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Comment: Re:Europe, here I come! (Score 1) 77

by Bender Unit 22 (#46702621) Attached to: European Court of Justice Strikes Down Data Retention Law

I have only travelled in nothern France and the last 15 years has changed a lot and it seems to be possible now to use English(have never been to Paris).
Unless they think I am German, then nothing is possible and there are no rooms available, they can't understand a word of what I am saying etc.

Comment: We don't put it directly on the internet (Score 1) 106

by Bender Unit 22 (#46587941) Attached to: Security for the 'Internet of Things' (Video)

That is so 1990's.
We install a VPN router to connect to the home network through that? So the only thing we need to secure are the VPN?
Everything else is insanity and who wants to spend all their free time checking up on all their appliances to see if they are secure with the latest patches? Most of them probably won't be and the hardware will outlive the software updates.
Will there be security updates for your heatpump in 10 or even 5 years? I doubt it. But it is damn to be able to turn on the heat or cold from the office.

Comment: No thanks (Score 1) 74

I am not up to date on US broadband prices but wouldn't it be much cheaper to get a MiFi access point instead? But I guess if I had the money for a new Audi, I wouldn't care about 99$ a month for a overpriced broadband service. If it is all paid up for the price of the car hides the cost of the broadband.

Comment: Some Facebook ads are just disgusting (Score 1) 111

by Bender Unit 22 (#46384129) Attached to: The Facebook Ads Teens Aren't Supposed To See

I usually run adblock+ on my browsers so I don't see that many ads, and because of that, I not clicked on any ads.
But at one time I did log in to Facebook using a computer that did not have adblock+ installed and the ads were the type I really did not expect even Facebook to allow. It was really just porn ads disguised as someone sending me a personal message or whatever.
When they have no problems going that low, I feel even better about using adblock+.
For other reasons, I have not logged in to Facebook for 1/2 a year now and I have disabled my account so I don't know if this crap is still going on.

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