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+ - Micro transactions spark mass riots on Eve Online-> 1

Submitted by Begossi
Begossi (652163) writes "Massive riots are taking place on several star systems in the persistent universe of Eve Online (, with players of the famous sci-fi MMO protest the introduction of micro-transactions to the game. A leaked internal memo from the icelandic game publisher, CCP, indicates that micro-transactions for vanity items is only the beginning: the paper claims that competitive player-versus-player advantages (advanced ships, instant ammunition, etc) will eventually be achievable with real money. Riots are currently taking place in several trade hubs and capital systems, such as Jita and Amarr, where players are pilling up to force the servers to crash, simply shooting at several historic landmarks, and other symbolic gestures such as renaming ships as "No MT for EVE" in protest."
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The Almighty Buck

Journal: China and Brazil 3

Journal by zogger

Another example of how china is taking the west's surplus cash it ships there, and turns around and invests heavily in places to get access to their natural resources, then they turn around and sell to them, developing new markets.

The developed world is going to be the late not so great de-developing world pretty soon now. China invests in Brazil


+ - FTC Wants Browsers to Block Online Tracking->

Submitted by storagedude
storagedude (1517243) writes "The FTC wants a do-not-track mechanism that would allow Web users to opt out of online behavioral tracking, similar to the national do-not-call registry. The agency's preferred method for accomplishing this would be a browser-based tool that would give users the option of blocking data collection across the Web. The only problem is that the agency may not have the authority to require this, thanks to concerted lobbying efforts by the advertising industry. The first step may just be voluntary measures, to be released this fall.

From the article:

"It's really in the hands of the private sector," [FTC Chairman Jon] Leibowitz said. "If they want to do a better job of ... giving clear choices and have clearer notice, then I think it's in their hands to avoid legislation. I think if they don't, and if we don't see more progress, I think you're going to see probably in the next Congress a fair amount of interest in moving legislation forward to have more prescriptive rules."

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