I am visiting USA 3-4 times a year and I need a data service. I also need to keep my cell phone number, so swapping the SIM card in my phone is not an option. I have bought those 19.95$ phones in Best-Buy to get a local number, but those were voice only. So I have been thinking about getting a MiFi hotspot.

I have been looking at pre-paid plans from Verizon(only 700 LTE band for their pre-paid hotspot), AT&T, T-Mobile etc. perhaps to put in a MiFi hotspot or buy a hotspot from a provider, but have no idea which one to use, their reputation, real life coverage etc. It is clear that all data plans in the USA are really expensive, I get 100GB monthly traffic with my Scandinavian provider for the same price as 6-8 GB montly in the US, which I guess could be a problem with our Apple phones as they do not recognize a metered WiFi hotspot. But that is another issue.
I travel all over but most of the time outside the big cities and my experience from roaming with my own phone and the cheap local phone so far tells me that coverage fluctuates wildly depending on the operator.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.