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Comment: Re:Why now? (Score 3, Interesting) 422

by Basehart (#38332786) Attached to: Apple Transfers Patents Through Shell Company To Sue All Phone Makers

* - Yep, you develop for them, notice how your hard work resulted in their successful ad campaign "There's an app for that"

Oh please, give me a break. Most developers I know do it to make money (and have fun at the same time in many cases). It's like the old "I gave this country thirty years of service, and what did it give to me." line. How about a paycheck every two weeks, free or heavily subsidized health care and a pension for the rest of your life!

Comment: Re:Open Alternative to the Mac App Store (Score 1) 580

by Basehart (#33992650) Attached to: Beware the Garden of Steven
I remember a friend of mine moaning that Apple's original iDisk service was running on servers provided by the company he worked for, but nobody would know it because it was invisible to the user. He felt that Apple was trumpeting a cloud based storage solution without actually providing the service from within Apple.

Is that the kind of control of a product space you are referring to, branding a cloud based solution as if it were of their own making without even needing to acquiring, rip off, or otherwise replacing the existing solution?

+ - Are some cookies more powerful than others? 1

Submitted by Basehart
Basehart (633304) writes "After several months away I visited and was amazed to see my username and password information appear in the login fields even though I've deleted cookies Etc a few times since visiting the site. is it possible that some cookies are stronger than other ones, and if not do some sites who depend on people logging in for their survival have a way of pollinating login fields even after a user has scrubbed their cookies?"

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